Anal Rape

Girl prisoner ordered to bend over, so she can be anal raped by 3 men.

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Meh +316 points1871 days ago

Anti-Perver, raping is a fantasy amongst other crazy fantasies and yes, some of them are sick. BUT, isn't it better to watch these, than go and rape in real? Reply Report

toughtombstonexxx -29 points361 days ago

It subconsciously motivates u to do it. #facts Reply Report

fetishine_alfredo +2 points84 days ago

@toughtombstonexxx alright then give me some sources on these so called facts because I garuntee you that it's not true and at the very least you just pulled it out of your ass. Many people watch rape videos and don't rape people just as many people play violent video games and don't massacre people. Reply Report

fetishine_alfredo   0 points84 days ago

@toughtombstonexxx alright then give me some sources on these so called facts because I garuntee you that it's not true and at the very least you just pulled it out of your ass. Many people watch rape videos and don't rape people just as many people play violent video games and don't massacre people. Reply Report

BlackScientist +9 points262 days ago

No it doesn't you ignorant fuck. Learn sexual psychology before you make yourself look stupid on a pr0n page... Reply Report
F-list member

F-list member +16 points915 days ago

Amen to that. Reply Report

Abunai +51 points1589 days ago

Well, at least they're all minute men Reply Report

xD +49 points1829 days ago

i jerked off to this xD Reply Report

xD2 +3 points381 days ago

Well, good job Reply Report

xxx +48 points1871 days ago

You know youre a good actress when you can do this.
Well done.
Reply Report

nah +47 points1844 days ago

It's definitely rape as you could see in her eyes and facial expression that she didn't want to do it.Sick in real life, hot in fantasy Reply Report

GTFO +39 points1863 days ago

if you think it's wrong and it's sick, why the fuck are you even on this page? on a side note, this was pretty hot XD Reply Report

disGUY +35 points1778 days ago

she took it like a champ and also.......NO.......LUBE!!!! Reply Report

pro +32 points1871 days ago

obviously isnt anal Reply Report

Guywhodosentgiveashit +28 points1687 days ago

This is from a movie called "As if i'm not here". Its all acting and none of this is real. Reply Report

Boop +1 points160 days ago

Went looking in comments for movie name. Thank you! Reply Report

Yawn -1 points271 days ago

Shit like this happens all the time. Reply Report
Thank You

Thank You +1 points308 days ago

You're Right. I Was Waiting For Someone To Point It Out. Reply Report

3-D +1 points1386 days ago

A quick search on IMDB turns up zero... no match...??? Reply Report

toad +24 points1726 days ago

every mans dream to have a little fuck pig locked away. Reply Report

toughtombstonexxx +7 points361 days ago

Are u retarded? Reply Report

duh +24 points1724 days ago

Im getting annoyed now..its rape FANTASY. there is a huge difference, I like the fantasy of it, part of what turns me on is know the person acting it would never actually hurt me, they are just doing it how I want stop saying its sick, its sick if its real but this is a paid actress who consented. Reply Report

vaidilas +24 points1378 days ago

i hate the fly Reply Report

ian +23 points1872 days ago

needs more cock and faster fucked im very horny Reply Report

dad +19 points1809 days ago

i hope 1 of those was her dad or 3 of daddys friends teaching her to be a big girl Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +17 points1267 days ago

This is a scene from the movie "As If I Am Not There" starring Natasha Petrovic as the young Bosnian Muslim woman who gets anally raped by three men during the Yugoslavian civil war. Reply Report

Random +16 points1285 days ago

First off no girl's asking to be raped by how they dress, if you believe that then you're probably some ignorant guy that still lives with his mom waiting to go to prison, I agree with everyone that says this shit is sick and twisted, it is, but I also know I can't get off that well to anything else, it may have something to do with my step father raping me when I was in ninth grade so probably some psychological shit, anyway no girl has to he "put in her place" and none of them ask for it how they dress if you believe that then you really need to just get help or keep it to yourself Reply Report

Jas9   0 points121 days ago

@Random my apoligies but if you raped wtf you doing here? You fucking love it now. Or your broken mind seeks to cope which means you never got passed it. Hope yoy heal
Reply Report
Kik RhyanRhotton

