Young Girl Losing Her Anal Virginity

Real amateur video of young Asian girl describing her first anal experience.

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Itz me

Itz me +145 points2268 days ago

Check out her FB page. its actually her and her now husband
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RL rape victim

RL rape victim +52 points2264 days ago

I was crying when I lost my ass virginity and the man didn't give a fuck. I think most men like hurting us during sex. Reply Report

mjadams61 +6 points682 days ago

Not all men, I learn long ago how to not hurt a lady when I fuck her in the ass. Sex is suppose to be pleasant for both. Now I do admint I dated just a few that wanted and like the pain but all in all it is very easy to get a women prepared for anal sex where she likes it to. Reply Report

CPP +10 points1036 days ago

Damn right. Nothing like making a little darling cry when you put the cock to her Reply Report

enes -7 points1184 days ago

whats ur name Reply Report
Hard cock

Hard cock +9 points1193 days ago

I Wrd love fuck ur ass an make u cry Reply Report
rape ppl

rape ppl   0 points1209 days ago

its call payback for the things u put us true

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Some anonymous perv

Some anonymous perv +1 points1258 days ago

Nah, we just like filling your bodies with our cum. Best thing about anal is that you're less likely to get pregnant. The worst thing is the pain you girls feel. Reply Report
That Guy

That Guy +42 points2331 days ago

Bite the Pillow im going in dry Reply Report

CPP +7 points1039 days ago

That's the best way to split that butthole. Dry, deep and hard, real fast. Make the little darling squeal. Reply Report

WantsRape +7 points1029 days ago

Fuck I wish you'd take my anal virginity Reply Report

Tiana   0 points496 days ago

@WantsRape you'll regret it Reply Report

CPP -1 points1008 days ago

So do I luv Reply Report
Puta Tejana

Puta Tejana +32 points2331 days ago

When I lost my ass virginity I felt like my asshole was on fire and my insides were being pulled out. The only thing the guy cared about was cumming. Reply Report

CPP +8 points1039 days ago

Cuming wasn't the only thing on his mind. He probably loved the look on your face and the noises you made. That's the real reason he was so rough. Reply Report

chicsluvtocry +7 points1176 days ago

And ladies job is to make the man cum, it not always about us girls getting what we want, they deserve some reward for what we put them through and what they do to provide for us Reply Report

DArabbit +26 points2322 days ago

virgin? HA the entry was like throwing a hotdog down a empty hallway shit no that was like your THIRTY FIRST anal experience Reply Report

Realist +21 points2331 days ago

Its kinda hard to take anyone serious while they have a dick in there ass. Reply Report

drg +21 points2330 days ago

Subtitles FAIL Reply Report

drg +18 points2330 days ago

Not the first time Reply Report
jb biG dick

jb biG dick +17 points2330 days ago

forgetting to lube up was a painful mistake Reply Report

BigGurl +17 points2279 days ago

She must mean first time that day.
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non member

non member +17 points2246 days ago

This ain't sex and the city bitch Reply Report
Teen girl lover

Teen girl lover +15 points2315 days ago

She should scream harder Reply Report

lol +13 points1956 days ago

Plot twist: It was her older brother teaching her a lesson about getting in his room without him knowing. Reply Report

bitch +12 points2334 days ago

u were innocent there who says that if u r innocent then u wouldnt be having anal sex do u bitch Reply Report
Goddamn moron

Goddamn moron +13 points1712 days ago

How the fuck can you lose your innocence before you do something to take away your innocence? That's like watching a girl have sex for the first time and then saying "if you were a virgin you wouldn't be having sex bitch." Try thinking before you hit send, moron. Reply Report

Artist +12 points2070 days ago

That dialogue was totally fucked. Reply Report

grant +11 points2331 days ago

this is sick thats not her words Reply Report

gottafukemall +11 points2061 days ago

She meant first time recording lol Reply Report

drg +10 points2334 days ago

At least the second time Reply Report

pevert +10 points2331 days ago

she loved it look at her face and she aint crying Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh +10 points1863 days ago

