Anal Fucking In Ass That Needs To Shit Badly

A piece of shit comes out almost, but gets pushed in by hard dick.

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Kit +109 points2053 days ago

My brother does this every time I have to poop, the only difference is my brothers cock is huge. Reply Report

abhikum -2 points1753 days ago

I need a sister like you Reply Report

-_- +1 points1507 days ago

This is some troll kid, because girls don't act like that dumbass... Reply Report

bumsplitter +17 points1328 days ago

I'd piss in her ass and pump her anus with my penis till it's all mixed up piss and shit.She would tear up and cry with lust and her anus would clench around my manhood convulsing milking me in rythm with her heaving breasts. Reply Report

fabion +11 points2037 days ago

more girls need to do this..a girls poop is underrated Reply Report

dirtyparisian +10 points1695 days ago

superb; the closeup of the shit just Inside her anus, her grunting, the squelching when his cock is Inside, the gaping pushing cunt, the puckered bumhole with some stubble... Reply Report

Georgia +7 points2039 days ago

@Kit, me too! I usually wait like 4 days before I do a poo, and then he always loves to fuck my asshole, and it feels so good! Reply Report
Yes please !

Yes please !   0 points895 days ago

Yum yum.! That sounds so hot ! Reply Report

Jimbo -2 points1712 days ago

I want to do to you too but, will require much tongue lubing first!! :-p Reply Report
nature boy KSA

nature boy KSA +6 points1555 days ago

Best video I've seen in my life

I need girls doing thes masterpiece ...
Reply Report

Dirtyukgirl +6 points1469 days ago

I have cum watching this loads.... Love when a guy fucks my full ass x Reply Report

LostGrrl +5 points1670 days ago

God i wish someone would do that to me Reply Report
northwest florida

northwest florida +1 points1521 days ago

I could help you with this, I think it is hot Reply Report

JT -4 points1661 days ago

NY hit me up. Reply Report

gandalf +4 points1764 days ago

You will not pass Reply Report

Michelly +3 points1987 days ago

I lov a big and hard cock In my ass with a lot of shit.. I need a big cock to push my big turd In my ass... Reply Report

Jimbo +1 points1712 days ago

I have always dreamed of finding a girl who would do this! Reply Report

Jimbo -3 points1712 days ago

I want to do this to you too! Reply Report

tdotoh -2 points1767 days ago

where you from, i can do that for yea Reply Report
u can push my shit deep in my ass baby if u need t

u can push my shit deep in my ass baby if u need t   0 points1607 days ago

push my shit up ass and shove ur arm up my pussy i want to be ur fuck puppet Reply Report
12 year old perverd

12 year old perverd +3 points1689 days ago

This was amazing Reply Report
likes this vid

likes this vid +2 points1706 days ago

nice - she lets him in her ass no matter what - good anal slave!
Reply Report

surfnaked +2 points1393 days ago

That was a massive turd,damn Reply Report

tudy000 +2 points276 days ago

6 years now and i still hope i will find a full version to this clip.... Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy +1 points1706 days ago

Bet that felt like heaven Reply Report
snot lover

snot lover +1 points1509 days ago

shit in my mouth so tasty shit Reply Report

dirtyminded14 +1 points1499 days ago

I was wondering if any women can help me out I have never done scat sex or watersports before so I'm still a virgin in that area so if you like to take it from me I would love to try it so please get in touch Reply Report

zeke +1 points1509 days ago

nothing like getting shit on your cock Reply Report

heavy_r_darkchild +1 points487 days ago

Attaboy!! Got keep pushing that shit back...only wish he could've nutted in her! Reply Report

guy99   0 points2030 days ago

i wish the shit would go in and out her ass fast Reply Report

tudy000   0 points2023 days ago

Man i would love to see more of this couple,this clip has like 2 years by now Reply Report

torpedoped   0 points1772 days ago

one of the hottest vids on here Reply Report

cuckold   0 points1689 days ago

would suck his dick Reply Report

Typhoeus   0 points1530 days ago

I need a girl todo this to! Reply Report

Laungkok   0 points961 days ago

Areyoureadyy.....ill do this to you. Reply Report

tudy000   0 points941 days ago

I wish i could find more explicit clips like this one since i can;t find a girl to do this with :( Reply Report

Hungryforit   0 points922 days ago

I would love to find a guy with a big dick to fuck my shit filled ass after he has given it a good deep eat out. Reply Report

sf   0 points776 days ago

Psychotic parents do this as a constipation treatment (I learned the hard way) Reply Report

buttcheeks   0 points368 days ago

I would love to fuck into that ass, and to have someone fuck into my ass when I have to shit! Reply Report

jamdkt   0 points179 days ago

J Reply Report

Loverrrrrr   0 points175 days ago

Is it just me or does she have a really pretty butthole Reply Report

Poopmouth   0 points61 days ago

I wanna suck the poo out of her asshole so badly Reply Report
Big shrimp

Big shrimp   0 points8 days ago

Fuck the shit out of her Reply Report
poke it

poke it -1 points2070 days ago

he pushes shit good damn Reply Report

alexandria76 -1 points2069 days ago

tasty Reply Report

gaby -1 points1896 days ago

This video so,,good. Reply Report

Anick -1 points1883 days ago

Perfect! the best shitting&fucking video. Reply Report
Girl  Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover -1 points1775 days ago

I dream of arse fucking a girl who needs to go poo..... Reply Report

max -2 points2016 days ago

il l'encule mais ca la fait pas chier ! Reply Report

raj -2 points1892 days ago

Msst Reply Report

Ivanator85 -2 points1794 days ago

Wow! I would love to do this!! Are there any Toronto girls who would like to have their full asses licked and fucked by a kinky 26 year old male!? Send me a message and I'll get back to you Reply Report

H2SO4 -3 points1918 days ago

bacchii bacchii bachiina Reply Report
Kik me girls Brandon6799

Kik me girls Brandon6799 -3 points1737 days ago

I wanna do this Reply Report

loveshitguy -4 points2055 days ago

man, i wish i can have sex with poop in the ass
Reply Report

Jimbo -2 points1712 days ago

I would give anything to find a girl who would let me do this to her! Reply Report

ew -6 points2069 days ago

ew that's bad for you Reply Report

hi -6 points2067 days ago

what a
small cock
Reply Report

Turk -11 points2029 days ago

You'd have to be a depraved fucker to even record and post this kind of ... shit.

Fuck sakes, get lives people.
Reply Report