Cervix Fucking

Bizarre pussy play where girl fucks her cervix with a brush handle.

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jojo +69 points1807 days ago

This is what i call, a hole into the hole! Reply Report
The Hammer

The Hammer +12 points1064 days ago

I was fucking a girl a few years back...she was a small, tiny, skinny little blonde slut named Megan, and my cock popped into her cervix. I didn't know what happened at first, because she flinched and my cock pulled back out some. She said that she thought I went into her cervix, so I told her that I wanted to do it again. She curled up her stomach and pushed towards me as I was fucking her, and I felt my dick pop back into her cervix. Never came so hard in my life! Fucking two holes at once...that tight hole wrapped around the tip of my cock while her labia is wrapped around the base of my cock...holy fucking shit! She loved it too! Reply Report

wow +10 points1804 days ago

that's actually a paintbrush handle, but I get your point. I love how she's got some kind of clear plastic cone in there stretching her pussy out so we can see it. That's just gorgeous and I bet it feels really amazing. bizarre but lovely video. It obviously feels great. Reply Report

hvjj +7 points1807 days ago

nice Reply Report

Kakà +7 points1807 days ago

Nice pussy Reply Report

SadismGuyG +6 points698 days ago

That must be very painful for her. :) Most women complain that touching cervix makes them feel like menstruation pain.. and it gets even more intense, if you stick something inside cervix, as it is supposed to stay closed untill giving birth to some bastards.. :) Yes, this got me hot.. Now gentlemen and fellow Masters, WHY do we neglet this wonderful piece of female anatomy? Cervix-torture is as deep as it can get, truly, in many ways. I guess this cunt has given birth in the past, her pussy is big as fuck and cervix takes that thing quite easily.. but I bet she was in pain. ;) Reply Report

girthy +4 points1804 days ago

that has got to be the coolest thing I've ever seen Reply Report

roci +4 points1804 days ago

nice Reply Report

qwerty +4 points1685 days ago

did i see blood on the handle towards the end? Reply Report

SadistGuy +4 points698 days ago

Yes, you did see some blood. :) It is good for this bitch. A little pain, a little blood.. Yes, this is what happens if you mess with cervix.. Reply Report

crazy +2 points1804 days ago

thats mad cool and sexy Reply Report

TRon +2 points1366 days ago

She is Vinam from "stim99" website Reply Report

Brako +1 points1804 days ago

I always used to joke when I was a kid, that is porno camera men got any closer, the next thing to turn people on would be to see the insides of a body. Oh how I wish it was only a joke.
Reply Report

virgin +1 points1801 days ago

stretched pussy goes hardcore Reply Report
fuck u

fuck u +1 points581 days ago

Dafuck Reply Report

nina   0 points1724 days ago

Wonder where she got that idea from???! Reply Report
Sexy chick

Sexy chick   0 points1537 days ago

Uhhhh hahah ma'am I do not believe that is suppose to be in there hahah and what's the hell gave you and idea to stick a paint brush in your cervix huh???? I don't say this often but uh I feel it's nessisarry for this video. Please get a hobby. I think it's a good thing you didn't show your face Reply Report

willboy4u   0 points1268 days ago

I too am moraning Reply Report

faeriejane   0 points1117 days ago

Abortion by paintbrush. Reply Report

slong -3 points1804 days ago

Nice wart on the inside between her pussy and thigh. Reply Report

?? -4 points1800 days ago

that's 1 nasty vag Reply Report