With friends like that, who needs enemas? Reply Report

Mrblank +9 points2331 days ago

This man is hurting this girls booty hole! Reply Report

TOADS SISTER +8 points2167 days ago

I was only fucking 13 when Toad took my ass for first time. It hurt like hell and he laughed at me. Reply Report

glasgowguy1991 +2 points1707 days ago

I wud fuck you in the ass Reply Report

smh +8 points2129 days ago

Ya'll motherfuckers need jesus Reply Report

HarryR +9 points1731 days ago

Jesus also asked me to visit this porn site....guess he does that a lot. Reply Report

mmm +8 points1780 days ago

5:11 is the best part Reply Report

kunt +7 points2322 days ago

Virgin be fucked... It just fell into her ass Reply Report

Ninja +6 points2331 days ago

Doesn't matter had sex. But seriously I would still fuck her Reply Report

lol +6 points2331 days ago

haha tiny little black magot she faked the pain. her turds are probubly bigger than his little Dick. lol Reply Report +6 points2330 days ago

Love the story Reply Report

peter +6 points2179 days ago

at least he didnt go easy on the slut.... gave her cock balls deep Reply Report

HBP +3 points1039 days ago

Exactly. Split that butthole open without mercy and then fuck her like you hate her. Reply Report

question +5 points2330 days ago

"Practice makes perfect" may not apply but still i think next time you should try a dp with two africans inside. I still could not understand why this all fuss is about. You are bitching for being a bitch after all Reply Report

Lady +5 points2240 days ago

Defiantly wasn't her first time nor her last time. Sub titles were bad kinda hard to fap with shit flashing at you. He should of went harder on her let her voice be herd and her ass gape. Though his dick isn't big so would be a small gape. Reply Report

toad +5 points2182 days ago

more fun warching the pain on her face than her ass ha ha Reply Report

CPP +6 points1066 days ago

That's what makes anal so great......the look on her face and the noises she makes Reply Report

naughty_summer +5 points1874 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me Reply Report

Resident   0 points862 days ago

Anytime Reply Report

Daddylongdick +2 points1823 days ago

I got a 10" thick black dick what's up u want to be daddies little slut???? Reply Report

kkkok?   0 points539 days ago


Zhiro -2 points1865 days ago

I'd be happy to. Reply Report

pigfucker +4 points1754 days ago

it was the first time he had fucked her arse that day that why she is claiming she was a virgin Reply Report
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) +4 points892 days ago

Mowana, a disney movie. Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls +3 points2329 days ago

nice ass Reply Report

hman +3 points2326 days ago

the girl isopen for bisness the pleasure is all hers Reply Report

me200 +3 points2038 days ago

your beautiful would have used a lot of lube, easier for you, still tight for me amazing man Reply Report

Dirk +3 points1875 days ago

That's a good bitch ..taking it up the ass! she knows her place with those face expressions Reply Report

hot +3 points1785 days ago

I want my ass fucked hard now!! Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls +2 points2245 days ago

love that ass Reply Report

Jaka +2 points2191 days ago

She liked it really! Reply Report

techpriest35 +2 points1831 days ago

so the moral of her story was fuck a bitch hard no lube in the ass balls deep then cum in her ass so that she will become an anal whore that lets every giuy in her ass other than that the subtitles were pointless she needed a bigger dick longer sex and harder
Reply Report

Daddylongdick +1 points1823 days ago

She needs this 10" black dick in that ass she think she crying now....... Reply Report

ttracyhoward +2 points1608 days ago

ooooww my first time was like that too Reply Report

joe1217 +3 points1606 days ago

I love busting a tight asshole open. She pretends she doesn't like it at first but will beg you to take it from her later on. Reply Report

Wut +1 points2331 days ago

If she hates this so much why doesn't she speak up? Reply Report

luvit +1 points2331 days ago

Fake or not this has to be the best video I have ever seen Reply Report

ham +1 points2261 days ago

she wanted it so stop complaining
Reply Report

zuni +1 points2149 days ago

well that was a good video but she's a good actor even she can be a good porn star. Reply Report

zabawa +1 points2099 days ago

Women shouldnt do things which they dont fancy... Reply Report

Pro +1 points2054 days ago

He should have liked it for about 2-3min the add more lube. Reply Report

xjizzydrakex +1 points1880 days ago

Damn Reply Report

Oof +1 points656 days ago

She looks like a porn star and enjoying it Reply Report

slutgirl +1 points1557 days ago

She just needs to get over it. That is why she has holes. It won't be long and she will be so loose she is back in diapers. Reply Report

Rackam +1 points1322 days ago

I think this girl is really courageous,i hope she meet a boy who can give her more pleasure in a different way to fuck in an another day.For the guy he just deserve to be treatin' like that... Reply Report
Step dad

Step dad +1 points1186 days ago

My step daughter blackmailed me to fuck her so I fucked her ass and she loved it....eventually lol Reply Report
No Anal Should Be Without Lube

