Father Brutally Kicks His Son In Public

Aggressive father kicks the crap out of his little toddler son in public. Someone please execute this asshole!

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Anonymous +33 points2143 days ago

Kill him, Kill him now ! Reply Report

Pfft... +13 points2142 days ago

Chinese people treat their kids like shit. I've seen this sort of behavior before. Reply Report

AL +8 points2137 days ago

kill time

kill time +5 points2133 days ago

i am in china right now, i will be watching for pricks like this. Just to make you all feel better the other day i was on the train here in china with my baby son in the pram which you have to carry down countless flights of steps to get to the subway. Got on the train sat and blocked the space beside me with my sons pram for my slow coach partner. An arsehole a bit like him grabbed the pram roughly and started to lift it out the way, I sprang to my feet and threw the cunt single handedly across the train by the throat. The guy looked about the same as age on the guy on the video would be now, lets say it was him and we can all feel better. BTW my son was totally fine. Reply Report

hup(dutch) +5 points2123 days ago

lol this is just normal in that part of the world.
they treat eachother like shit so they al think theyre shit
thats whats make them good servants and great victims they think its normal for you to kick them in he head
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Fucker +4 points2143 days ago

Nobody even said anything to him? Wow, pathetic. Reply Report

Gec +4 points2143 days ago

i dont get it, why do people do things like this Reply Report

nydan61 +4 points1287 days ago

I'm not going to do it and never have, but this video turned me on. Hey, that's wha it's here for, isn't it? Reply Report

j +3 points2143 days ago

chinese mother fucker Reply Report

Rage +3 points2143 days ago

Wish i was there id have sukerpunched him in the back of the head. Then later he would wake up with 2 broken legs. Fukin sack of shit... Reply Report

massimoq2006 +3 points2137 days ago

pezzo di merda
Reply Report

Citizen +3 points2000 days ago

I hope your child kill you about 5 yeras....İf he don't maybe I kill your bitch ass.... Reply Report

STUPID ! +2 points2142 days ago

That man is horrible just because the kid was abit slow he kicked him! Who knows this man? Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +2 points2142 days ago

Just another common daily event in China.

Very shallow people.
Reply Report

leGion +2 points1953 days ago

fucking son of a bitch... Stupid humanity Reply Report

yy +2 points1893 days ago

the man needs to have his balls cut off so that he doest have any more chillen Reply Report

Brako +1 points2143 days ago

To be honest the mother probably gets her arse kicked on a daily basis off this piece of shit. Chances are she's just another case of a stupid fucking cunt who won't leave the prick, yet its fine for her childs life to be wrecked by this fucker as well. Fuck the mother and father, I don't care if she gets fucked up each night off that cunt. But kids are like dogs. They will still show you love and loyalty even when you have mistreated them. Sadly though they then grow up and start to remember how fucked up there childhood was and thats when they usually end up fucked in the head and another case of wasted life. Reply Report

Kolonrl +1 points2087 days ago

China ppl only knows to mind their own business unlike singaporenasian helping one and another when in need Reply Report
Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason +1 points1928 days ago

Am I the only one who thinks this shit should be headline news or something? This kid is going to be the next VT incident when he grows up for fucks sake. Reply Report

keet +1 points1302 days ago

hey u dont shit about this vid.... that tiny lil boy looked liked he was carrying a wmd!! lmao!!! serves him right! in america its ok to blow away your classmates and get a smack on the wrist!!! lolololol Reply Report
fuck off

fuck off +1 points497 days ago

Hey cock fuck! You don't know shit about America so go fuck a goat or your mother though it doesn't matter they're both the same Reply Report

H1   0 points2126 days ago

I would happily find this prick and kick him into next year. Reply Report

Superchicken   0 points2143 days ago

Even the mother just picks up the kid and continues on her way. Humans think we're so great, and in some ways we are, but we are just a hair-width away from the dumbest of animals. Reply Report

:D   0 points2137 days ago

i would of broke his nose and bitch slapped the shit out of him >:C Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points2060 days ago

I've seen all sorts on the net, beheadings, 3 guys 1 hammer, etc. This shocked me!! I honestly hope this guy gets caught and raped by a hedgetrimmer. UTTER FUCKING GUTTER RAT!!!!!!!!! Little boy was cute too, I feel so sorry that his life will be fucked because of the trash for parents he had. God bless him x Reply Report

BigDog   0 points1967 days ago

If I was standing there I woulda snapped your neck right in those streets or beat you so bad you'll be on life support the rest of your life, these fuckin people get me so pissed I wish I could line every person in the world like this take a fuckin machine gun and just mow them down Reply Report
but y

but y   0 points1404 days ago

you would be no better than him then if not 10x worse Reply Report

FUCK CHINA   0 points1719 days ago


mike   0 points1582 days ago

I guess with government killing people at the time you have no rights plus in a country with over a billion people I guess they think what is the life of one kid over a billion more so so what... Reply Report

j   0 points1571 days ago

nope, all cultures are just as valuable as our American culture or you are a racist. Reply Report

Daisyberwick   0 points617 days ago

You can't blame the whole of China for one monster.... okay there are many monsters, but also many good people Reply Report
The woman that allows it is to blame

The woman that allows it is to blame   0 points901 days ago

The woman that allows it is to blame Reply Report

Anym   0 points859 days ago

Yeah Kill That asshole Reply Report
Normal for asians

Normal for asians   0 points529 days ago

In America he'd be beaten for hours by everyone around, asians are used to abusing there kids.. Reply Report

MeHoneyMom2one   0 points237 days ago

Everybody is talking about the prick father and nobody notices at the end after she picks up the bag that the child was carrying and dropped after being kicked, that she grabs the child by the ear. Two fuck parents! I'll take your kid and raise his to be loved, know he's loved, and to give love. P.S. I think I only noticed the ear grab because my dad used to grab my ear. Not a lot but enough. No I wasn't abused, well I was by todays standards but not for those of us being raised in the 70's & 80's. Reply Report

wildcard   0 points105 days ago

No child deserves to be treated in this manner. Last guy that slapped a child infront of me ended up with both arms broken. Reply Report

Well -1 points1935 days ago

Well idk this is so wrong I'm mad now this guy is crazy represents their people badly... Reply Report

hornynow -1 points1934 days ago

And nobody react??? Reply Report

12345 -1 points1222 days ago

This was funny as fuck hahaha xD Reply Report

Joe -2 points2136 days ago

Holy shit! The kids walking down the stairs with his little legs and he expects the kid to keep up with him?Kicks him like a football .No-one does anything because they are all weaklings. Reply Report

humanity -2 points1858 days ago

Does God really create these bastards to roam this planet? Why women have children with these animals, that is a child he is kicking, it's a baby just learning to walk. The government of china shame on you. ... Reply Report
kill that bastards

kill that bastards -3 points1881 days ago

kill that bastards now Reply Report
true story

true story -4 points1833 days ago

its true asians and niggers are animals Reply Report
FUck yourself

FUck yourself +1 points1589 days ago

All male humans are beasts, of all races! Reply Report

me -6 points2143 days ago

We don't know what happened before ! Perhaps it was self defence. Reply Report

Bolita -1 points671 days ago

You spelled defense wrong you shit head Reply Report
You Got a D in English

You Got a D in English   0 points265 days ago

@Bolita defence is correct too you fucking idiot Reply Report

Al -6 points2142 days ago

I really like the man!!! Right on! Reply Report