Kik RhyanRhotton +2 points270 days ago

I am asking to be raped with how I dress. I would love for a man to grab me and show me a woman's place Reply Report

Toughsoftguy -7 points361 days ago

Hi random. I'm really sorry u got raped. Its sick people have fantasies like this... I am a victim of attempted rape. You are not alone. I am with me. You wanna chat some more? Um... Just remember don't give up. The only way I've survived life is by Jesus. He is my Only Hope. He can be your hope to if you come to him in faith. Life can be hard but we have to be strong. Forget what the haters say. I really care about you and love you. Have a peaceful life -your anonymous friend. Btw if u want to talk more i can give u my phone number. Reply Report

plzpunishme +8 points277 days ago

Wow! Who tf recruits Christians on a porn site.. in the comments of an anal rape video... Jeez these people can be beyond weird at times! Reply Report
I came 5 times today.

I came 5 times today.   0 points237 days ago

Believe in Jesus Christ unto righteousness. Reply Report

Violator   0 points326 days ago

YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY RETARDED AND A STALKER. What you said to that Random person is fuckin weird and creepy. Even asking for a phone number. Congrats dude, you are on your way to becoming a rapist. Reply Report

STFU -13 points808 days ago

would you shut up no one cares about your whiney sob story get over it. and BTW some girl do "ask for it" by dressing a certain way....THIS COMES FROM A GIRLS MOUTH SO STFU and get over it Reply Report

sf +2 points590 days ago

It's true, there are "do me girls" who crave real rape. I know, I was one, and I believe I've had the subconscious tendency since a very early age Reply Report

Nothing -10 points832 days ago

Stfu, no one fells bad for you getting raped, I'm a girl and honestly if you get raped oh well, move on stop share sensitive info on the Internet and you won't get comments like this
Reply Report

sf +2 points590 days ago

That's the right attitude to have even though "moving on" ain't easy. I now know, the only way to escape the fear is to confront it by reliving it Reply Report

Fuck +16 points926 days ago

I came before the second guy in whilst watching this. Hot hot hot. I'm a 25 year old female and I love rape play with my partner. Nothing sick about it if both parties consent before the non-consent begins! Reply Report

Mmm +14 points1871 days ago

wow fuck im horny now, most rape ones look so staged, would have been a lil better if her hair was yanked more, and if i seen her shed some tears, and if it was longer and showed their dicks going in here ass Reply Report

Goran +12 points1846 days ago

That is actress Natasha Petrovic. This is one of the better anal rape scenes in a major motion picture. Reply Report

Non-Member +12 points1543 days ago

I would just laugh non stop because the first man didnt even last 30 seconds Reply Report

bogus +12 points1104 days ago

whats the name of the movie? Reply Report

birdistheword +10 points1870 days ago

beautiful girl Reply Report

Sickboy +9 points1871 days ago

I'd like to see a bigger part of the movie. It isn't all rape I guess but there must be some more humiliation like this. Reply Report

STAGED! +9 points1871 days ago

Which movie is this from? Reply Report

dhunchan +9 points1831 days ago

wtf is that fly doin' here? Reply Report

herpaderp +6 points688 days ago

It's visual shorthand showing that she's tuning out and just letting it happen. She's focusing on something completely unrelated. It's not meant to be porn. Cause it's from a movie. Reply Report

rapeisgood +8 points1827 days ago

I wish I was there. Although I would have pounded her harder and faster.
It looks like she likes it though.
Reply Report

ema +7 points1317 days ago

i want to be raped so badly!i m 23 in london,come rape me! Reply Report

cuntuserxxx +1 points1286 days ago

write me and i will be there next day Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy -6 points944 days ago

No you won't. You won't do shit. You're just
Some dude trying to look badass. And I can
Say this because you won't do shit to me
Because you can't find me. Haha bitch
Reply Report

FuckingKillYourself +2 points256 days ago

You're not even the person he was taking to, dumbass Reply Report

Alexgirl18pisslover +6 points1836 days ago

Wish this was me :( Reply Report

Killa +1 points1434 days ago

Where & When??? Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy +3 points944 days ago

