Two Mexicans Executed

Killed, beheaded and dismembered. And by the looks of it, it wasn't the butchers first time...

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Obi Quan

Obi Quan +15 points1809 days ago

Only the sickest, most disturbed people can slice up a human being like this.

Mexican & Islamics... one in the same? Equally fucked up?
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non-member me two

non-member me two +7 points1808 days ago

people are the most dangerous animals in the world,if there is a heaven and hell these ass-holes will be down with assholes just like them(forever).... Reply Report
Lord Metzen

Lord Metzen +6 points1807 days ago

@ Non-Member Obi Quan

Sure, like going into schools shooting kids with automatic guns isn't fucked up.
Mexican, Islamics AND Americans,
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Joe +3 points1802 days ago

What's the motive? Doesn't anything bother these people? Reply Report

abc +3 points1788 days ago

@ Obi Quan
why do you say Islamic? When you say it's islamic why you don't say it is Christian? Mothafucker!!
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Frisbie +2 points1809 days ago

I always knew humans were actually orange mutants in disguise.

Seriously though, that's pretty awful. :(
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none +2 points1540 days ago

Carne asada anyone? Reply Report
Hugh G. Rection

Hugh G. Rection +2 points1195 days ago

Monsters Reply Report

WOW +1 points1748 days ago

How does he do this?! Oh man hope it`s not real!
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FuckIraqpeopleandeverysickfuck   0 points645 days ago

this isnt right people like this should be punished Reply Report

saint -1 points1694 days ago

Lmfao Mexicans are stupid. This is funny, one less mexi standing by 7/11 Reply Report

nigger -1 points1651 days ago

mexicans and muslims both need to be flushed like the turds they r. Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael -2 points1681 days ago

Islam, and Islam always because their religion is evil, if we read their Quran Muhammad 4.
killing infidels is halal with the head chopped off. hahaha.... absolutely Islam is Luciferian Of the religion, only Christian is the truth! but Christian is not religion but relationship in the real God not fake God! only Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ/Isa Al'Masih) is the truth not the others.
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Me -3 points1809 days ago

This could be used as an advertisment for the knives Reply Report
Shit Knives,

Shit Knives,   0 points74 days ago

No the knives are good, but the butchery skills of the handlers are fucking awful Reply Report

Me   0 points1328 days ago

hey, i didn't wrotte that xP
btw i guess i really need to get out of this shit-country U_U
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RL -8 points1808 days ago

Thought this was the chainsaw one......... Damn. I feel bad for being dissapointed this isnt the chainsaw one. Whats wrong with me. Reply Report

evil -12 points1807 days ago

Good music, anyone knows the title? Reply Report

boring -14 points1808 days ago

This is old.. Next.. Reply Report
taco loco

taco loco -14 points1807 days ago sick.. guess they groun them up for TACOS...wanna bet the ydid ! Reply Report

John -25 points1808 days ago

That was awesome!!! Reply Report