Woman In Underwear Shot To Death

Terrible video showing woman in her underwear shot to death.

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jkidd +5 points1926 days ago

It's incredible how you guys can crack jokes at this type of stuff. Theres somebody you love who you wouldnt want to see like this. Reply Report
Stupid hoe

Stupid hoe +2 points1649 days ago

This is y u don't say YOLO in my fucken hood nigga Reply Report

Joe +1 points1905 days ago

Looks like defensive wounds on her hand. Domestic. Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +1 points1732 days ago

Poor girl, hope they caught the animals that did this. Reply Report

SMF +1 points862 days ago

She no longer needs to worry about menstrual cramps,yeast infections,vaginitis etc. Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert   0 points787 days ago

Cunt had to be stinking like rotting fish Reply Report

Dildoschwaggins   0 points553 days ago

Wtf I was expecting fake bc some of the fake shit on this site is funny this looks real and disgusting oh my god Reply Report

Eastbayarea -2 points1976 days ago

India's victory's secrets model Reply Report
Fucked in the Head

Fucked in the Head -5 points1756 days ago

I don't love anyone and no one loves me. Reply Report
That\'s Bullshit

That\'s Bullshit -1 points593 days ago

Stop putting yourself. You have your set of talents and if you can't make people around you happy it isn't that big a deal. Life is a game of cricket and people around you just wanna get you out
Reply Report