Whore Raped In Car

This dude had money enough money to pay for that limousine he showed up with. So why didn't he just pay the girl instead of raping her? Cheap ass bastard!

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poppidg1970 +28 points1818 days ago

How fake is this. She's hitch hiking with a camera pointed at her. LOL! Really? Reply Report

deathson +5 points1472 days ago

Guess it's hard to grasp the term "rape fantasy" when you're two steps away from mental retardation. Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +20 points1822 days ago

I was kinda hoping she was going to bite his cock right off.

Ladies please, if you are being treated like this - bite the motherfuckers cock off.
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perv +5 points1523 days ago

l'm pretending its shakira Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +3 points1818 days ago

You never did get that condom on did he? Reply Report
is Non-Monkey

is Non-Monkey +2 points1677 days ago

I like the bit where they drink goats blood and call out to the god of TREES Reply Report

potlover +1 points1818 days ago

hes weed top is dope, on the other hand this video is not. Reply Report

Leah +1 points1762 days ago

After he came all over me and let me loose I would have started hitting him for as long and as hard as I could. Reply Report
Just Somebody

Just Somebody +1 points1162 days ago

I honestly really liked his taste in music in the backround .. hmm. Reply Report
Jack Goff

Jack Goff +1 points835 days ago

l'm pretending its shakira Reply Report

Tucker   0 points1511 days ago

@6:07-6:26 WOW!!! Nice big erect horny shaft! At 6:27 he gets her! Make her take your horny sex craving rape meat! I got a boner like this just watching this! Hot Fantasy! Reply Report

yourslut92   0 points1138 days ago

can some one do this to me its so hot Reply Report

forceful84   0 points766 days ago

I do this too you Reply Report

nerdk   0 points1136 days ago

He's perfect Reply Report

FFS   0 points820 days ago

Oh, there's a surprise, the sound stops working just as it gets interesting. Funny how that's happening with every rape video on here at the moment Reply Report

Slutcakes   0 points74 days ago

I want raped Reply Report

kenleykink   0 points66 days ago

He can rape my asshole anyday Reply Report

O_0 -1 points1639 days ago

I was unaware you could rape a whore Reply Report

imbatman -8 points1818 days ago

If that camera wasn't there pointing at her on the street, it would be believable but it didn't happen....it was staged. bummer :( Reply Report