No, just no Reply Report

watcher +5 points1853 days ago

what the deal with the fly Reply Report

Killa +7 points1434 days ago

I wish I was the fly on that wall... LOL Reply Report

lava +5 points1343 days ago

This is tha best one ive seen Reply Report

littlevirgin +5 points1504 days ago

I want to get raped like this. Reply Report

cuntuserxxx -4 points1286 days ago

lets meet Reply Report

gohan   0 points1458 days ago

i can help with that Reply Report

Jason +5 points1071 days ago

Why is she acting like she doesn't like it? Reply Report

alex944 +5 points901 days ago

What film is it Reply Report
the dude

the dude +4 points1860 days ago

name is "As If I Am Not There" Reply Report

darkstar118 +4 points1404 days ago

Anyone know the name of this movie or that girl? IMO she is absolutely beautiful and sexy as hell. I'd like to try to look her up on internet movie database. Reply Report

HailiusVentus +4 points1240 days ago

Such a beautiful face of anguish, Bravo. Reply Report

Fairness +3 points674 days ago

the flies at the wall, best actor ever... Reply Report

shoney +2 points1822 days ago

Lucky bitch. Reply Report

Leah +2 points1815 days ago

There is no way in hell she would have taken it like that. The first time I did anal, it was rough and fast just like this and it hurt like hell, I could stop from screaming and crying and my body shook all over because the pain was that bad. Reply Report

sluttoabuse   0 points137 days ago

I agree. I was crying hard too from the horrible pain of rough anal, and not only the first time. But otherwise this is an extremely hot scene, her humiliation, pain and helplessness. Reply Report
A bit disturbed

A bit disturbed +2 points371 days ago

To be frank the acting was too good here, i just tried to nut ASAP, it was a little too creepy and real for me. Back to hentai for me Reply Report

Man3000 +2 points963 days ago

How do you know she's not being fucked in the pussy from the back? Reply Report

mike22 +2 points860 days ago

I'd like to be raped by a few men im a guy i just want to know how it feels to be completely helpless and taking cock,turn on Reply Report

DevitoSwag +2 points227 days ago

That fly has a nice ass Reply Report

Bitchlooklikegoku +1 points1447 days ago

Da fuck am I watching and da fuck up with some of the comments u some sick fucks right here but least y'all ain't rapeing people 4 real Reply Report

JustGonnaJerkOffHere +1 points352 days ago

But.. um... if rape is offensive, why is someone here on Heavy-R in the first place? Seems hypocritical if you ask me
Reply Report

itsmaster2u +1 points708 days ago

Sex and blowjobs are always better when there's tears...
Reply Report

Dylan55678 +1 points308 days ago

acting too good for me to enjoy it Reply Report

Ha   0 points1443 days ago

Pretty good movie. Reply Report

<:(   0 points516 days ago

That was more heartbreaking than anything.

I guess I have a limit to what I find fappable.
Reply Report

golden_d1ck   0 points402 days ago

is this a movie? Reply Report

analka   0 points951 days ago

love it! it's so real Reply Report

Sdjndn   0 points904 days ago

.... Reply Report

Mmmm   0 points826 days ago

So hot Reply Report

Troy   0 points857 days ago

Reply Report

mydadbeatsme   0 points683 days ago

what movie this? looks good
Reply Report

Onimeno   0 points649 days ago

Well, that was fast, can be counted as 1, with a big load? Reply Report

8======D>   0 points343 days ago

Movie? Reply Report
Big pappa rapes

Big pappa rapes   0 points453 days ago

Was that from a movie? And not enough skin. Reply Report

krulll   0 points543 days ago

LIKE Reply Report
Gerald Toad

Gerald Toad   0 points495 days ago

I think they cum far too fast. But of course she is their prisoner now so can fuck her sweet ass anytime they like. Great fantasy Reply Report

sf   0 points386 days ago

I'm sure this is from a movie called As If I'm Not There. Reply Report

???   0 points415 days ago

Is this from a movie? Reply Report
me the ass man

me the ass man   0 points294 days ago

what movie is that?
Title anyone?
Reply Report

plzpunishme   0 points277 days ago

Kinda hot... but meh Reply Report
Sitting here wanking

Sitting here wanking   0 points242 days ago

Guessing the guys were Serbians. Reply Report

cuntswithcameras   0 points79 days ago

Offered so much and delivered even less talk about cunts with cameras. Just wish they'd fuck off cunts.. Reply Report

Girl19yo   0 points155 days ago

Someone rape me please Reply Report

ha111111   0 points148 days ago

you know that skepticalandcrazy guy probably doesn't even watch the video he just keeps coming back to jerk off to the comments Reply Report
Un men...

