Woman Raped By 2 Big Dicks

Blonde woman was going for a walk all alone and came across this farm, which she better could have avoided.

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katee +13 points2195 days ago

oh my!!! so jealous Reply Report

suzy +11 points2156 days ago

One of the best rape videos. I'd love to be fucked by these men, used for their pleasure like a piece of meat. They know how to treat slut girls. Reply Report

Alystaire +9 points2042 days ago

Hot! I especially like around 19:00 when you see that long dick going into her all the way, and then how hard he slams it in. He should have fucked her like that all the time. Reply Report

Mina +5 points2027 days ago

Mmmm can someone fuck me like that please ? Reply Report

yup +4 points2070 days ago

seems like many girls have a fantasy of getting raped, its not just me XD Reply Report

Sexybitch +3 points2224 days ago

Probably one of my fav rape videos. Love the cummig at the end! Reply Report
Ezza :3

Ezza :3 +2 points2082 days ago

thats sooo hot i would love for 2 guys to rape me like that she knows she likes it Reply Report

Val +2 points2080 days ago

What a lucky girl! I came so hard watching this video, it's one of my favorites. Reply Report
Dont care

Dont care +2 points2012 days ago

Who The helo walks around in that Linda crap Reply Report

Secretly_horny-beautiful-slut +2 points1239 days ago

Fast foward to 21 or 22 minuites... I wish two men would rape me like that... Wearing condoms though lol Reply Report

piggy +1 points1961 days ago

i would love any man to rub their ass on my face Reply Report
Non member

Non member +1 points1716 days ago

I love this scene, especially when it hits the 22:00 min mark, seeing her gorgeous sweet pussy taking a pounding from that massive black cock. Reply Report

forceItDeep +1 points1065 days ago

I want this so bad.. but not the ass in my face. I hate that I can't seem to instill this reaction in men I wan this so bad Reply Report

Fefe1 +1 points421 days ago

Who keeps saying Oooo Oooo? That almost ruined the video at 1st Reply Report

FD   0 points1995 days ago

Arab dude is so hot. would love to see him rub his ass on her face. Reply Report

subhradeep   0 points1062 days ago

The video is not playing Reply Report

rapemachine   0 points936 days ago

any girls in BC looking for this? msg me ;) Reply Report

Jip   0 points840 days ago

This was a rip off! She should have been Sandwiched by the 2 guys! It would have better if that was added. Reply Report

Dipsy   0 points813 days ago

Hoot! Reply Report

giber   0 points529 days ago

Fun video. The stupid whore got what she deserved but they were not violent enough. Any day a blonde is abused is a good day Reply Report

Dady   0 points255 days ago

I got so wet while watching this Reply Report

TashaD   0 points40 days ago

Hot as fuck. I never came so hard so fast. I walk around my neighborhood late at night wearing a short skirt and no panties HOPING 2 guys will force me into a garage or shed, force me onto my knees and take turns slamming thier cock in my ass and pussy and mouth. I only want to fight just hard enough to keep thier dicks hard until they are being plowed in me Reply Report

altair -1 points2048 days ago

this is disturbing. Like what the fuck is this shit. Reply Report
dist Ur Ber

dist Ur Ber   0 points1296 days ago

Your comment is ditsurbing. Like, who the fuck ordered you to come to this site? Reply Report

Secret-horny-slut +1 points1239 days ago

I don't know why he watched the video it's not disturbing to me it's a fantasy Reply Report

BlackAsia -1 points806 days ago

If this movie was meant to show that the scene was fictional by being very obvious, then it definitely accomplished that! However, if this movie was meant to try to demonstrate rape as a fantasy, then it failed miserably! Reply Report

hi5y -1 points715 days ago


subhradeep -2 points1054 days ago

Do u know any kind of free best rape video please upload the link here?
Reply Report