Drunk Teen Abused After Party

Passed out girl has her pussy creampied by stranger she went home with after party.

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Wrong +122 points1901 days ago

If they are passed out you dry fuck them up the ass. Reply Report
even more wrong

even more wrong +20 points1526 days ago

You always go for pussy, and alway fill it up with cum Reply Report

dad +26 points1855 days ago

wen can i let my little girl come over for a sleep over for the next vido love to see what you do to her little drunk body Reply Report

daughterfucker +10 points1525 days ago

I'd do everything to ur daughter. Reply Report

daughterfuckerfucker +1 points558 days ago

id do everything to you you doing everything to his daughter Reply Report

ilovetogetmypussupounded +22 points1766 days ago

I would love to be raped! Any takers? Reply Report
Love to

Love to -1 points417 days ago

Let's do it Reply Report
cock e 69

cock e 69 +1 points911 days ago

anyone would take that pussy...I kno I would Reply Report

Jay_Bee323 +1 points1503 days ago

Yes! <3 I'll pound that pussy soo hard! Reply Report

jealous +22 points1847 days ago

if i am passed out like this please pound my pussy and ass hard Reply Report
cock e 69

cock e 69   0 points911 days ago

with pleasure Reply Report

Jay_Bee323   0 points1503 days ago

I would be honored! Reply Report

anne +17 points1685 days ago

you can tell shes not passed out. pay attention in the beginning when he moves her legs and she holds them up without his help. Reply Report
non member

non member +14 points1829 days ago

U dont need them to be passed out to dry fuck there ass... just need to have a good enough grip to hold them down till the tearing makes their ass bleed so the blood works as lube... duhh fucking amatures dude Reply Report
true rapist

true rapist +12 points1801 days ago

oh come on! If you rape a woman, atleast fuckin take her shirt off and creampie the slut right! Reply Report

ninja +2 points1395 days ago

You want to get my wife passedout and pound her pussy till you cum all in her Reply Report

Hot +10 points1698 days ago

Bitch got what she wanted. If she got pregnant she'd be too drunk to even remember who the father might be. Got what she deserved. Reply Report

dad +8 points1867 days ago

its easy to see shes likeing it very good step daughter lucky man Reply Report

rena +6 points1889 days ago

uhm.. wtf, after 10 minutes it wasnt even a creampie. you suck. this guy looks like hed blow in bed anyway. we want it beat up, not poked. Reply Report

Lol +5 points1899 days ago

Bitch loose af... Reply Report

logical +5 points1709 days ago

thats the kinda girl all guys should have to fuck because she wants it and because she can fuckin take it like a champ. you already shes freaky with a piercing on her pussy like that! Reply Report

Abu +4 points1899 days ago

She was waiting for it, to be frank ;) Reply Report

ME +3 points1081 days ago

shenanigans 4 real

shenanigans 4 real +2 points1897 days ago

hell yeah pestyone! like shenanigas this seems... Reply Report

cunnylicker +2 points1357 days ago

nice little cunt mmm Reply Report

Fun +1 points1901 days ago

Reminds me of fun with the stepsister. Reply Report

older -2 points446 days ago

tell me more getting hard thinking about it Reply Report

brian195951 +1 points1705 days ago

musta been one hell of a party! Reply Report

boobs +1 points1568 days ago

Reply Report

pj +3 points1568 days ago

yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

page12 +1 points1171 days ago

fake Reply Report

killer_clownz +1 points599 days ago

She was loving it not having to do anything but Cum herself lol.. Reply Report

pestyone   0 points1898 days ago

I don't know....think i'm gonna call shenanigans on this one. Reply Report

anne   0 points1685 days ago

its a porn that teaches how to. ;) Reply Report

Dgaf   0 points404 days ago

Fake AF Reply Report

tito456   0 points204 days ago

Hmmm very nice Reply Report

ingomat   0 points1070 days ago

Another fake. She held her legs apart Reply Report

pitchbreeder   0 points852 days ago


raw_bbc   0 points275 days ago

Always loved this video. Got me into this site. Reply Report

raw_bbc   0 points275 days ago

This guy and girl have to make more of these! Reply Report

precumdaddy   0 points146 days ago

fake :( Reply Report

amoako -1 points1797 days ago

nice fucking video Reply Report

lovedapussy -1 points638 days ago

You can clearly see this is a young couple just role playing..they both look young..late teens Reply Report
Dr Devo

Dr Devo -1 points802 days ago

There is a longer version of this that shows her talking on her phone first, and then suddenly passing out so he can fuck her. It's a fake, but quite a good one. Reply Report

jarriff -1 points739 days ago

Fuck her then fist fuck her. Reply Report

Truth -2 points1771 days ago

It really people this vid sucks you really don't see anything but movement that's it and all most at the end she spreads her cheeks cause she thinks he's doing a different position it's barely good but after that it sucks what a lame ass video Reply Report
Not American

Not American -4 points1801 days ago

Men who are NOT American don't need to use lube because our foreskins weren't cut off when we were kids by ignorant doctors at the behest of ignorant parents Reply Report

Asif -4 points1807 days ago

Some beasts have no love for women and children, they only prefer sex. Assholes, sex is meaningless without love! Reply Report

guerrilla -5 points1899 days ago

stranger girl? Hello Aids.......! Reply Report
anonymous hitman

anonymous hitman -7 points1395 days ago

you are all sick cunts Reply Report

. -13 points1897 days ago

fake Reply Report