Small Tits

Gorgeous girl showing her perfect small tits.
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brassknuckles +22 points2096 days ago

Too hot Reply Report

alexandria76 +9 points2096 days ago

She's fucking HOT. Music is a shitty local band Reply Report

dusty +9 points2096 days ago

Damn Hot Reply Report

pussylickka +7 points2095 days ago

She is gorgeous - perfect body and perfect tits and pretty. Love to lick her pussy delish. Reply Report

imbatman +5 points2096 days ago

Reply Report
Mister C

Mister C +3 points2093 days ago

Regardless of what "she" is, there is only one way that I think of her. SPECTACULAR! I am sorry that she used her hair to cover her breast. They are perfect. I also wish I saw more of her legs because their are simply incredible. This woman regardless of whether she is transsexual or not, she is simply fabulous. She is a keeper. This one you spend a lifetime relationship with and live to make her happy and content. Hope she makes more presentations of her beauty and sexy presence. I am impressed and delighted to have caught her presentation. Reply Report

uhhhhhh +3 points2070 days ago

How the fucky could this even possibly be a tranny? Reply Report

yo +2 points2095 days ago

Dios mio que buena esta. Me encanta su kulo es muy sexy Reply Report

Derb +2 points2095 days ago

Not gay, just amazingly beautiful! Reply Report

b +2 points2089 days ago

Does anyone knows what is the name of the music band ?
ps : she is lucy from TheLifeErotic -> she is a real girl
Reply Report

fukker +1 points2096 days ago

nice butt Reply Report
The Mystic

The Mystic +1 points1636 days ago

No pants = :) Pussy showing = :D Reply Report

Sir +1 points1563 days ago

Love her Reply Report

jada555 +1 points1323 days ago

I'd like to fuck such a young slut every day ! Reply Report

no   0 points1716 days ago

Im batman Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points1111 days ago

Yes she has small tits, but a nice body and I'd sure enjoy laying some lashes on her sweet body! Reply Report

perfectbodyes   0 points298 days ago

For me, this is the perfect body! Absolutely. Reply Report

Mr.big   0 points111 days ago

So horny and hot, I would never leave the house if this piece of ass was at home... Reply Report

NOMENSINGINGPLEASE   0 points91 days ago

*Chris Griffin Voice* I'm trying to do something here that works better if I don't hear MEN SINGING! (seriously though- where is the logic? "I know! I'll be artistic and innovative by combining a video of a hot girl playing with herself with a song featuring third-rate generic pop-rock and a bunch of men grunting into a microphone. That's what straight dudes and lesbians want." "Well done, me, you're a goddamn genius." Reply Report

Blah -2 points2095 days ago

I agree with LIK. This is a tranny. Before she took off her pants I was sure. After, I was confused. But after watching the whole vid, I've decided to go for transsexual. For one, the hair is a wig! She tried too hard. Reply Report

a -6 points2095 days ago

no tits , no life .... fee... Reply Report

LIK -17 points2096 days ago

this is gay Reply Report