Teen Girl Taking A Big Shit

Girl pushes out huge dark turd and puts back on her jeans without wiping her ass.

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Suboktan +28 points1692 days ago

Only thing wrong with this is that it's too short. I could watch a beautiful teen ass wiggling and pooping all day long. Reply Report

Rani +10 points1327 days ago

how could she hold so much shit in her fart hole Reply Report

Yummy +9 points1375 days ago

God I came so hard it hit the ceiling Reply Report

fabiom +8 points1703 days ago

nothing more sexier then a hot girl taking a big shit..only thing better is tasting it !! Reply Report
porn perv

porn perv +8 points1630 days ago

Wow her panties are sooooo lucky. I wish I could be her panties. She didn't even wipe that dirty girl. Then puts her thong back on. Oh my what a lucky thong. Reply Report

Me +8 points1624 days ago

She needed me to lick her ass clean before she pulled up her pantys. I'd love to be her regular toilet paper. Reply Report
Pastor, Pedo N Poopoh

Pastor, Pedo N Poopoh +6 points1740 days ago

Chill out 'shit on the haters' even us fellow 'scat fans' fully admit we're fucked up!
Embrace it mate! Keep on sliding' & sniffin! Poop On fellow PoOp HeAd!!!

See you on the 'Poop Deck'! poo-poo-be-doooo!!!!!
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jkbk +6 points1752 days ago

eat healthy food cuz urs shit looks like u r not eating healthy food Reply Report

Ravi +6 points1363 days ago

No wiping the shit No wonder they stink all day long. Reply Report
White = Superior

White = Superior -2 points632 days ago

Except for the fact that they don't, though, so.

But, niggers do fucking stink, though.
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Shamita -2 points1341 days ago

all whites are like this Reply Report
yolo gfy

yolo gfy +4 points1330 days ago

Racist. Reply Report

gemsdiamond -10 points1333 days ago

paki Reply Report

No-member +4 points520 days ago

Shamita sounds Indian name. Reply Report
freaknas t

freaknas t +3 points1749 days ago

her asshole will be on fkn fire in an hour Reply Report

walt +3 points1497 days ago

I'd lick her asshole clean Reply Report

alexandria76 +2 points1752 days ago

kolska meigol blakshits Reply Report

Hmm +2 points1752 days ago

Looks like theres blood in her shit, because the shit is whole black. Reply Report
web head

web head +2 points1752 days ago

u nasty fucking bitch wipe your ass Reply Report

nabilova +1 points1601 days ago

Chunky stinky stool Reply Report
Some lucky guy  gets to eat her shit

Some lucky guy gets to eat her shit +1 points598 days ago

Damn..imagine having ur mouth open under her ass while she squats there to take a big dump! my kind of girl Reply Report

Nice +1 points494 days ago

She has the best ass. Nice log too. I like it very much.
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Non-Member   0 points1753 days ago

Reply Report

PaperBatVG   0 points1712 days ago

He's just an internet gangsta, get the fuck over it Reply Report
anal lover

anal lover   0 points1326 days ago

Obi Quantum I aware to god Reply Report
go white girls 2014#250

go white girls 2014#250   0 points1154 days ago

This is fucking hot white girl i love girls that poop and not wipe ass white girls are hot babes keep on cuming. Reply Report

sickfman   0 points278 days ago

I would lick her ass clean before she pulled up her thong. Reply Report

Dirk -1 points1358 days ago

Wish I could eat her poop ..looked so delicious looking! Reply Report
bic cock

bic cock -1 points1551 days ago

Oh yea baby I,,need yuor shif my cock yuor ano my face so,,call plis 805 210 65 78 plis baby o messeje plis ok. Reply Report

AndrewT -1 points1119 days ago

What the fuck is that strange/annoying soundtrack, at the beginning? Nice shit, good that she doesn't wipe-I like these 'dirty' girls-not that constipated, would have liked more straining! Nice though. Reply Report

turp -1 points1156 days ago

I'd have licked her asshole clean Reply Report

Zeke -1 points922 days ago

What a waste of good shit, I'd have eaten it Reply Report

efrowatcher -1 points521 days ago

Nice dump. She should get a separate container for her piss though. The shit looks better if the piss doesn't get all on it/under it Reply Report

Jimjim -2 points1727 days ago

Got to love the way these women shit.i'd stick my cock right up her tight anus:) Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -2 points1298 days ago

I want to lick that thong sooooo bad!! :-) Reply Report

Jammy -6 points1727 days ago

Sexy Reply Report
non member

non member -11 points1750 days ago

firrst rape her in her ass and then force her to lick her own shit of my cock Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan -12 points1750 days ago

Honestly, if you get off on this there is something deeply wrong with you.

Fuck sakes - get help you sick fuck.
Reply Report

Blackmang1 -1 points278 days ago

Why are you watching it? Reply Report
Cock gobbler

Cock gobbler +2 points494 days ago

What the fuck is your problem? Ever think there was something wrong with you? So what if she likes to shit in front of the camera, it's her life, she doesn't need your criticism to bring her down. Reply Report
Obi Quan = Retarded

Obi Quan = Retarded +1 points632 days ago

Rofl, you're fucking retard.

You need to get help, if, you don't like this, you dumb faggot.
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Scatophile -19 points1748 days ago

Beautiful young girl pushing some logs out. Even closet scat fans have to watch this. Reply Report
shit on the haters

shit on the haters -25 points1741 days ago

Someone should ban non-member 'Obi Quan' from scat videos. He has posted many comments on these videos essentially ridiculing the many sane individuals who enjoy a bit of shit, piss, snot, and vomit in addition to the usual vaginal fluid and spit. He appears to be biased against certain bodily fluids and cannot accept other people's harmless tastes in alternatives. In addition, he seems to continually uprate his own comments and downrate others' in order to appear to have the popular vote, since obviously it's highly unlikely there are 100+ people watching each of these videos who agree with this bigot if the videos still manage to attain 4+ ratings. Reply Report

scattrix -30 points1751 days ago

if you like that, ill be adding a video up in the next 3 hours, message me!
Reply Report
butt lover

butt lover -1 points646 days ago

I want a woman to shit on my dick Reply Report

scatsex -34 points1755 days ago

mmmm i love it ^_* Reply Report