Piss In Ass

Dutch amateur couple do some perverted piss games in the livingroom. Watch how this guy fucks his wife anal and pisses in her ass.

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aad +97 points1788 days ago

This was amazing!!!!!
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Jennifer Wieand

Jennifer Wieand +5 points614 days ago

My boyfriend pisses inside of my asshole while fucking me anally. I had no idea that anyone else does this, too. Personally, I love it. It feels so warm and turns me on, and he is able to cum 3 or 4 times while fucking me anally in this way. Reply Report

abbeyreid +61 points514 days ago

I would absolutely just LOVE to find a guy who would do this to me. Any takers??? Reply Report

creepypervert   0 points2 days ago

@abbeyreid absolutely Reply Report
Poopy Cock

Poopy Cock +1 points138 days ago

I'd love to stretch open your little butthole with my fat cock and fill your ass with warm piss. Reply Report

Alekzander +16 points1783 days ago

How is he able to piss with a hard on?
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jenni-till +13 points1412 days ago

Where do I find a man that will do this to me? Reply Report
Ruby Lace

Ruby Lace +3 points753 days ago

If you find a man that will do this to you, then let me know for he can do it to me also. Reply Report

bronxbob +3 points1408 days ago

I would love to stuff your ass with my dick and give you a
Piss enema
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Ruby Lace

Ruby Lace   0 points753 days ago

So what are you waiting for?
I am more than willing to take your cock inside me, to do with what ever you so wish. Fuck me and then fill me.
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Dutch +2 points1409 days ago

Where won't you find one..... ;-) Reply Report

sunshine +13 points1408 days ago

I want my ass pissed in and then plugged Reply Report

Sadistic +12 points1661 days ago

I wish rapists would come and piss in my ass all night ;)
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wut +8 points1783 days ago

Hot as hell Reply Report

Olga +7 points1410 days ago

Beautefull!!! I want this to me! Its my dream! Reply Report

Koban   0 points1189 days ago

I can help Reply Report

Mike +3 points1345 days ago

I'd do it to you if you wear high heels at the same time
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Sunshine +4 points1408 days ago

Mine too! Reply Report

Rman +2 points1405 days ago

I wanna do this with a woman! Reply Report
Ruby Lace

Ruby Lace   0 points753 days ago

Would you do this to a Crossdresser that feels like a woman?
If so, then please do it to me.
I hope you have a lovely big cock.
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h73 +6 points1740 days ago

best video i've seen in ages Reply Report
Mista fista

Mista fista +5 points1735 days ago

Trust the Dutch to get that nasty Reply Report

Aye +4 points1783 days ago

Gurl, lemme pee in yo butt Reply Report

me +4 points1783 days ago

anybody know who they are? do they have a blog? Reply Report
@obi quan

@obi quan +4 points1648 days ago

Piss is becoming more common as a fetish, piss is sterile you twat Reply Report
Squirting bitchhhh

Squirting bitchhhh +4 points1252 days ago

Omfg I want this I cum so hard just with a dildo up my ass to this someone plz come plz in my ass!!! Reply Report
Ruby Lace

Ruby Lace +3 points753 days ago

You are such a lucky woman. I love this so much.
I wish I were you, being fucked in the arse and filled with lovely warm piss. Your moans of joy tell me you love being used in this manner and so would I. Do you think he would fuck me also and fill me with his piss?
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Wayne Fran....

Wayne Fran.... +3 points590 days ago

First time my cousin fucked my ass he came then pissed into me! God, the feeling of his hot piss flooding my ass was awesome. I clenched tight as he pulled out then bent over and squeezed the hot piss, cum and shit over a meter from my ass! I did the same to him later but the feeling of hot piss shooting from my boy ass was amazing. Reply Report

krank +2 points1372 days ago

piss enema !
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frankw265 +2 points1339 days ago

Excellent. Reply Report

kanard +2 points336 days ago

My dear GF if u watch this someday i'd like to do the same with u!! Reply Report

Ebonyslut +2 points10 days ago

Anyone in dc wanna piss in my ass and pussy? Reply Report
The pimp

The pimp +1 points1175 days ago

More please! Reply Report

macro58uk +1 points1139 days ago

That is SOOO Wicked!!! Reply Report

kazz8 +1 points1010 days ago

I wuld b to scared for that I'm only petite :(
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Misslinx +1 points800 days ago

I want this done to me please Reply Report
Ruby Lace

Ruby Lace   0 points753 days ago

Oh no! I want you to do it to me. That is if you are a man and have a big cock. Reply Report

scot   0 points757 days ago

contact me ;) Reply Report

norfolkwhore +1 points380 days ago

wanna drnk his man piss from her ass Reply Report

ltorro   0 points1632 days ago

lekkere kont heerlijk genomen pissend en spuitend supergeil. heeft dit stel een site? Reply Report

bbc2015   0 points405 days ago

She has a nice ass!!! Reply Report

jrf   0 points170 days ago

more of that shit please Reply Report

creepypervert   0 points2 days ago

Fuck that was hot and kinky. Always thought it would be fun to get with a girl that would be into taking my piss up her butthole. Reply Report

williamff -1 points1458 days ago

great movie Reply Report

Leo -10 points1341 days ago

That's messed up! Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -64 points1789 days ago

omg... just when you think the scat freaks were the weirdest of them all these twisted and demented fuckers come along LOL!!! Reply Report