Girl Riding Worlds Biggest Dick

This black guy has a bigger dick than most horse have!

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Looks fake

Looks fake +58 points2263 days ago

But kudos to the slut who could really really take it deep in her pussy Reply Report
rape me

rape me +25 points1886 days ago

I want my pussy to be fucked I don't care if I become a sex slave the rapist will love my fucking tight pussy he can cum inside my pussy as much as he wants & pee inside my pussy and he wants me to have his babies & make me his & his alone & im a virgin and he can fuck my pussy nonstop Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick   0 points5 days ago

@rape me you can come fuck me if you want to withthat tight pussy Reply Report

faa336   0 points58 days ago

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ff -1 points300 days ago

i would love to Reply Report

jmscotland   0 points314 days ago

@rape me pm me Reply Report
Luv tight pussy

Luv tight pussy -1 points372 days ago

I can fuck ur pussy Reply Report
Luv tight pussy

Luv tight pussy   0 points372 days ago

I can fuck ur pussy Reply Report

hadobas   0 points622 days ago

Hi there little girl, you still looking for someone? Reply Report

Person89324 +4 points719 days ago

Wtf that's hell of a request Reply Report
Can\'t Rape the Willing

Can\'t Rape the Willing +1 points862 days ago

Let's get something started... All I Request is to Pleasr Change Your Screen Name from. Rape Me... I Don't Rape but I damn sure will do my best to cum alot over and over and over deep inside that hot tight wet pussy... I am Ready Now... Reply Report

sexybebo83 +3 points890 days ago

i can do that for you im not big as he is but you wont regret it either ;) Reply Report

Fake +22 points2263 days ago

It's Fake, Replays over and over and then Inverted the image, Very Boring! Reply Report

drg +5 points2264 days ago

Inverted image, but good ride Reply Report
Jo Ann Shipley

Jo Ann Shipley +5 points1863 days ago

GOD DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Badbrad6669 +1 points800 days ago

Where are you from? Reply Report
Not fake,real!

Not fake,real! +4 points2066 days ago

His name is Mandingo look it up real cock Reply Report

nomercyforsluts +3 points1107 days ago

He should force this whore to take EVERY inch in! What is this, she doesnt take much.. every inch I say.. even if it would kill her. Reply Report

ben +2 points2263 days ago

fake Reply Report

Sevenforher +2 points836 days ago

Mandingo does not have a huge cock. He has an extension that he puts on and if anyone who can see, takes a look at his different photos will clearly see it is not real. This video is only a few frames, repeated again and again and then it is inverted and then repeated again and again. If any of these believers want to google worlds largest cock by guiness world records they will see that Mandingo is not on there. Mandingo is probably 3 inches. And as far as anyone who thinks "Black men" are Hung.... That is bs and women dont want "HUNG" they want 7"-8". Just ask them. Quit believing the lies. Reply Report

thechris +1 points1829 days ago

Once he starts cumming bet it takes an hour to finally come to the top Reply Report

rfan562 +1 points1162 days ago

dick so big that girl cant fit it her pussy Reply Report

duh +1 points747 days ago

its just a clip on repeat Reply Report

zopan +1 points634 days ago

mais il faut qu'elle le met jusqu'aux balles Reply Report

zopan +1 points659 days ago

il fallait qu'elle arrive aux balles du pénis Reply Report

zopan +1 points614 days ago

il fallait qu'elle soit jusqu'aux balles Reply Report

PERRO51 +1 points590 days ago


graves   0 points2264 days ago

Clearly fake. Reply Report

evolotus   0 points1620 days ago

It's real! That's Nadia Styles vs Mandingo. Reply Report

Mr.toothpick   0 points520 days ago

After that every one of us is a toothpick for her. Reply Report

annoymus   0 points413 days ago

testing the farm tools Reply Report

slipahugedicktome   0 points397 days ago

Who's the proud owner of the huge monster cock?
Reply Report

9282452795   0 points374 days ago

So find me that guy and if it’s real than I’ll let him be the last fick that I will ever feel I sought it’s real and it looks fake Reply Report

Harry837836   0 points11 days ago

Damg Reply Report

faa336   0 points58 days ago

That was a boring fucking movie, but what a great looking pole that dude has. I'd love to suck his cock and taste her cunt juices on his shaft. And rim both of those sweet assholes. Reply Report

joe117 -1 points1124 days ago

that real and she have room to park that hummer in side! Reply Report

rkerr3401 -1 points784 days ago

Hello Reply Report

xgrimm13x -1 points865 days ago

looks good if i had a gf id let her fuck him while i watched. Reply Report

KnobblyCocK -1 points712 days ago

Damm! She knows how to Ride, Me next? Reply Report

unimportant -1 points572 days ago

its just a fucking loop Reply Report

zopan -1 points526 days ago

si le pénis était plus grosse que ça Reply Report

Alfalfuck800 -1 points484 days ago

That Nigger-Boogers cock, Probably Reaches The Water In The Toilet, When He Sits Down To Take a Shit

Reply Report

ZanalSlut -1 points361 days ago

I want to be fucked like that
Reply Report

asder -2 points443 days ago

Thank youu Reply Report
I hate stupid people

I hate stupid people -3 points2264 days ago

It's obviously real.

The people that are saying it's fake, are guys that are jealous that the guy has a nice big cock. Sucks to be you, you fucking retarded idiots.
Reply Report

yuck27 -3 points2124 days ago

1 words- horse Reply Report

illeatyourpussybitch -3 points1678 days ago

Fake Reply Report

mirecko -3 points966 days ago

I cannot download this video to my phone don't know why? Reply Report
blue balls

blue balls -8 points1694 days ago

that's all nigga's are good for a big cock, they were bred to have big cocks by our great grand parents. Reply Report