Cock Ball Torture

Great CBT video of guy smashing his balls with a hammer.

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123 +22 points1787 days ago

there are some fucked up people in this world... Reply Report

why? +16 points1787 days ago

tell me, why the fuck would you do something like this? Reply Report
I Hate Fags

I Hate Fags -7 points1228 days ago

Because he is gay?

Only fags do this...
Reply Report

Goku +14 points1787 days ago

STOP.... Hammertime Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +13 points1787 days ago

if you enjoy doing this - rest assured... you are not well. Get help you deeply sick fucker. Reply Report

Hey +11 points1783 days ago

whatever it takes to keep him from reproducing. Reply Report
Big Dick

Big Dick +9 points1782 days ago

Why the fuck am I watching this? Reply Report
burn in hell freak

burn in hell freak +2 points1782 days ago

not the type of nut I wanna bust Reply Report
say whuuut?

say whuuut? +1 points1472 days ago

cant believe ur comment hasnt been plus one'd yet tut here u go nigga Reply Report

Blah +1 points1782 days ago

Pussy! He's not even breaking a sweat with those beatings Reply Report
ian watkins

ian watkins +1 points1472 days ago

needs to punish his balls when he's nuttin', best time Reply Report

NutMan +1 points1331 days ago

Beautiful work! Give me a chance to hammer on those nuts! Beautiful!!!!! Reply Report

RubberBoy +1 points923 days ago

The only thing that disturbed me with this vid, was the dripping faucet. Reply Report

hornblower +1 points541 days ago

I wonder how long he can do that without PERMANENT damage? I'm not about to try and find out for myself. Reply Report

Geoshark +1 points515 days ago

And this ladies and gentlemen is how you don't have kids
Reply Report

twhellve +1 points402 days ago

"fucking balls!! I didn't want to be a man!!" Reply Report

Wupper +1 points334 days ago

Well, that's one day to "beat your meat"... Reply Report

cbtlouis   0 points1040 days ago

Excellent way to get the most cum out Reply Report

Disgusted!   0 points399 days ago

Retarded. This is psychotic as hell. Who the fuck would take a rubber mallet to your testicles?! He belongs in a mental hospital the rest of his life. This type of BS is why so many idiots have erectile dysfunction. This is not porn. Reply Report
Absolutely Disgusting!

Absolutely Disgusting!   0 points775 days ago

You are sick and demented, pathetic! Why would you do this to yourself, and why would you film it, and why would you upload it for everyone to see? Gee, so this is the reason some men have erectile dysfunction. Reply Report

NodrogUK   0 points387 days ago

Very tame Reply Report

raymond -1 points1708 days ago

tu veut voir ca vien a la tite cabane ce soir Reply Report

stinkycub -1 points429 days ago

Love watchin ya bust your balls as much as I like watchin you play with your poop... Reply Report

xgrimm13x +2 points238 days ago

Would you busy mine? Reply Report