Drunk Sleeping Teen Fucked

Gorgeous young teen passed out on her bed gets molested, undressed, fingered, fucked,a cock shoved in her mouth then jizzed all over.

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Jack +83 points2182 days ago

Wish I could find a passed out chick like this, she would get my cum Reply Report

Foxy +34 points2071 days ago

i want this to happen to me next time im drunk. Reply Report
Name witheld

Name witheld +18 points1273 days ago

OK, just go out drinking when i'm around Reply Report

pepper +30 points2015 days ago

My boyfriend does this to me when I'm passed out Reply Report

slippery +27 points1917 days ago

love 2 fuck drunk young dirty sluts I would have cum in her arse Reply Report

Grace +25 points2096 days ago

God I want that! Reply Report
Name Witheld

Name Witheld +20 points1272 days ago

You're next after Foxy Reply Report

Peachy +25 points1758 days ago

Those are "fuck me" panties, so that's what she gets. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +23 points1275 days ago

And not that little slut's not wearing a bra either (not that she needs to). And definitely not a virgin. Reply Report

Hornyk +21 points1939 days ago

Remind of my friends daughter Reply Report

mmm +32 points1920 days ago

this drunk bitch deserved the cock she got....dirty slut needed her cunt filled up like a good whore Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +21 points1320 days ago

Hell yeah, she so passed out he could pretty much do anything he wanted! I'd have given her all the dick I had, and she'd have woken up sore sticky and confused! Reply Report

ninja +19 points2155 days ago

Wish I could find man to use my passedout wife Reply Report

victor357 +18 points1659 days ago

I need some of her shit on my cock......this is a classic case of an arse needing fucking and spunking in. Reply Report
Name Witheld

Name Witheld +15 points1281 days ago

I did this to a couple chicks in college. Statute of limitations isn't expired yet.

But I know the one girl had to have an abortion ofter I came in her. Sorry 'bout that, shouldn't have tried to outdrink me on whiskey.
Reply Report
jerry p

jerry p +3 points861 days ago

she was really out of it Reply Report

ric +1 points759 days ago

limp dick faggots Reply Report

cunt2   0 points949 days ago

wtf Reply Report

asif6062 -1 points2102 days ago

Who knows, maybe this is your own girlfriend, you asked her to act like a drunk passed out girl. Lots of fake videos you are doing nowadays. Reply Report
Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt -1 points863 days ago

Not to be rude or anything..but you diserve to die for this...this is absolutely evil Reply Report

elinteresado -6 points2098 days ago

i like the video, she looks sexy
Reply Report
deeze nutz

deeze nutz -7 points1731 days ago

name? i want more of her but awake and really getting fucked Reply Report

asif6062 -9 points2102 days ago

@jealous No I will not fuck you when you are passed out. Who will lick my cock then? Who will ride on my dick, if you are passed out? Reply Report

af -11 points1440 days ago

wrg Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +12 points1272 days ago

wrg? WTF
What does wrg mean??
Why Rape Girl?
What Rapist Guy?
Reply Report

giddeon -11 points1305 days ago

love to rape this one Reply Report
dad here

dad here -18 points2156 days ago

a girl that gets that drunk shood be treated like that if mine got that fucked up i would do the same an hope ware ever she at other men would do it to her to Reply Report
Grammar nazi

Grammar nazi +23 points1274 days ago

where ever, you illiterate ignorant moron Reply Report
Grammar Nazi

Grammar Nazi +23 points1271 days ago

it's also SHOULD Reply Report

eww -19 points2116 days ago

Does she have a genital wart? Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +2 points1276 days ago

Are you talking about the mole on her right leg? Reply Report

Girl2 -26 points2025 days ago

Small cock, ugh. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +24 points1276 days ago

If it's so small, why doesn't he put it in her all the way?? Reply Report
that\'s because

that\'s because   0 points778 days ago

it's too small, and he doesn't want to lose it in there. Reply Report