Drunk Brother Rapes His Sister

Poor young girl gets attacked by her step brother who strips her naked and fucks her against her will.

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ken1975 +104 points2052 days ago

its just fantasy people,get real whenever would a real rapist invite a camera crew along to film it. Reply Report

wolfsts +1 points440 days ago

Exactly its a fantasy and as such should be believable Reply Report

kkkkhuhu +3 points1660 days ago

right real rape is disgusting. Reply Report

demi19 +26 points2046 days ago

reminds me of me and my step brother, when he moved back home he was sleeping on the couch but i would often stay downstairs watching tv till the early hours of the morning with him and i would only be wearing hot pants and a vest top. i would often catch him looking at my nipples which are usually always hard poking through my vest or catch him looking at my arse. one night we were watching a horror film together and i was sitting next to him and when ever there was a scray bit i would move closer to him, he fell asleep eventually and so i took advantage and pulled his shorts down a little bit to reveal his cock and wow was it nice. a thick 7 and a half inch cock needless to say he soon woke up with my lips wrapped around his cock and after that the story pretty much tells its self ;) xxxx Reply Report

Melissa +11 points2046 days ago

@demi19 There's literally a porno video right above this comment section, but you still had to type out a pathetic imagination to rub your dick to. Considering as you couldn't complete the story, I assume you ejaculated prematuerly already? Sigh.. Reply Report
naked-hot girl

naked-hot girl +7 points1816 days ago

who wants to fuck me
Reply Report

Boyinbriefs -2 points846 days ago

I do! Reply Report

dave -2 points1773 days ago

Me Reply Report

John +6 points2009 days ago

Get an erection and try your fuck again Reply Report

Sandnigger +5 points2046 days ago

Is she smiling ? Reply Report

demi19 +4 points2046 days ago

@Melissa just thought i'd share my experience sorry you're so butt hurt by it :) Reply Report

Queen +4 points1683 days ago

Me and my step brother would fuck like rabbits when our parents were asleep! Reply Report

sick-r +2 points2053 days ago

its real russian lovemaking Reply Report

GullibleSlut +2 points1723 days ago

Is it just me or is he wearing female underwear Q_Q Reply Report

Realtalk15 +2 points307 days ago

I know what I’m writing can seem fucked up since I’m on this sight but I’m just spreading word and I did not watch this video FYI. But if any of these vidoes are real fuck this men have taken over. And woman are just as strong and men think we aren’t but we’re stronger so don’t try and take advantage ok we are smarter and stronger. Some men have fucked us up meaning abuse meantly and we woman have had enough DONT FUCKEN hurt woman ok assholes. I have been beat up defending my mom and now I don’t like boys and I’m lesbian so fuck u and get a life Reply Report

beedee241 +1 points1983 days ago

She smiles to often for it to be rape! Reply Report

KuhnDogg55 +1 points1285 days ago

I would have a crew filming my forced sex Reply Report

mispretty +1 points610 days ago

First of all let's talk about them panties he has on. Then let's talk about his invisible dick Reply Report

non-member   0 points2039 days ago

that is so fuckin fake it wasnt rape she fought ol=nly when he tried to move her she laid very still when he was fucking her and she kept smiling and non-member demi 19 ur fuckin sick Reply Report
Lookin from the Outside

Lookin from the Outside   0 points1794 days ago

@Demi19 that's such a lie it's funny Reply Report
Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter   0 points2006 days ago

Its porn, just watch it and jerk off or masturbate.
Reply Report
Gary Oak

Gary Oak   0 points1711 days ago

she's smiling the whole time
Reply Report

eatitsuckit   0 points278 days ago

@Gary Oak probably why they covered her head with a pillow through most of it. Shame really, she has a nice face. Reply Report

larry -1 points1964 days ago

julies pantieeeesi love to steal Julies pantieeeees i steal them jackoff and shoot my sperm into the crotch of them Oh oh oh oh julie im im im cumming in your panties now ohhh god julie you smell so sweet i want to lick you till you cummmmm Reply Report

xxxlover -1 points1921 days ago

Fuck.......damn d girl ....ohhhh Reply Report
I Love Incest

I Love Incest -1 points1669 days ago

I would love rape my sister, she´s so sexy. Reply Report

hornyvirgin -1 points1514 days ago

Rape me please Reply Report

Jazzy   0 points1401 days ago

ill rape you Reply Report

sdf -1 points1234 days ago

ahmyt Reply Report
just me

just me -1 points955 days ago

eww he has no dick... Reply Report

Whut -1 points629 days ago

She was smiling like the whole time that's fake asf Reply Report

Psychomouse -1 points448 days ago

Wow OMG lol Reply Report

Guest1234567890 -1 points337 days ago

Definitely fake. It’d be more realistic if it was at a fixed angle, almost like a hidden camera. Reply Report

lol -2 points2045 days ago

If real make a sequel Reply Report
tee boy

tee boy -2 points1619 days ago

are any of these movies real ? Reply Report

funny -3 points1883 days ago

In our case my sister has been more or less drunk several times a week. I unloaded my mess into her butt usually, but sometimes into her open mouth. Next day we met as if nothing had happened. This procedure has been very helpful thru the years. Sis stopped drinking and I was rescued from over masturbation, Reply Report
Re: John

Re: John -4 points1994 days ago

No shit! Does licking your hand make it hard? Fuck sakes already... Rape porn requires 1 thing.... AN ERECTION... if you can't get one how the fuck do you "RAPE" ?????????????????? Garbage ! Reply Report

jazzy -5 points1401 days ago

ill rape you Reply Report

a -10 points2053 days ago

Lameee so fcking fake Reply Report
if real delete video

if real delete video -26 points2053 days ago

if real delete video Reply Report