No Anal Should Be Without Lube +1 points1181 days ago

* Sigh * Guys, when you do anal, have LOTS of lube, otherwise yes, it will be painfull. As the inside of your ass, does NOT have alot of natural lube like the pussy, Just cause it feels really good for you (GUYS) Does not mean the other person ALSO feels good. Reply Report

CPP   0 points1061 days ago

Where's the fun in that? The best part of going in dry and pounding her hard is the noise she makes and the look on her face. Reply Report

hbp +1 points1066 days ago

Hot. Loved her facial expressions! Reply Report

donray48   0 points2310 days ago

the guy looks like the dude that was fucking mary kay Reply Report

killer   0 points2254 days ago

i was so young and innocent here Reply Report

Hawaiian   0 points1522 days ago

The descriptions got it wrong she isnt Asian shes Hawaiian what do you think aloha means? Reply Report

Tggunn   0 points598 days ago

I like to see them cry Reply Report

mrugly   0 points1316 days ago

I wish more retards kept anal diaries. Not yr avg romance of cumfarts and meth heads. Right on bitch! Reply Report

RTBO   0 points1043 days ago

Hell yah. Rip that bitch open and make her squeal as you enjoy her pained facial expressions Reply Report

CPP +1 points588 days ago

Precisely. Nothing like tearing a cute little darling open and watching the pain on her face as she squeals and cries, while you enjoy her tightness Reply Report
Love anal

Love anal   0 points725 days ago

One time I asked a black guy to fuck me like that. I ended up bleeding a little because he was so big, but I like it. Reply Report

Reilly   0 points613 days ago

I need a 12 or 13 inch clock to destroy my ass hole. Violently and hard with no line and no mercy Reply Report

BGE   0 points607 days ago

mans a legend Reply Report

AlwaysSubmit   0 points481 days ago

This is one of my favourite videos. I do love my ass virginity to be take without mercy Reply Report

xxx -1 points2278 days ago

loose dick motherfucker Reply Report

no -1 points1747 days ago

no Reply Report

slutgirl -1 points1523 days ago

I just wish I had been there to piss on her while he fucked her whore asshole. Reply Report

longdickstyle -1 points1480 days ago

@fckmyass can i Reply Report

RopeKitten -1 points823 days ago

Biiiiitch, maybe if you stopped clutching the pillow and rubbed your damn clit it would not hurt as much. ever think of that? stupid bitch deserved what she got. Reply Report
mR. SiniSter

mR. SiniSter -2 points2276 days ago

more like Oriental History X Reply Report
mr zee

mr zee -2 points1936 days ago

Not her first time should've fist fucked her. Reply Report

granma -2 points1334 days ago

no lubricant?????
not exactly romantic!!
Reply Report

xxx -3 points2278 days ago

who dumbass gives that subtitle Reply Report

Non-Member -4 points2192 days ago

this was wrong....You should have started with a finger....then a couple of fingers......then the dick nice and lubed all are amateurs Reply Report

CPP +1 points1061 days ago

Nah, deep and hard. Skip the lube. She'll struggle wildly but you'll love her facial expression and the noises she makes Reply Report

victorkaegi -4 points2178 days ago

I would love to fuck her I love this video and I like that he felt anal pain if only I was able to cause that for her, I would also like to eat her ass! Reply Report
Labor Sucks

Labor Sucks -11 points1523 days ago

You cry over a few hours of anal! While real men who work a dead end hard labor job cry for the rest of there life just to survive! Im sure labor work is more painful than a few hours of this. Reply Report

victorkaegi -16 points2178 days ago

O how I love indian women Reply Report

kevin1000164 -16 points2001 days ago

Yeah that dude sucks all the girls I fucked in there ass got busted open by me and fucked the bed up I mean blood ever were and once was in a motel I went so hard and deep people thought she was get a train ran on her Reply Report
non member

non member -18 points2240 days ago

Not sure why he was so gentle. .. no other purpose for an Asian than anal...U tear it open and let the blood lube it till she passes out from the pain then sign ur name on her forehead with ur bloody shit covered dick.. anything less is fisher price shit Reply Report

toompie -24 points2331 days ago

I wish I could do this to my mom. She deserves it for giving birth to me. Reply Report

shilpa +1 points444 days ago

@ why do you want to go back to the hole through which you were born. reward her with a big black cock for giving birth to an imbecile like you. Reply Report