Painful First Anal

Dude fingers girl's ass to prepare her for her very first time anal sex. Still it didn't go very smooth, her ass was probably just too tight for his dick.

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logetskaya +25 points522 days ago

his thumb was bigger than his dick Reply Report

Wow +10 points1736 days ago

Size of the dick doesn't matter in anal sex it's the width of the dick that matters.. Reply Report

ouch +8 points1655 days ago

god i love her crying it hurts, im going to go do this to my sister Reply Report

Melissa +2 points1997 days ago

Is this real? I mean like.. he got a short pencil dick.. Reply Report

graves +2 points1997 days ago

his thumb was bigger than his dick Reply Report
anal lover

anal lover +2 points1943 days ago

Not enough lube... dumb ass! Reply Report

MakesAssBleed +2 points509 days ago

So what? Screams make anal more fun Reply Report

............... +2 points1876 days ago

Fake tits are garbage. Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +2 points618 days ago

No. Her ass is not too tight. The first anal is supposed to be extremely painful. He should have explained that to her beforehand. If she has anal sex on a regular basis, like several times each week, her pain will go down a bit, and his pleasure will go up, so it's a win-win. Reply Report

.   0 points41 days ago

@LeslieCreeper agreed Reply Report

Woah +1 points1779 days ago

They look pretty young .. Like under 15 Reply Report

GivesAssBleeds +1 points509 days ago

Not enough screams, it's either not her first time or that dude has a pencil dick Reply Report

ok +1 points1007 days ago

fake shit Reply Report
Rape toy

Rape toy +1 points847 days ago

If I ever told my mom to go slower or whined and resisted that much he would force his dick put ass dry and make me take it hard without lube. Reply Report

o   0 points1909 days ago

She was much cuter than like 99% of the other girls I've seen on this website Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick   0 points1810 days ago

Yuck. My dick would shrink too at the sight of that pussy... YIKES! Reply Report

sexdemon   0 points1761 days ago

Doesn't anyone recognise the dude Reply Report

techpriest35   0 points1526 days ago

no sound and too short Reply Report

submissivemissy -4 points1465 days ago

Pencildick should have used more lube, she's never doing that again... Reply Report