Amateur Shit Fucking

Homemade video of dude fucking his wife in the ass while she's full of shit.

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Jamie +118 points1847 days ago

Can't believe I just watched this whole thing.. My pussy is soaked Reply Report

w2plats5723 +1 points364 days ago

love your comment
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mightysex6969   0 points1508 days ago

@jamie hmu boo lets do this 484-638-9350 james Reply Report

chewin89 +1 points1549 days ago

excellent!!! Reply Report

shitlover +9 points1772 days ago

Would love to have a cock forced into my shitty asshole Reply Report

Non-member +8 points1859 days ago

Agree, this must be the luckiest guy ever :-) Reply Report

DirtyOne +8 points1830 days ago

This is the Kind of stuff I Love to see!!!! Reply Report

Pete +8 points1802 days ago

This is amazing. I wish my gf would let me do this with her! Mind you, it would be a bit of a smelly clean up after. Reply Report

BSL +7 points1876 days ago

This Guy is like the luckiest man alive Reply Report

jami63 +7 points1833 days ago

fucking a shitty ass feel better than an empty one Reply Report

jimm666 +7 points1826 days ago

Fantastic!!!!!!! Reply Report
Scat =)

Scat =) +6 points1695 days ago

I find it somewhat funny that I told my therapist about
my scat fetish, she finds nothing wrong with it,
Just another fetish really. Not abused as a child,
and definately not a pedaphile(however you spell that) also
I told my therapist about Psyche doctors comment on this
Video and she explained to me that being a pedaphile
Is related to something completely different
In the brain. This video is SEXY AS HELL by the way
I came to this ;) im wet and shizz. Yum
Also I asked my therapist about
Reply Report

scatqueen +6 points1303 days ago

Oooooohhhhhhh....this just made my fat juicy pussy CUM and made my clit HARD!!! Mmmmmm...I love this kind of sex. Reply Report
L Man

L Man   0 points1276 days ago

Yo i wanna try geezy LETS GET IT Reply Report

rex +4 points1547 days ago

Jamie I would push your shit back damn wish I could meet a women like that great video wish they was more like that Reply Report

Hdog +3 points1723 days ago

Omg so sexy I love the way she acts nice an nasty. I love jerkin off over this an love the way she shits on his cock omg love all of it ! Wish it was longer Reply Report

tinyone4u +3 points1666 days ago

Can't believe how exciting it was to watch shit fucking Wow. Reply Report

eoku +3 points1397 days ago

She's perfect! Absolutely perfect!! Reply Report

Finn +2 points1864 days ago

that smearing might be a bit too much, but I fuckin love how the girl is acting, you can tell she really likes it...and the way that lovely asshole is inviting his dick. amazing bitch. Reply Report
Swagg inna

Swagg inna +2 points1780 days ago

Wow need to do this then eat sum of her shit then we make out Reply Report

blakejaysmith +2 points1669 days ago

Nice, not bad. Not so amateur if I say so myself. Hey, girl in video, KUDOS! tell you friends to try it, and people across the internet!

Also, girl in video, you know what you ought to do next time? TAKE LAXATIVES and have an even messier time :). Yea, you should have diarrhea to the point that the mic can hear the splattering of it as its coming out. You two could do it in the bathtub for easy cleanup if you'd like =D
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Marshall +2 points1083 days ago

I hope this very special lady is being well cared for. She is a very special and sensual woman who deserves to be treated like a lady. She is perfect in every way, I couldn't last a minute with her. Would love to see her face as she is shitting out a load and having it smeared on her tits!! Reply Report

shitfucker +1 points1544 days ago

So sexy! Would love to smell and lick her dirty asshole Reply Report

ann +1 points1392 days ago

omg he moves so hot, i wish someone fucking my shitty ass like that Reply Report

Tyler   0 points1357 days ago

Would love to do that to u Reply Report

hornychick +1 points1042 days ago

I want to be anal fingered by a hot guy till I shit Reply Report

simon   0 points1735 days ago

I wanna SMELL her !!!!!!!! Reply Report

tune   0 points1708 days ago

song in the background, heard it before, what is it? Reply Report
Hung for fun

Hung for fun   0 points1614 days ago

Awesome...I wish I could meet a girl to do this. He'll I want to arty with them.
I came so hard.
Reply Report

rocque4711   0 points1050 days ago

perfect vid!! Reply Report

Cowboy   0 points959 days ago

I want to eat my wife's shit Reply Report

pissfucker   0 points618 days ago

her sloppy and abused cunt is beautiful. i would love to eat a huge hot load of her shit and suck on her sagging tits when they're covered in shit Reply Report
Interested female

Interested female -1 points1090 days ago

Damn, that is hot!! I am not big on the idea of smearing, but I would love to have anal that way. My man might give me anal, but not dirty like that....:( God, I am so wet and I can barely sit here. Reply Report

shitfucker -2 points1857 days ago

shit on your cock - no smearing :( Reply Report

harrison -4 points1845 days ago

His small dick is distracting. Reply Report

Muzafuga -4 points1488 days ago

Tiny wang XD Reply Report

Damn -8 points1787 days ago

Why's his cock so small? Reply Report

EatShit -8 points1681 days ago

not only that cock is so small it it also too soft... Poor guy! Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -14 points1866 days ago

Must have been dropped on the head at birth if you like this sick shit. LOL. Reply Report