School Girl Forced Enema

Grabbed on the way to school by ten guys to receive enema's till she vomits.

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wow! +39 points2294 days ago

I have to give a round of applause for the Japanese for thinking up and acting out every single possible violation technique's. This one is fukin funny as fuck. Reply Report
Queen Asshole

Queen Asshole +7 points881 days ago

What's the name or product code of that movie??? It's epic! Reply Report

??? +2 points583 days ago

NHDT-568 10 People Bukkomi Corps School Girls Enema Reply Report

trololol +6 points2294 days ago


Sherlock +5 points1391 days ago

I don't think anyone else realized that it was several different girls... You can tell because in each scene their clothes and voices changed. Reply Report

AndrewT +2 points917 days ago

Yes I noticed but....It was great I especially liked the sick. Reply Report
yah, yah I know.

yah, yah I know. +4 points2294 days ago

ha.. thats freakin great :) silly slanty eyes and there fucking massive enemas! :) Reply Report

toad +4 points2186 days ago

genius funny horny . I bet her dad is so proud of her lol Reply Report
Kik: savvythekraken

Kik: savvythekraken +4 points1043 days ago

I wish someone would force a big enema into my virgin asshole... rape my pussy and ass and plug up the flow and laugh as I cried and leaked watery shit... squirting everywhere and unable to stoo it over and over Reply Report

Wat. +3 points2069 days ago

That was so fucking metal. Reply Report

hi +3 points1817 days ago

As I type im crying Reply Report
ed 10000

ed 10000 +3 points856 days ago

The weird shit the Japs do to the women just why are they not allowed to show the pussy? Reply Report

Damen +2 points1980 days ago

haha... Awesome Reply Report

j4 +2 points1361 days ago

funny how after she vomits she wont even give shit anymore. she just hangs puking and spraying enema. Reply Report
public violation

public violation +1 points2210 days ago

hahaha, this is so epic XD Reply Report

AndrewT +1 points917 days ago

I LIKED the puke! I doubt that she's constipated now, she probably has a 'sore tummy' though. Reply Report

mike +1 points1699 days ago

funny, it was all in a game of weird sex things, love the Japanese ,more fun things Reply Report

hehe +1 points795 days ago

That was freaking hilarious , when she was turning and squirting ! Reply Report
Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck +1 points309 days ago

Nice. Really got me off Reply Report

8/   0 points2294 days ago

what the fuck is this?????????????????
Reply Report

... +6 points1995 days ago

School Girl Forced Enema Reply Report
Doctor Butt

Doctor Butt -4 points1457 days ago

I donĀ“t think Enemas is so healthy. Reply Report

vic. -5 points2292 days ago

i was not amused. Reply Report

Rape? -7 points1875 days ago

I have a bad feeling they killed her after this...
The vomit made it seem a lot less fake than it did at the start :/ how is this legal? lol them silly japs
Reply Report
Wow man

Wow man -1 points1391 days ago

It isn't even slightly legal Reply Report