Girls Taking A Dump In Public

And a guy with a camera is at the lookout to tape the evidence.

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r-yvaeh +14 points2182 days ago

Look at the coil from the 1st chick.
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me +7 points2177 days ago

oh hell, this makes me horny Reply Report

@Rest +3 points2155 days ago

Oi rsst, go die in a hole faggot, watching a hot girl do a shit is so sexy, and if you think it isn't, are you gay? Reply Report

fonzie +3 points2131 days ago

Oh Yeah that's real lol..amazing how that guy just Flys around and is always in the right spot at the right time plus he's invisible ( staged) Japan apparently has no public restrooms..ill have to go there Sometimes and just walk around Tokyo just to watch girl shit all over town ;) Reply Report

Jor +3 points1989 days ago

Watching girls take a shit is fucking hot, even farting is hot. Especially in public. If I was the cameraman I'd put my face under her ass and eat it. Reply Report

kblb   0 points2177 days ago

those girls r pornstar Reply Report
shit lover

shit lover   0 points1936 days ago

oh look at the last poop......i would dip that in her pee and eat it!!!!!
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Poo Lover

Poo Lover   0 points370 days ago

The first and the third, though manly the first, girl clearly had 'Tummy Ache'! Reply Report

m -1 points2177 days ago

did that last girl fart Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover   0 points370 days ago

@m YES she did! Reply Report
Rest Assured.

Rest Assured. -15 points2174 days ago

Rest assured, if watching anyone, male or female taking a shit interests - or god forbid 'excites' you, you are most definitely mentally unwell.

Get help if so you sick, sick fucker.
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