Un men...   0 points105 days ago

Esto no me calienta carajo! Reply Report

leonnz   0 points98 days ago

i would like to rape somebody at my school
Reply Report
Random guy

Random guy   0 points77 days ago

Fuck you ass hole I will slice your penis off I hate him and his little bitches Reply Report

ch -1 points1296 days ago

I would like to do this to my sister-in-law I do not know how to tell him every time I see this kind of video I think of her and I masturbate please give me suggestions Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody -1 points1053 days ago

Well I have two sister in laws I'd love to do this to and one way I'd make it happen is simple. I'd get dirt on them to use as blackmail! Reply Report

julieboi88 -1 points121 days ago

this video is so hot a perfect rape for a sissy i need raped too Reply Report

88rio -2 points811 days ago

Every-time I see these videos...I have to watch a dick being blowtorched to feel better. Reply Report

Cain -2 points1574 days ago

I must admit, this did turn me on - well half-ward anyways. As mentioned a dozen times before (for all of you out there who does/did not know the difference): It's called rape, when one out of two (if not more) are not giving their permission for sexual contact. UNLIKE, when an actress or someone you have a relationship with - this is very important to note - gives you the approval. Due to my own experiences with this subject - I draw the decision. Unless you have had any experience with rape, in the first place... please, keep it to yourself. Reply Report

sweetsangels -2 points1399 days ago

i would love to be break like that Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 -3 points1397 days ago

I would rape you like that Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy   0 points941 days ago

You sir are trash Reply Report

Cat -3 points1547 days ago

Cum rape me... God to be raped and filled iWith cum. Reply Report

chips -3 points1499 days ago

wheter is it from movie ? Reply Report

Groper -3 points1380 days ago

Rape ALL young girls by at least 8 men Reply Report

ThePieIsALie   0 points993 days ago

Could someone do this to me? Please fulfil my rape fantasies! Reply Report

movieman -3 points1347 days ago

Her name is Leticia Dolera and the film is Imagining Argentina Reply Report
big dick b

big dick b -3 points1345 days ago

I have bbc wanna fuck chick 816 Reply Report

sexygyal +3 points1107 days ago

Go get a life Reply Report

:( -3 points1334 days ago

You guys need help... Reply Report
Daddy\'s kitten

Daddy\'s kitten +3 points700 days ago

Why the fuck you watching then? Reply Report

Littleslut69 -3 points1204 days ago

I need to be raped so hard by a pervert who will do it right I'm from ct and I'm very naughty Reply Report

Oldpervert -4 points1204 days ago

Ya I'll rape you little slut I'm from ct tell me where u are so I can come get you and spank and eat your pretty little pussy cunt Reply Report

Littleslut69 +3 points1204 days ago

Ok perv I live in Cromwell Reply Report
In my holes

In my holes -3 points1103 days ago

I would love for u to take me like that but all 3 in my holes at the same time and then pound my pussy with all three of ur big fat fists making me stretch even more and then I want u to pick me up and make me slide down ur arms to ur elbows never been fisted that far before but will let three big strong men to pound away on my pussy ass and a big cock hitting my tonsils. I want to be wide open sretched as wide as u can get me. I want a big fat fist to pound my tight pussy with and u can try to fist my ass its all ready for u to have a big dick and hands please as u can tell I wanna be stretched to the max, are u strong enough to give it me ,I need u to pound my pussy maybe u can shake hands in my ass and pussy never hand my ass that stretched but I am sure if u wanna open it u will -----MY FANTASY IS TO BE A HAND PUPPET DO U WANNA MAKE ME UR HAND PUPPET I WANNA HAVE UR HAND IN ME MAKING ME DANCE ----get ahold of me here I will check back Reply Report

cuntowner   0 points1103 days ago

Tell me where you are, I'll make all of this come true but only if you beg me, I will own you! Reply Report

Andy -3 points1004 days ago

Nobody ever accused me of being sane Reply Report

Fuckinator -3 points828 days ago

Ok this is from some movie the scene switches are to good and this is definitely not real Reply Report
Fuck You

