Girl Molested By Aggressive Lesbians

A group of aggressive lesbians molesting poor girl badly.

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Asylum Annie

Asylum Annie +41 points1821 days ago

This video was retarded as fuck. Reply Report

g +10 points1825 days ago

how many of her ribs did they break? Reply Report

What... +10 points1821 days ago

I had a boner until i seen this.

They all sound like they all have ultra downs.
Play this shit to people in prison on repeat and there would be nomore criminals.
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hobo +5 points1821 days ago

me next ffs ! Reply Report

Enji +4 points1824 days ago

Alright, so erm.. y is she letting the other girls do that to her again? was she given a paralyzing shot or something? poor girl Reply Report
ctk huslter

ctk huslter +3 points1696 days ago

is this national geographics? wtf... where tf is the sex or rape Reply Report

Jerry +2 points1820 days ago

A well spent 5 bucks. Reply Report

Alex +2 points1821 days ago

Really dangerous game. Reply Report

Nordman +2 points1127 days ago

wtf is this shit? Reply Report

imbatman +1 points1821 days ago

Why is she not making an effort to move out or do something and not lay there like a bump in the log?

Second i would have killed them all, no problem. but sure love to taste there beating hearts :)
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BH +1 points1668 days ago

Could have put more emphasis on the tit smashing I thought. It's not everyday you see people standing on a girls tits and they were smashing them pretty good. Reply Report

Diogo   0 points1821 days ago

Brazil.... Reply Report

bigdad59   0 points1750 days ago

Just stupid. Reply Report

-   0 points1561 days ago

if you listen carefully you actually hear her bones crack Reply Report

eyeglowingfireravens4398   0 points846 days ago

That looks really fun! I would love to have that much fun with a bunch of naked woman. Reply Report

Mcopley   0 points225 days ago

6love the place

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Mr Lenny Henry

Mr Lenny Henry   0 points14 days ago

Help I keep coming to this site to read comments! I don't even cap or watch the videos anymore! Reply Report

happyslave007 -1 points1821 days ago

Stupid annoying brazilian cunts. These bitches are so fucking annoying. I wish they would SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!!!!

They look very drunk or stoned, or both drunk AND stoned. lol

No, sorry. Shit like this doesn't get me hard at all. They should have simply taken turns sitting on the slave-girl's face, pissing & shitting in her silence.
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Raider Rob

Raider Rob -1 points1821 days ago

This is fucking lame. -5 Stars and a limp cock. Reply Report

jkidd -2 points1821 days ago

This is stupid. Turned me off. Brazilian chicks should stick with the scat, piss, and vomit shit. This is just........random. Reply Report
Y this video so stupid

Y this video so stupid -2 points1660 days ago

Wtf this is more retarded then America lol Reply Report

louse -5 points1824 days ago

I find the burden or punishment alousing! Not to receive of course.... Reply Report