Fat Guy Fucks Way Too Hot Girl

Lucky fat guy gets to fuck girl way too hot for him. How on earth did he accomplish that?

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jkidd +37 points1980 days ago

beautiful and disgusting all at the same time. Reply Report

uhm +14 points1980 days ago

anyone else thought he was going to break her back? Reply Report

Sickboy +9 points1980 days ago

She might have a way too hot body, but she is lying there like a ragdoll doing nothing and letting him have his way with her. Weird chick! Reply Report

Gspoticus +2 points451 days ago

She's probably having ine of those "i gotta do something with my life" moments hahahaha Reply Report

Meow +8 points1979 days ago

Does he even have a penis? Reply Report

Loki +7 points1980 days ago

Maybe she loves him?
Reply Report
The man

The man +6 points1980 days ago

I say he paid her ass literally!!! Reply Report
drug dealer

drug dealer +5 points1980 days ago

Ok, easy to explain. That fat ass is a drug dealer and the bitch is a druggy-whore. It is a symbiotic relationship. Dude needs pussy and bitch needs drugs. There is nothing better than giving a dumb cunt a fat load down her throat just so she can get her fix. Reply Report
love has no boundaries

love has no boundaries +2 points1553 days ago

weird bone structure o.o Reply Report

lol +1 points1980 days ago

looks like a trailer tramp to me Reply Report

dot999 +1 points1524 days ago

I want a fuck like that...not with that guy...or maybe :)) Reply Report

Yolo223967 +1 points1494 days ago

And he didnt break her how Reply Report

LOLOL +1 points1367 days ago

She wasn't hot is how he got lucky... Reply Report

dolly +1 points1162 days ago

Fat guys are the best! They fuck with so much power.. More cushin' for the pushin'! ;) Reply Report

hanickapusinecka +1 points976 days ago

I love fat men inside. Reply Report
Paid sex

Paid sex   0 points1978 days ago

He paid the prostitute - that's how he accomplished that! BTW, the fat dude looks a lot like the sesame street character Snufflelaphagos when he was mounting the chick. Reply Report
I think

I think   0 points1979 days ago

It sounds like she was crying. Reply Report
Strange vid

Strange vid   0 points1534 days ago

Maybe his dick is fat too so she wanted him??? Reply Report

Gspoticus   0 points451 days ago

That was pretty disturbing lmao, i seriously cant wrap my head around why she would let that walrus have his way hahaha Reply Report

Fatman420   0 points215 days ago

Yeah get r done boy. Reply Report

Maxp8147   0 points92 days ago

Bet it's his sister... Reply Report

Yeee   0 points51 days ago

is this family Guy porn
Reply Report

a -2 points1980 days ago

that bich is ulgy don u see ? i think shee is fucked 2000000 times and she have weard think on her ass . feeeee!!!!! Reply Report