Shit Squirt

After a large enema the girl can't help shitting all over herself and the bathroom floor.

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Obi Quan

Obi Quan +95 points2140 days ago

If you like this 'shit' you can be sure you are not a 'well' person. Reply Report
Ben Zen

Ben Zen +69 points2139 days ago

I believe psychiatrists have found that children around the age of 3-4 can sometimes go into a faecal fixation. Guess some of these twisted fucks just get stuck there.
These fuckers need serious help.
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Certz +64 points2137 days ago

@ fondelum You are assuming he watches the videos.
I more suspect he just sees the thumbnail, then merely makes his comments.

In any case, I'd have to agree with Ben and Obi. This is far from normal mate, no offence though. Scat away! have a ball!

(I don't watch all the videos I see here, but I also occasionally make a comment even so, am I not allowed to do that???)
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That nigga

That nigga +12 points1067 days ago

Are people really posting in the comments trying to play psychologist all because they think other people enjoying enemas is disgusting? On this site? Grow up. Reply Report
Simon Felgate - Proud gay scattist.

Simon Felgate - Proud gay scattist. +10 points2134 days ago

@ Fondelum: I'm a 'fag' and am a big fan of scat. many of us gay guys are so I take offence in trying to deprecate my sexual preference and fetish equally. Reply Report

Sup +7 points2087 days ago

Poop will rise, and those who hate the great shit will die Reply Report
girl poo lover

girl poo lover +3 points1877 days ago

Obi Quan. I am a very well, and very ordinary bloke. So what If I happen to like the sight and sound of women shitting. I'd love to take her up the bum while she's squirting and let live. Reply Report

smally   0 points792 days ago

Fantastic lady Reply Report

Hunter   0 points2102 days ago

I like this video but it is kind a long before its gets to her squirt shitting
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extreme   0 points1980 days ago

hmmm, yummy Reply Report

Poopylou   0 points1842 days ago

I would love to find a girl who would take it doggy style while shitting like that :) Reply Report

Trevor -1 points2129 days ago

It is certainly true that these kinds of videos are not considered ''normal'', i have also sinned for getting into this kind of thing but visiting a video against your own liking just for the sake of leaving a comment is also stupid and makes you no better than the ones who get off on these videos. Reply Report

plumber -2 points1968 days ago

would love to plug that hole while she is squirting with my large diigger. i have a lot of experience in plugging squirting holes Reply Report
haters need to gtfo

haters need to gtfo -20 points2133 days ago

If you get turned off by attractive women pissing, shitting, vomiting, and expelling bodily fluids, I suspect it's you who needs counselling, not us. Scat is the new norm, get with it. Reply Report
Sik-fuk 69

Sik-fuk 69 -60 points2140 days ago

Agreed Husker doo, maybe he is not the 'well' one. Reply Report
Husker doo

Husker doo -81 points2140 days ago

Obi quan, it's only poo !! Reply Report