Fuck You -4 points1568 days ago

Bitch just learned the hard way that if you aren't gonna give up the pussy willingly, men have a right to take it by force. Reply Report
Nigger Faggot

Nigger Faggot +1 points274 days ago

You 2 are fucking idiots, and are probably gonna get arrested a few years from now, I'm a man and no we don't have the right to have sex with a woman or man without consent. Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas   0 points460 days ago

Yep exactly Reply Report

Ax -6 points1868 days ago

not really rape since she let them do it, she's still pretty hot though. Reply Report

Huh? +11 points1249 days ago

Because a 100 lb woman didn't try to fight off three guys each twice her size, it's not really rape? So if I hold a gun to a woman's head and she lets me do it so I don't shoot her, is that rape? Fucking stupid. Reply Report

Nope -7 points1087 days ago

If I guy were to try and do that. I'd fucking beat his ass. I took 3 years of martial arts and 2 years in wrestling and I'm still in wrestling. So I'd be able fucking kick his ass. Reply Report

SkepitcalAndCrazy +2 points944 days ago

Then why you watching the video asshole? Reply Report

SUKADICKBITCH +4 points1002 days ago

you wouldn't do shit and you know it Reply Report

HANDSOMESTUD -9 points1367 days ago

mitt romney

mitt romney -9 points1302 days ago

this isn't rape Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas -9 points460 days ago

God if only this was legal to do. You stuck up cunts who think you're all that deserve to have this done to you. I would love to do this same shit to you while burning your face off with a soldering iron. And then start cutting your limbs off with a saw Reply Report
your friendly neighborhood lord DIO

your friendly neighborhood lord DIO +3 points371 days ago

Get therapy. Please. Reply Report

SSrr -10 points1868 days ago

It's Serbian language.Idk about film name.
Reply Report

joeblo -12 points1800 days ago

not real Reply Report

+6 points1105 days ago

No shit Sherlock! Reply Report

bad -15 points1260 days ago

I have a nephew delayed and I'm dying to fuck her Reply Report

wrong -17 points1865 days ago

this is wrong. sick Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy +4 points944 days ago

Then don't watch, asshat Reply Report

dad -19 points1786 days ago

all girls need that done to them Reply Report
The number one

The number one -20 points1870 days ago

This is awesome! i want do this with a chick with rape fantasies!..... hummm Reply Report

shoney -20 points1822 days ago

She is a spectacular actress. In real life if she was ass raped she would scream her head of with the first few then it gets numb or stretched out and doesn't hurt so bad and the blood lubes it real good. If she takes it like a champ maybe they will stroke her pussy a little. Lucky little bitch. Reply Report

bird -22 points1870 days ago

cut this motherfucker guys his dick , shame on you guys !!! Reply Report
not member

not member -22 points1741 days ago

first time I anal raped my girlfriend, she screamed and cried. I did it to her 5 more times before she started to take it like this, this girl must be experienced. Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy +5 points944 days ago

You are also human trash Reply Report
rapists need to die

rapists need to die -22 points1055 days ago

if you enjoyed this you're a sick fucker. Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy +9 points944 days ago

Says the dude who just got done watching it. Haha, got ya now fucker Reply Report
Name to display

Name to display -30 points1871 days ago

Men are evil Reply Report

Killa -3 points1434 days ago

Girls are cunts Reply Report
The man down the str

The man down the str -58 points1710 days ago

To all u wemen out there that say this is sick it's not the only resine wemen are here is for men to fuck what else are wemen good for all they do is talk and talk and talk all day and they dress like sluts men and the kings of of wemen Reply Report

SkepticalAndCrazy +9 points944 days ago

Haha. You can't even fucking spell. You are trash sir. Reply Report
Fuck naw cunt

Fuck naw cunt +1 points987 days ago

Fuck no bitch, the only thing men are here for is to cum, women do all the work and you know it bitch, don't be getting all mad cause you haven't had pussy in a while, dumb ass nigga Reply Report

Anti-Perver -90 points1871 days ago

Any one who enjoys watching this sort of thing needs to be in therapy, they are sick!

Reply Report

plzpunishme   0 points277 days ago

I enjoy this.. quite a bit actually. Reply Report