Real Rape

Dirty old man violently rapes young girl deep in the woods where nobody can hear her scream.

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slowme +124 points1911 days ago

yes it´s real - real fake Reply Report

Whatever +44 points1525 days ago

The title of this video should be "Fat Ass in the Forest" because that's all you see. Reply Report

scum +24 points1911 days ago

kinda looks like she is laughing instead of crying probably cause she is use to 4inch cocks Reply Report

jkidd +17 points1903 days ago

This video is a waste of good lotion. Reply Report

lady +9 points1838 days ago

No its not real. I saw a longer version of this video it was step-father and step-daughter fantasy rape. Poor performance bad sex performance Reply Report

??? +2 points409 days ago

where? Reply Report

Lol_Fail +9 points834 days ago

One Part of it was real, the dude only lasting 47 seconds XD Reply Report

xxx +7 points1884 days ago

fat guy aint know how to fuk Reply Report

anon +6 points1878 days ago

what boring sex lol Reply Report

bigfarter +5 points1561 days ago

I love to see a dirty old fart like this raping the shit out of a fucking slut!! Reply Report

5pawsakademy +4 points1900 days ago

to member slowme: average fake bs, at least it's not made in Reply Report
mr raper

mr raper +4 points1767 days ago

this hero is doing a good job of raping the slut Reply Report

ohthatguy +3 points1381 days ago

Is his cock even in her? I I could see was 46 secs of mount crevace over here, no one wants to watch some old man swass and a girl whos beat in the face go wuhhhh like 7 times like a skipping cd Reply Report

Melissa +2 points1696 days ago

Stfu! If u don't like it don't fucking look!! Reply Report

hehe -5 points1640 days ago

Melissa, do you like it???? you are a special girl!!! Reply Report
I was gon let it slid till this comment

I was gon let it slid till this comment +1 points95 days ago

@hehe do you like being twelve? Reply Report
I was gon let it slid till this comment

I was gon let it slid till this comment   0 points95 days ago

@hehe do you like being twelve? Reply Report

anonymous +2 points1541 days ago

she be like rape I be like, he gave it to you the way u wanted it , small nd 4 immature sluts Reply Report

Lol WTF +2 points1474 days ago

This is disgusting, but it sounded like ah was saying "MEH" the whole time. Reply Report

gemsdiamond +1 points1572 days ago

Ugly? Who wouldn't have done the same thing, so I respect the guy! Reply Report
Joyce M

Joyce M +1 points666 days ago

Mmm would love to be raped like that, to be fucked in the ass and have cum dripping out from.under my skirt and panties Reply Report

Disabled +1 points640 days ago

I think the girl is intellectually disabled or mentally ill, which means she cannot give consent (at least in the U.S.). Reply Report
Ami avirgin

Ami avirgin +1 points546 days ago

Please do this to me.... my dad doesn't f#ck me enough :"(((((( Reply Report

baby   0 points1783 days ago

Want to have sex Reply Report

rockhard1 +1 points1611 days ago

lets do it times 5 Reply Report

kelly   0 points1478 days ago

i want to be raped. Reply Report

Dr +1 points1366 days ago

I wanna rape you Reply Report

avsize +2 points1475 days ago

I can help u with that lol Reply Report

Mandigo   0 points580 days ago

What a load of rubbish Reply Report

journey1327   0 points373 days ago

ur fucking idiot Reply Report

svenmu1911   0 points716 days ago

ich Reply Report

VMB   0 points224 days ago

Fake as hell. Reply Report
Fuck niggers

Fuck niggers   0 points190 days ago

It's funny how she giggles Reply Report

plapalpapla   0 points144 days ago

xyx4fjc6bkz5fy4v (dot) onion (dot) link Reply Report

Dadshole   0 points106 days ago

My p ussy is on fire right now...I would love to b raped hard n violently n my p ussy and my ass n b left feeling cheap n dirty Reply Report

Ballistica   0 points104 days ago

This fat fuck can’t fuck for shit. And if it’s real that’s probably his mum. Reply Report
user 666

user 666   0 points26 days ago

His neck was right their. You could've bite into his neck and make him notourasley bleed Reply Report

bob -1 points1548 days ago

this shit is disgusting Reply Report

glo -1 points1144 days ago

I can imagine a few men holding me down and fucking me like that in front of my husband. As i scream no, no stop, but by the time the last one is finish with me, i have had two shameful orgasms. I approach my husband after they are done, slap him, and say how dare you let them do that to me, but he cant take his eyes off of my still swollen tits. Reply Report

meanie +1 points124 days ago

@glo I would watch my slut wife get raped then slap her for cheating on me Reply Report

Dobby -1 points782 days ago

Wat le fuk Reply Report

-2 points1683 days ago

That's the most ugliest girl I ever seen in my entire life.
Reply Report

slutshagger +1 points912 days ago

You mean you like em real fat. Reply Report
ex con 49872

ex con 49872 -2 points1357 days ago

Judging from the cunts I raped they liked it if you don't hit or beat them but I like making them feel pain cause they made me feel pain when I was younger Reply Report
Rape my wife

Rape my wife -1 points615 days ago

would you rape my wife and make her suffer please Reply Report

WTF -7 points1823 days ago

Fuckn digusting all together Reply Report

Kwon -9 points855 days ago

Okay, you people seem to forget that ALL women DESERVE to be raped. Not only do they seek attention afterwards, but they act like they're "victims" of something they craved to begin with... Reply Report

Temperance +2 points475 days ago

Kwon you are an idiot! Reply Report

Lol -10 points1738 days ago

I have a feeling its the females fault for dressing in a way to turn on a horny mother fucker. Reply Report

hehe -12 points1642 days ago

you sick people who see this and like it. there is seriously something special with you..... Reply Report

badbitch +9 points1329 days ago

sooo then why are YOU hear then? you know you love it too otherwise you would be on vanilla fag porn and not heavy-r. Hippocratic idiot. Reply Report