Public Wanker Harasses Young Girls

They didn't run away, so maybe they liked it?

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anon +61 points2182 days ago

why didn't he rape them? Reply Report
Adaś Kinaszewski

Adaś Kinaszewski +29 points2181 days ago

Must be a priest. Reply Report

dad +15 points2117 days ago

dam i wish my little girl was there all by her selt Reply Report
so lucky  :)

so lucky :) +8 points2147 days ago

aww this dude is so cool <3
Lucky girls ;D
Reply Report

Voodeedoo +5 points1934 days ago

Lol I would of sucked him off if he walked up to me wanking Reply Report

anon +5 points1690 days ago

he should have sprayed his cum over them Reply Report

Turoc +2 points2181 days ago

Ehm, okay... Sorry, I don't get the point! Reply Report

kark +1 points2029 days ago

its free entertainement and food for the girls Reply Report

sally +1 points2029 days ago

nice mushroom head Reply Report

su1c1d3   0 points1945 days ago

the funniest part is they didn't even scream or move Reply Report
Sick fuck pervert!!!!

Sick fuck pervert!!!! -1 points1753 days ago

We have perverts here I just want to say how come girls are so afraid to perverts just grab his dick and rip it off or his balls and have you seen these girls seemed so fucking afraid!!! Once my cousin was chased by a pervert dressed in black and she didn't do nothin perverts has No!!! fucking future and we heard stories rumours here in our community that a pervert stalkers goes to inside homes looking for hot lonely girls at home and looks at them and masterbates that is just fucking sick!!! And several girls got raped here and but they weren't killed girls just do something when a pervert stalker abductor rapist catches you just grab there balls poke there eyes way through it and grab there dick and rip it off hard ass you can oh and scream for help do anything you can to get out of that situation Reply Report

Dinglerapisf +1 points1079 days ago

Strange how your mom didn't do anything when I raped her.. Reply Report

Shin -1 points1582 days ago

Hey these girls didn't want it so fck off the next Reply Report

diesel02 -2 points1733 days ago

they should have called the police and had him arrested. Reply Report
non-member raven

non-member raven -10 points2157 days ago

sick fuck Reply Report

spieder271077 -13 points2181 days ago

Fuck you! Motherfucker Reply Report