Fucking In Shit

Dude fucks his wife in the ass while she needed to shit badly. Ps. Next time please remove the toilet paper scrap from your ass before shooting a porn video, LOL.

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scat princess

scat princess +134 points1868 days ago

love this wish a boy would do this to me :( Reply Report

needletwo +1 points993 days ago

I'd love to do this to you Reply Report

themadscatter +3 points1390 days ago

Me too Princess.. maybe some scat loving gents will make our dreams come true ;) Reply Report

eoku +1 points1341 days ago

I'm on! I've always wanted to do this, sooo hot! Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +1 points1403 days ago

I'm male & I wish a woman would let me do this to her! :-) Reply Report

Gray +26 points1741 days ago

I find it interesting how many people who visit a sight which features “rape” videos are disgusted by shit. I find violence towards woman far more abhorrent than this couple of consensual people sharing their fetish. So please spare us the superiority act because anyone with a shred of intellect can see this is merely a means of justifying your own your own sick fantasies by comparing it to some form of greater evil. Reply Report

Matey   0 points432 days ago

Or maybe they don't enjoy rape videos either, maybe they think they're both disgusting, you can't really compare the two to each other, but just because the category is there doesn't mean matey is gonna go on it does it, I mean please, that's like saying that someone who buys weed of the dark web also likes to buy body parts and organs. Tell my man shuttup Reply Report

Nakedfrootloops   0 points673 days ago

Very true dude. Reply Report
the dude

the dude +22 points1864 days ago

Where in the blue fuck would you even start to open up a dialogue about doing this? Reply Report

gunner3665 +14 points1863 days ago

Welcome to Germany, where the ass is for more than just shitting. Reply Report

Frisbie +14 points1863 days ago

Oh god... Why? Why? When it first came spilling out it fucking woke up my poor cat! And I'm wearing headphones! Reply Report
dirty girl

dirty girl +12 points1697 days ago

this made my pussy dripp its so fippping hot omg i would love this done to me Reply Report

dirtyminded14   0 points1237 days ago

Where do you live I'll do it to you and more Reply Report

SoapSuppository -2 points1467 days ago

I'll do this and more, blow your mind, reply to post.... Reply Report

bigtex6969 -3 points1473 days ago

I will do it to you Dirty Girl if my wife let's me!!!!!! Or maybe we could have a threesome and we could have some dildo play too!! Reply Report

Remy   0 points1498 days ago

Hmu baby, I'd love to do that to u Reply Report

assfucker +11 points1747 days ago

What a super sexy shitfuck. Turns me really on. Would love to make that shitfuck on her. Lucky guy Reply Report
Dr satin

Dr satin +8 points1863 days ago

omfg... *pukes*
Reply Report

PoopahDupah +8 points1630 days ago

Whoever released this video IS a god among gods!! I've been waiting for years to come across something this intimate and close-up, and to have her do copious amounts of diarrhea is heaps of extra icing on the proverbial cake. Hats off to this couple who agreed to film this. Please keep more coming! Where did this video originate? Reply Report

lesbianpooplover +7 points1770 days ago

Omg!! I wish a girl would do this to me with a strap on. my pussy is so freaking wet.
Reply Report

mary +2 points1481 days ago

I'd so do this! Reply Report

jami63 +6 points1827 days ago

I guess it feels good but I'm afraid it smells bad Reply Report

hellfire47 +6 points1755 days ago

well that's one way to cure constipation Reply Report

tinyone4u +6 points1539 days ago

Really fucking hot...loose poo is a great lube and spreader...love it. Reply Report

yahzee +4 points1841 days ago

nice runny shit- no need for any additional lubrication;-) Reply Report
The King of the Jews

The King of the Jews +3 points1863 days ago

That is some fucked-up repugnant shit. Reply Report

kavairking +3 points1691 days ago

mm love to suck her ass out b4 and after i fuck it as she sucks my kavair coated cock clean
Reply Report

4fun6988 +3 points1621 days ago

wow she's a fucking goddess I want to marry her and make her mine... if you're reading this that's my proposal to you.. or if you're not a girl out there that will do this for me.. create a membership and you will get ahold of me Reply Report

miguuebaptist +2 points1779 days ago

yea scat princess just contact me Reply Report

lesbianpooplover +2 points1773 days ago

If i was a guy Scat Princess. I would do it to you. Reply Report
An on um us

An on um us +1 points1649 days ago

Am I the only one who noticed the toilet paper stuck to his ass? Reply Report

manatee   0 points1486 days ago


dirtyminded14   0 points1259 days ago

I was wondering if any women can help me out I have never done scat sex or watersports before so I'm still a virgin in that area so if you like to take it from me I would love to try it so please get in touch
Reply Report

ovepornxxx   0 points1079 days ago

LMAO Yo he kicked her in the Ass
That was to funny
Reply Report

neumaleman   0 points894 days ago

I would like to be the cuckold underneath that mess!
Reply Report

Chris6745   0 points213 days ago

I like her, I think I've seen a couple of videos with her as well. Her shit is in perfect condition, not too runny but not too hard, just good enough for games.. Reply Report

kritik -1 points1783 days ago

why is she yelling? he is hung like a chipalata Reply Report

anlplyr -2 points1868 days ago

how does a guy get so lucky Reply Report

scrappy -2 points1868 days ago

Scat princess I would Reply Report

ken1975 -2 points1864 days ago

you lot make me sick,that's disgusting. Reply Report

mk -2 points1835 days ago

this is great fucking if you dont mind the mess Reply Report

nastyfriend -2 points1097 days ago

I love how hot, wet, and messy a scat fuck is! I love a filthy princess!!!! They are GODESSES!!! Reply Report

kinkycunt -3 points1864 days ago

Scat princess where do you live. Reply Report

malarkey12345 -3 points1810 days ago

We don't realize actually many girls loves 'stupid' man who are willing to eat her shit & drink her pee around the world.. those girls juz shy to tell their fantasies. i got chinese girlfriend from singapore, she's really like me to wipe her ass every time she poops. & she like this shitty anal too Reply Report
Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer -4 points1850 days ago

After she began to shit, he should have fucked her ass-to-pussy-to-ass. Reply Report
scat lover

scat lover -5 points1864 days ago

Oh would love to lick that ass clean Reply Report
scat boy

scat boy -5 points1867 days ago

I do it for you Reply Report

alexandria76 -5 points1864 days ago

i fart whilst i masturbate, smell it, and pretend I'm there Reply Report

neumaleman   0 points894 days ago

I do smell it. Very pleasant. Thank you. Reply Report

Fastandhard -1 points1076 days ago

I would love to pump my cocktail into your ass while u have diarrhea just let the warm wattery scat mix with my cum as it all drips down your legs Reply Report

zeke -5 points1771 days ago

I like shit fucking, but this is a bit much Reply Report
horny boy

horny boy -5 points1612 days ago

Send a pic of some pussy to 225-301-4113 n shitty ass too thnx
Reply Report

cfffvcvvdccfgvg -5 points1523 days ago

(Eeeeeew) Reply Report

ken1975 -6 points1864 days ago

how the Fuck can that turn a guy on,come on its gross. Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael -6 points1721 days ago

freak, unnormal and disgusted!! better pissing Reply Report
Psyche Doctor

Psyche Doctor -12 points1802 days ago

We find that many deeply disturbed mental patients are infatuated with faeces.

Sadly, many are people who were abused as children. A high number of pedophiles
also seem to participate in this behaviour which of course is most abhorrent.
Reply Report

SaTAN OF ASS -13 points1816 days ago

HE should of been going a lot faster witha ribbed or studded condom Reply Report