Ebony girl stopped at the wrong road to take a pee and gets brutally raped in the bushes.

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killuzall +30 points2034 days ago


JustAnotherWebSurferPassingBy +8 points2003 days ago

So much better with the Mute on. Reply Report
that dude

that dude +7 points2032 days ago

should've bit his dick off........... Reply Report

dohboy +4 points1776 days ago

bitch loved it, what a whore Reply Report

??? +6 points656 days ago

Why did you feel the need to comment that Reply Report

Hotu +4 points1710 days ago

I don't care if its fake, as long as she cries like that Reply Report

TOAD +3 points1971 days ago

Not real obviously,but nice legs and sexy dress Reply Report

BadNate +1 points1835 days ago

Rainy, STFU! If you don't like it then get the fuck off the website. No one cares about your stupid, shitty opinion! Go fucking die! Reply Report

jasonx +1 points639 days ago

Wish we could still buy them. I'd own a few just for this purpose.
Reply Report
no fear

no fear   0 points2034 days ago

bullshit Reply Report

Anymous   0 points743 days ago

I will Reply Report

butcher   0 points1638 days ago

i want shoot him Reply Report

lebronjames   0 points1476 days ago

needs bigger dick cuz she not feeling his tiny white cock up her ass Reply Report

Stupid   0 points1374 days ago

This is rape yeah WHEN SHE IS RIDING HIS COCK Reply Report

ISitFAKE??? -6 points1130 days ago

You americans may not know tis but its illegal to drive off from police undercover or in uniform in brazil is illegal to drive away from, its called police chase. just like in america.
Automatic prison sentence, don't think this doesn't happen.
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ThatStupidBitch   0 points1374 days ago

This bitch is stupid if this was real and the guy drove up why in the hell would u back up slowly jump in your car and drive off Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick   0 points1410 days ago

I watched is video on xnxx porn site last year or the year before and I think I prefere this video then most rape porn videos I've seen. Reply Report

Throb   0 points692 days ago

Pound that pussy till I cum Reply Report

trash   0 points755 days ago

>brazil Reply Report

Hdjdk   0 points340 days ago

?? Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points239 days ago

comee view my videos Reply Report

asdf -1 points2034 days ago

fake Reply Report

DICK HEAD -1 points1943 days ago

Boring... Reply Report

Alfamalestud -1 points835 days ago

Right way of a male gets a woman to fuck... if he needed to rape her for that that is her problem!!! Reply Report
Tucker force fuck-her!! Roar!!

Tucker force fuck-her!! Roar!! -2 points949 days ago

Why would a woman be peeing outside right by the road? While rape is wrong , many men would be tempted to do her when they see her---(maybe me..lol just kidding) ..even if it meant my or them chasing , subduing then violating her to satisfy our 10 inch hard-ons!! Reply Report

gohan -4 points1507 days ago

crikey!!! and now we just tamed the black back......whore!!!!! DAH DAH DAH im not really the one to call a women a whore but hey just trying it out too much? Reply Report

worff -5 points1933 days ago

can it get even more fake then this? Where are the real rape tapes? Reply Report

KaeMichelleLove97   0 points601 days ago

We should make one Reply Report

? -7 points1844 days ago

This isnt real right??? O.o Reply Report

Retard +1 points869 days ago

Yeah, dude, she was pissing in front of a camera and cameraman that she didn't realize was there, an invisible camera that can just teleport from place to place. She also started liking it there toward the end, for no reason at all. And that guy, you know, he always rapes people with his pants on and a limp dick, because rape really doesn't do it for him, you know. Reply Report

Rainy -26 points1860 days ago

Fucking caught my brother watching girls getting raped... How can you watch this and not feel sick... I want to help that poor girl... Not only was she raped, it was put online for all to see... That's not cool... You all are fucking sick... Go watch real porn... No life changing problems that men cause because they can't control their dick... Reply Report

stalker-n +4 points911 days ago

It's fantasy.... hello? It didn't occur to any of you that she stopped to pee next to a camera crew? Who, what? He told to follow back to his house? Use your brains, dudes. Real rape is for little-dick douche bags who are mad at women for their "short-comings" (you're pathetic).... again, this is FANTASY. Jesus, learn the difference. Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick +3 points1410 days ago

It fake u asshole so shut up .
Any one would help her if they could but it fake.
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