Amateur Video Of Boy's First Time Sex

Finally this nerd found a chick who wanted to have sex with him. The girl even tells him to cum inside her while he's doggystyle fucking her.

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Zags +98 points2169 days ago

He's watched enough porn videos.
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wtf +40 points2170 days ago

who would record his first time? Reply Report

HK +23 points2169 days ago

HAHAHA, I know that fucking dude. Morris, shit man I didn't know u were a porn star LMFAO Reply Report

Amber +14 points2098 days ago

ive never had sex in my life... i wish i could have it Reply Report

per +13 points2169 days ago

Actually i think she's quite hot Reply Report

gudd +13 points2170 days ago

congrats! xD Reply Report

damn +10 points1888 days ago

first time i had sex!!
i tried to lick her pussy boom she squirted all my face
from that time till now everyone knows me by the name tongue star
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Non-Member Bitch

Non-Member Bitch +9 points1943 days ago

Doggie style so she doesn't have to look at him. Reply Report

Radha +9 points1916 days ago

The guy does not look all that inexperienced. Reply Report

Anallover +7 points2013 days ago

She's fit, I'd love to empty out in her arse Reply Report

Martin +6 points2170 days ago

He seems very confident for his ' First ' time. We all know it isnt mind.... Reply Report
Step to the hole

Step to the hole +6 points1814 days ago

World One Thing Always Keep it In Your Mind is (Cover The Face Fuck The Base) hahahahahhahahaha hah ahah Reply Report

What +4 points2170 days ago

So not his first time Reply Report
non member

non member +4 points2026 days ago

Well as you should HK morris is my boyfreind and he fucks right on point hardcore
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Googles boy

Googles boy +4 points1630 days ago

Enough internet for today my god am done over here
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Mouni +4 points1195 days ago

Any first timer is always inexperienced totally. He never knows what foreplay is. All he does is groping wildly and he cums on the pussy even before entering. Reply Report

Pooja +4 points1195 days ago

True, from the start he guns for the asshole. Reply Report

matt +2 points2147 days ago

morris u skinny geek Reply Report

Sickboy +1 points2135 days ago

She is much too hot for him Reply Report

broheim +1 points1699 days ago

the question is

does he even lift?
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siiix +1 points1652 days ago

video hot, but title fake, there is no way this is the 1st time for that guy.. for fuck sake he is even shaven :) obviously they both had a lot of sex prior to this Reply Report
riot worker

riot worker +1 points1308 days ago

also he works at Riot Games in league of legends... Reply Report

NegraJoe +1 points794 days ago

You gotta go missionary on a sweet angel like her! Reply Report

Morrris +1 points461 days ago

it wasnt really my first time and sine then ive banged quite a few birds. Reply Report

GOD   0 points2108 days ago

AMATUERRRRRRR watch more porn and try again both of em (._. ) Reply Report

joker   0 points1969 days ago

Good Reply Report

maguz   0 points1882 days ago

o cara sabe meter, igual eu mesmo esquema Reply Report

vtechH   0 points1833 days ago

Shit..who ever the Morris guy is he ain't even to bad for his first time..i mean damn he knew some positions off the bat but he could of got a better chick? Reply Report

Wi_tronix_why_poo_poo   0 points1329 days ago

She has a tampon in. You can see the string at 2:16. Lol Reply Report

whiskypipes -1 points2169 days ago

She's got at least 30 pounds on him. Reply Report
Big Al

Big Al -1 points2165 days ago

One up the bum, no harm done! Where in Ireland are they from? Reply Report

Tim -3 points1470 days ago

Great,my first was with an older too.i was half drunk,she had none.we fucked for hours,I came 7 times,and we where watch black and blue,the next day.i never had such a night,late November 1963"smal town new York. Reply Report

woodywood03c -6 points2081 days ago

You guys are real dumb........ it is not his first time with a girl. If he knows doggie and others...... he is a pro. Reply Report

Rubitout -95 points2173 days ago

She ain't even hot. Reply Report