British couple wife raped

Several men break into British couples home and rape the wife while the husband is forced to watch.

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appleman +40 points2144 days ago

Answered my own question through research. It's from a film called,"Because Of The Cats" Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +4 points107 days ago

"Bob, do something!" she yells after the robbers rip her bra open with a knife. But all Bob can do is to watch helplessly as the robbers take turns, one by one, raping Bob's beautiful 39-year-old brunette wife on her own bed, as she moans in pain and humiliation, as each robber's cock penetrates her pussy or asshole, and fills her with more and more cum. Reply Report

Damion +3 points878 days ago

Love this scene, reminds me of a girl called Jules from Stoke on trent who agreed to a bit of fun with me and three friends while her boy friend watched.
I don't think he really believed she was going to go through with it, right up until we stripped her off on the bed, as the first guy slid his cock in her he begged us to use protection, then tried to leave, but we made him watch us have her one after the other.
Then left her full and him crying, when we went down stairs, half the party went up to have a look at the naked and creamed. There were photos going around for years of the slut.
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safraz   0 points741 days ago

Hey Damien car to rape my wife ....please get in touch Reply Report

funbarbie3 +1 points1789 days ago

talk about a good rape fantasy
being robbed, but then raped too
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appleman   0 points2145 days ago

Can anybody tell me what film this is from, please?
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Doug   0 points1825 days ago

There's that famous British stoicism... Reply Report

activep   0 points1660 days ago

This gets me going every time - pity you can not see more of the entry - I would love to have been asked to participate! Reply Report

PaganCowboy   0 points709 days ago

he enjoying it to much Reply Report

cyote57   0 points915 days ago

Very sexy... she has a beautiful body and its probably being wasted on her husband. My guess is that she will invite them back over again soon... :-) Reply Report

glor   0 points887 days ago

Makes me fantasize about getting raped by a couple of black guys with huge black cocks in front of my husband. And the look on his face as I have a slow , deep , throaty orgasm. Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, sssss, mmmmmm. Reply Report
Passing by

Passing by   0 points139 days ago

@glor yuk. Dirt black dick. Reply Report

Fishycrackman   0 points389 days ago

I farted the whole way through fucking curry totally spoiled it for me Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -1 points1521 days ago

What a hairy cunt! Reply Report

Superchicken -4 points2146 days ago

Is that her real bush or is she wearing a merkin? Reply Report