Man With No Penis Or Balls Masturbating

Amazingly he's still able to cum.

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I wish

I wish +34 points2070 days ago

That guy with no dick blows a bigger load that I do with my 7" fat cock. He's alpha as fuck. Reply Report

SexyBebo83   0 points1003 days ago

i know i even feel embarrassed myself i have 8.5 dick and he just blow a bigger load with hes men vagipenis then me XD Reply Report

doc +10 points2074 days ago

He may have had to remove his penis due to cancer. It's possible to ejaculate after simulating a tiny amount of erectile tissue. Also most fluid volume comes from glands behind the bladder, not from the testicles, so you don't "need" those either. Reply Report

neuteredpuppy69 +10 points2070 days ago

Prostate produces most of the cum but if you look its very runny there are no globs of sperm because the testicles are gone. Thats how it looks when I cum cuz my balls are gone too. Reply Report

f +10 points2069 days ago

it looks like a girl fingering herself! Reply Report

GuntPunc +7 points2074 days ago

DJ Hero! Reply Report

Interesting +7 points2070 days ago

I kinda was scared of the money shot. I thought he was going to explode or some shit. Reply Report

Yoyo +5 points2074 days ago

What a pussy Reply Report

transman +5 points2070 days ago

He's not a FTM, we ain't able to cum. Reply Report

jim42 +4 points1713 days ago

god i would so love to have my head buried between your legs and tasting that cream,as i get you off wiyh my tongue WOW. Reply Report

madbrat +2 points871 days ago

i want that done to me i have 7 1/2 inches and thick. and i hate it. i dont want to be turned into a female i just hate my penis and balls. i was talking to a gay friend. oh i'm not gay or straight i hate sex. but anyway i begged him to use a Burdizzo on my nuts to kill my balls. i have never felt so much pain in my life. i couldnt wait until my balls died and went away. but after a few days the color came back and the bruising went away. now they are back to normal. but not sure i want to go threw the pain again Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points47 days ago

@madbrat can you do that to me so I can feel your pain Reply Report

anonymouse +1 points2073 days ago

damn, his forearm looks like my calf muscle Reply Report

sadpup +1 points462 days ago

Wish that was me :) Reply Report

BONER   0 points2049 days ago

Wonder if he'll let me fuck him in it. Then he can lick the farts out of my arse if he's lucky. Reply Report

asdfasdf   0 points1987 days ago

wow you poor son of a bitch Reply Report

stingray   0 points1787 days ago

poor guy :( i feel bad for him Reply Report

cbilly-willy   0 points1779 days ago

Damn,that shit looks so painful Reply Report

longshlong   0 points1672 days ago

Id Let a Woman have mine & Do this to me if she wanted ive been into the ideal of it for awhile so if any ladies intrested in owning their very own
hmu sometime
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Reply Report

Ewwwww   0 points385 days ago

Why was it yellow Reply Report

Shiteater410   0 points62 days ago

Do this to me right now please Reply Report

Nwcx   0 points12 days ago

Chill people, this is Castr8tedmale, he nullified himself on purpose and is very pro sex. Anyone could do it if they really want to. Gets his rocks off daily. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -1 points1547 days ago

It's a hermaphrodite Reply Report
Ross Carmichael

Ross Carmichael -1 points1486 days ago

To quote Lord Greyjoy, he is not a man anymore Reply Report

Jerk -1 points685 days ago

Whats the point to living? Reply Report

xgrimm13x -1 points676 days ago

I want someone to remove mine :) Reply Report

anon -8 points2074 days ago

thats gotta be a FTM Reply Report

Eww -11 points2070 days ago

He has the herps Reply Report

-20 points2069 days ago

Fucking loser Reply Report

-31 points2069 days ago

This fucking piece of shit should fucking kill himself Reply Report
That One

That One +5 points734 days ago

Clearly this was written to elicit a reaction. So here it is: You're an utter and total asshole. Reply Report