Girl Raping Guy

Drunk girl tries to suck guy's cock while his friends hold him. Why didn't he just let her do it?

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... +79 points2114 days ago

in russia, girls rape guys Reply Report

Tyco +18 points2113 days ago

Those guys are gay for helping Reply Report
Black Crow

Black Crow +16 points2114 days ago

well i wouldn't want a desperate drunk chick sucking my dick neither. I want my girl to be sober and not tied down by "friends". Reply Report

rizip +8 points1583 days ago

serously where is the hate, in any vid where it is the other way around the guy is called a sick fuck and should be killed, but when it is like this no body cares, you are all sick fucks Reply Report

Lol +5 points2114 days ago

I saw no rape in this video. Reply Report

@kkkk +2 points2112 days ago

its not new... kkkk

also, this woman is homeless... so he didn't want it as there is aids
Reply Report

monica +2 points1927 days ago

its so small ^.^ Reply Report

Faggots +1 points1670 days ago

These comments are full of retardation. Reply Report

Hosnatcher +1 points1537 days ago

Such a tiny pee pee Reply Report

K   0 points1670 days ago

Seriously .-. Reply Report

Jjsfjjskamc   0 points743 days ago

Oh yes. Reply Report

хехарь   0 points686 days ago

Вот она загадочная русская душа. Иностранцам никогда не понять, как в России баба может изнасиловать с помощью друзей мужика, а тот будет сопротивляться Reply Report
Little white cock

Little white cock   0 points556 days ago

I wish my duck was as big as his. Maybe if get laid more Reply Report
Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts   0 points124 days ago

any girls who want to rape me my number is 3073717500
Reply Report
Vergil's Bitch

Vergil's Bitch -1 points2113 days ago

I bet he just didn't want his tiny dick on camera or shown in front of a bunch of people. Reply Report

kkk -1 points1954 days ago

precisar segurar o cara para uma mulher chupar o pênis dele... ela devia ter esfregado a boceta na cara dele também. Reply Report
aaaa maaa gaaard

aaaa maaa gaaard -1 points386 days ago

OK I have the wrong friends. It's not rape, he smiles and everyone laughing. This looks like a bachelor party. Reply Report
Gin Blooms

Gin Blooms -1 points274 days ago

Now this is funny! Reply Report

kkkk -2 points2114 days ago

this is new LOL Reply Report

Mmm -2 points1714 days ago

Oh man wish that was me Reply Report

Bljät -3 points1725 days ago

In Russia.............Women are Men!! Reply Report

dgdfg -7 points2114 days ago

gayest man alive Reply Report
Fucking fat slut

Fucking fat slut -7 points1886 days ago

Its ment to be the other way around u fucking bastard Reply Report

No +5 points1670 days ago

Women rape men to dumbass don't be a ignorant piece of shit Reply Report