Fucking A 9 Months Pregnant Woman

This woman is about to explode, but that doesn't stop this big dick guy from fucking her.

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Obi Quan

Obi Quan +35 points2117 days ago

wow, how sick can you get. Reply Report

hoemaster +11 points2131 days ago

this becomes a real son of a bitch! :D Reply Report
young dad

young dad +5 points1855 days ago

Nothing wrong to fuck a beloved pregnant woman. They say that the baby can feel the loving. A touching beautiful video anyway! Reply Report

Lmaoatpeados   0 points155 days ago

@young dad baby can feel the loving are you a sick pea do
Doesn't that mean it's child abuse sick fuck
Reply Report

lol +3 points2128 days ago

this poor born guy :D Reply Report

rkfun +3 points1649 days ago

he needs to pound her harder... that was way too soft and easy
Reply Report

Kik:Pyfco +3 points635 days ago

The comments are full of virgin guys with no idea where the baby actually is during pregnancy, you can not even touch near the baby during sex unless she's giving birth as you fuck her. There's no way to harm the baby unless your dick is over 20 inches, in which case she'd die anyhow. Dipshits.. Reply Report

250cc +2 points2108 days ago

@ 'ok' ... psychopath much? Reply Report

mmm +2 points1711 days ago

Woww that was sexy as fuck Reply Report
Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy +2 points1520 days ago

I bet he was poking that baby in its eye with his big hard cock ! LOL Reply Report

Frank +1 points2120 days ago

You said Hello to the roast! Reply Report

go +1 points1975 days ago

@ 'ok' hot story i'm so hard reading it Reply Report

tam47 +1 points1763 days ago

noyhing new about fucking a preggo its 9mounths gone !! Reply Report

Anjel   0 points1384 days ago

É bom foder uma grávida e não faz mal nenhum a mulher pode ter relações sexuais até ao ultimo dia da gravidez, as mulheres ao contrário do que dizem elas gostam de foder é bom e saudável. Reply Report

Remedioslundenfuckslut   0 points671 days ago

Yes I'm 9months and Fuck hard ike a slut till my gaping pussy squeezes out another slut. Fuck me rough and hard. Reply Report

Hhhhhhhfssdggrgghh   0 points197 days ago

She gonna explode Reply Report

LucyLuz   0 points29 days ago

I want to be pregnant and fucked like this!! Reply Report
Ha what.

Ha what. -2 points2025 days ago

@ 'ok' I bet your kid would love to hear that story later on in life... Reply Report
Neighbour boy

Neighbour boy -2 points769 days ago

I fucked my sexy pregnant neighbours wife when her hubby wast home. Reply Report

freakygirl69 -2 points300 days ago

come view my vidoes Reply Report

that1realchick -3 points1735 days ago

Yea, if that was a black pregnant woman getting fucked, most of you would have a whole lot of bullshit to say about it; but it's okay for white people to do it. Reply Report

Niggerhater +1 points727 days ago

Fuckniggers Reply Report

ok -17 points2130 days ago

Been there and done that. Bitches water broke mid fuck. She didn't even know so I kept on fucking till I pulled out and shot a big load down her throat. She had the kid 2 hours later. Surprised he didn't come out with his brains beat in cuz I was pound fucking that shit for close to an hour. Reply Report

bigbetty -1 points434 days ago

Fuck me like this please my pushy needs a pounding good and hard Reply Report

Omggg -1 points1550 days ago

Do it to me
Reply Report