Girl Raped By Old Man

Young caregiver becomes victim of dirty old man who can't keep his hands off her and brutally rapes her.

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hannahhard +210 points791 days ago

I'm looking for a guy old enough to be my Grandpa to fuck. Any takers? Reply Report

Jace1677   0 points359 days ago

I'd love to fuck you Reply Report
i am

i am   0 points773 days ago

hey u how can i contact u Reply Report

Santa +45 points1944 days ago

Santa Claus is cumming...In his Daughter!!!~ Reply Report

omg +12 points1718 days ago

I dream of the day i fuck a man ovr 60 im 18 Reply Report

lilsexy30 +8 points1258 days ago

Grandpa please rape me n cum hard inside my wet pussy Reply Report
She's hot

She's hot +6 points2076 days ago

She's saying dad??? Or is it another language. Reply Report
wrestling fan

wrestling fan +6 points1635 days ago

Oh cool! Exactly what I was looking for! amateur wrestling! Reply Report

Neo +4 points1816 days ago

Isn't that the Colonel Sanders lookalike from the Matrix? She must have chosen the wrong door! :-) Reply Report

perv +3 points1718 days ago

nice video Reply Report

dr +1 points1711 days ago

cool.. Reply Report

Asdf +3 points1025 days ago

That dumb whore loved it! I love to see older man fucked young sluts. Reply Report
Goetic Gremory

Goetic Gremory +2 points696 days ago

What im going to be doing when im an old man lol Reply Report

HOT +1 points2059 days ago

Or she says Njet russian or something Reply Report
id fuck her

id fuck her +1 points2029 days ago

its so attractive when she flips her hair in the beginning

Reply Report

Home-nurser +1 points1835 days ago

I want him like that Reply Report
bastard 14

bastard 14 +1 points517 days ago

nice one Reply Report
Non-member Fine china

Non-member Fine china   0 points1957 days ago

"Does he stand back when he's finished and adore you" lol Reply Report

dp   0 points1937 days ago

"Was this a real rape or a fantasy?" seriously? lol how can u not tell? Reply Report

rapeman543   0 points1314 days ago

She is so HOT,I'd be fine if it WAS a REAL RAPE.LOL Reply Report

Grunt   0 points1608 days ago

-|- Reply Report

wtf   0 points1291 days ago

she know she can pull away from him and he can run for her pussy Reply Report

billthompson   0 points474 days ago

fucking right! It's always better when it hurts her. Reply Report

Ym   0 points357 days ago

Hannahard I am young but I will fuck you if your down Reply Report

Clou   0 points6 days ago

I’d love to be tied up and have and old cock forced in me and rammed until he came all inside me Reply Report

wtf -1 points2032 days ago

Was this a real rape or a fantasy
Reply Report
The Family Dog

The Family Dog   0 points179 days ago

@wtf It's real. You can tell by the way she flips her hair in the beginning. Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member -1 points1945 days ago

Ist Santa Claus Reply Report
hot rape

hot rape -2 points1920 days ago

can be real its only 1 min length Reply Report