Huge Tits

Son loves playing with stepmom's big tits.

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Martin +12 points1395 days ago

My best friend's mother had tits like that. When we were young I was playing over at his house one day, and she always walked around the house in a see thru night gown and her huge tits would be swinging back and forth and her big nipples would be poking out. We were playing video games one day and I went to his room to get a new one. I walked by his mothers bathroom door which was open a little bit and I could here the shower running. I peeked in and waited for her to get out. When the water stopped I got real nervous and scared but I couldn't look away, I had to see those massive naked boobs of hers. She opened the shower curtain and those titanic tits were swinging side to side like to huge watermelons. I pulled out my little hard pecker and was pulling on that thing like a jack hammer !!! It took me about ten seconds to cum !!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Jim +7 points1577 days ago

every man at least once in his life would like to get his hands and mouth on a big heavy set of hangers like hers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Werner +6 points1798 days ago

Lucky Bastard ! Reply Report
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Non Member +4 points2024 days ago

I'd still fuck the shit out of her. Reply Report

Higgie +3 points2025 days ago

she looks like Mrs Chocksondick from Southpark Reply Report

12 +2 points975 days ago

JESUS H CHRIST !!! Reply Report

Titlover +1 points1298 days ago

do anybody know her Name or has more of her? Reply Report

Adolf6606Hitler -1 points1922 days ago

I'll lay her on the bed. Put both of her legs on my shoulders while I lick her sweet tender pussy. Fingering her as she gasps for air. I'll then Fuck her while while kissing her neck, while I thrust every move as steady as possible. Put her doggy style and Fuck her ass while I pull her hair and she screams my name. I end it by Cummin in her magnificent glorious ass. Reply Report