Real Sharking In Japan

Pervert lifts Japanese girls their skirts to reveal there hairy pussies.

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lol +24 points2099 days ago

Well, if you're not going to believe it's real anyway... Might as well see some pussy while you're at it. Reply Report

HerpaDerp -1 points736 days ago

These videos are always fake. With compilations like this you'll usually see the same girls more than once, a lot of the girls here show up twice. They shoot these with low quality cameras to give the impression that they're amateur, but what they really do is obscure the girls faces so that it's far less apparent when they show up again. Reply Report

smh +4 points2094 days ago

"there" panties??? goddamn it! learn fucking English. yes this is fake. duh! You'd have to be a moron to think this shit is real. Reply Report

ken1975 +3 points2095 days ago

I watch a lot ov Japanese porn cos I love the girls,and they always have a hairy pussy,its just there culture over there,why wear panties when they have the insulating hair too keep it warm,they never expect sum perv too lift her skirt up,and the girl who smiles,that's just a shocked nervous smile. Reply Report

Non-Non +3 points2094 days ago

it's not fake smarties , he just posted the girls without pants , lol... Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points1698 days ago

Do they not wear underwear? Reply Report

drg +2 points2095 days ago

I guess Japanese girls didn't wear panties Reply Report

ken1975 +1 points2098 days ago

it may be fake,but don't think Japanese girls can act that shocked if its not real,seen bikini girls stripped naked,and its definitely real. Reply Report

Mike +1 points2095 days ago

interesting that no one wears lingerie Reply Report

mandy88 +1 points2041 days ago

Google it. Japanese women dont usually wear panties... Reply Report

Gabiltroy +1 points1797 days ago

Probably did hundreds of girls. Most of whom had panties on. Only posted the best ones, the ones who were caught without panties. Reply Report

sand   0 points2095 days ago

not a single girl is wearing panties and some girls laughed
it's obviously fake
Reply Report

ladyshave   0 points2095 days ago

So fake its not even funny.
Also, could someone introduce razor blade to japan?
Reply Report

leetkiller   0 points2094 days ago

Ofcourse it's fucking fake idiots, 1th they doesn't wear panties 2th they doesn't resist at all 3rd it takes ages for them to pull the skirt down, if it was real they would've pulled it down fast as hell Reply Report

zandy66   0 points2049 days ago

fake or not I loved it Reply Report

mr.Anymous   0 points1996 days ago

Awesome, no panties day?
Reply Report

bigman   0 points1411 days ago

it's nice to see Reply Report

Deku   0 points583 days ago

No real japanese videos.Ever. Reply Report

Boy98888   0 points624 days ago

H Reply Report

realone   0 points177 days ago

damn so many comment x) Reply Report

Amrita   0 points170 days ago

How come the Japos are so bushy down there? Reply Report

Amrita   0 points170 days ago

Japanese girls love sharking. See how they are sticking out their ass in anticipation. Reply Report

someone -1 points2095 days ago

i guess its fake but i like it Reply Report

Scorp -1 points2048 days ago

Considering the reactions it seems real enough (some odd reactions can be a given with different ppl and Japanese girls can be like that from being shocked) and the amount of different chicks. However none of them are wearing panties and i did notice most of them are on their mobiles and seem to be waiting/contacting someone. Not all but alot could be hookers that have been called up to some place where they set their trap. I used to pimp asian girls out and it looks familiar. Though this situation never happened alot worse stuff did though. Reply Report

giber -1 points1295 days ago

Funny clip. Well if the whores don't wear panties all the better. I like hairy cunts. Reply Report

tsunami8 -1 points1222 days ago

I believe it's real. Before we moved from Japan, I never really wore panties (I actually still don't), because it's a good way to avoid yeast infections.That's why there's so many underwear and bras on the shelves at stores XD. Also, all legal porn in Japan is usually censored, but this isn't. Reply Report

Gagge -2 points2100 days ago

Japanese girls supposed to not heard of panties? Reply Report

jack -2 points2095 days ago

i guess japanese girls never heard of panties and razors lol from every girl in this video only one girl had her pussy shaved Reply Report

yo -3 points2095 days ago

Esto es mas FAKE que casualidad que ninguna mujer usa ropa interior. Otra cosa ninguna reacciona con golpes su reaccion es solo ver Fake .lol. Reply Report

alethrash -4 points2091 days ago

I think they like Reply Report

Superchicken -5 points2095 days ago

It may be a sexist thing to say, but isn't a girl wearing such a short skirt and no panties just asking for it? She must leave the house hoping for this kind of attention, Reply Report

. -6 points1979 days ago

They've never heard of the word "Underwear" in Japan? It's like they're asking to be raped. Heh, retarded Asians. Reply Report