Brutal Beating Of Teen Girl

Teen girl gets a serious beating by her angry boyfriend, who almost kills her.

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jkidd +96 points2074 days ago

Dudes responsible, if you are watching this, understand that I wish for nothing more than to fuck you and your friend. I don't care what she did, she did not deserve that...PERIOD. Listen, respond to my message. I would love for us to exchange information and I swear, I would come to you. I promise, no weapons...just little ole me. Try to do sum bullshit like that to a me and I would break you and your friends back. Pussy ass motherfuckers. Reply Report

Julz   0 points34 days ago

@ jkidd thank you. This was sick. Reply Report

3940371829394   0 points248 days ago

@jkidd, Those are 2 girls beating 1 girl but i'm sure you've noticed by now Reply Report

dwadwad +2 points620 days ago

even if she killed 231241241 people? Reply Report

truthx +58 points1311 days ago

Cannot express my delight in seeing any women of any age violently beaten. This kind of footage makes me so hard! ALL women deserve to be beat by men. Women are not worthy of any respect and must be raped and abused as and when us men please. Amazing video! Reply Report

Sym54 -6 points534 days ago

LOL! You useless maggot. Anything for attention right, coward. Reply Report

Vivid -9 points600 days ago

I hope you and your entire family get CANCER Reply Report

Pisse_doff_small_fry -9 points976 days ago

Really asshole! I am a chick and im sorry but let a nan try to lay a fucken hand on me it will be tha last damn thing tha motherfucker will do. Us women are just as worthy of respect as u men think u are dumb fuck! Reply Report

AngryDad +24 points1235 days ago

Lets start a club, collecting women and beating and raping them regularly in front of themselves :-) fun
Reply Report
kill yourself

kill yourself -13 points1106 days ago

go and die perv faggots Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender +24 points1458 days ago

They should have raped her first Reply Report
hee hee

hee hee -2 points650 days ago

They DiD Reply Report

ProRAPIST +13 points1234 days ago

Hopefully they did afterwards Reply Report

ProRAPIST +13 points1234 days ago

This is really good stuff right here. There should be more vids like this on the net. Fuck a bitch, rape and beat those cunts :-) and dont forget to record it so we can all enjoy the show Reply Report
this is my fetish

this is my fetish +11 points2073 days ago

fap fap fap Reply Report

intheknow +9 points2073 days ago

just to settle this the video has been cropped its actually two girls beating up that poor girl! and it took place in wales in the united kingdom! Reply Report

Xxxxxxxc   0 points861 days ago

It actually took place in Liverpool the beaten girls names Alex. Haha she fucked the other girls boyfriend and called her a niggas that's what she got. Reply Report

ad +8 points2052 days ago

cant stop cum ! Reply Report

enduser +8 points1972 days ago

Dudes come to my house I got a chair, duct tape, pliers, and a gun. Lets have fun....fingernails nuts then my 45 Reply Report

jannybh +8 points1841 days ago

nobody here who would love to help the both grls? Reply Report

ProRapist +14 points1234 days ago

Id help!! Id help beat and rape that cunt Lol Reply Report
feminism Christina

feminism Christina +7 points1455 days ago

must do this to every feminist ..
they all deserve it ;)
Reply Report

Bolita   0 points1277 days ago

Yeah to that feminists are sick paranoid cunts Reply Report

15yearoldslut +7 points1231 days ago

1020 friendship loop ville platte la

i need a beating and rape and to be kidnapped!!!! please someone fuck me!!
Reply Report

ProRAPIST +1 points1231 days ago

What city and state? Ill be your Huckleberry ;-) Reply Report

Niggerfaggot +6 points1564 days ago

Now heres something i can fap too
Reply Report

asslvr2max +5 points2069 days ago

I wish I could line all these type of motherfuckers up. And blow their fucking brains out 1 by 1. It would be my pleasure. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +5 points2010 days ago

Only one person here's seem to have it right. It's pretty obvious it's two girls beating up another girl. If the soft features, the hair up on top of the head, their small statures, and the worst punishment, pouring shampoo on the girl's head as extra humiliation, isn't enough of a clue. Reply Report

Casper +5 points1889 days ago

Eh, I was hoping it would be more erotic than that=/ Kind of a let down. On a side note though, they might as well have just killed her, because a beating that savage, they're gonna prolly get charged with attempted murder anyway. Reply Report

fuckfucker +4 points1593 days ago

Made me cum so fast. Reply Report
Anthony Louis

Anthony Louis +4 points749 days ago

Listen I have murdered two people in my life. This is awesome and most bitches deserve this Reply Report

dd +3 points2074 days ago

damn! Reply Report

non-member +3 points2023 days ago

most women like this kinda shit, if not they would make him and wonderful meal with sleeping pills in it and then cut his sorry excuse for a cock off. Reply Report

AngryDad +3 points1235 days ago

Id LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this to my baby mamma. But shed be but ass naked as well ;-) Reply Report
Akbah Azul Akmedi

Akbah Azul Akmedi +3 points700 days ago

Nothing any Muslim wouldn't do, if they came home to a woman sleeping instead of preparing dinner. The beauty of Sharia Law. Reply Report
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler -1 points542 days ago

Fuck you rag, I will severely beat your ass and then wipe my ass with you pig fuckers Qur'an and then stick it in your sand nigger mouth and kill you. Reply Report
Sean outlaw

Sean outlaw +3 points647 days ago

Oh well. You cunts cheat you pay the price. Personally I would have anal raped her first. Seriously make her feel pain Reply Report

ladyyuna2000 +2 points1928 days ago

it not her bf beating her it's some girls doing the beaten Reply Report
Sick puppy

Sick puppy +2 points2073 days ago

Somehow, as distasteful as this video is, it is comparatively easier to watch than another one I saw last year about this dude doing something similar to a small dog. That video, I couldn't stand at all! Reply Report
jkidd bkkup

jkidd bkkup +1 points2073 days ago

Il be watchin over jkidd with a sniper lol Reply Report

travis +1 points2013 days ago

cant cant a man beating a woman. even if she cheated. whatever. I should have shot them both and saved her Reply Report

Travis +1 points1781 days ago

they are bitches for beating a woman. A defenseless woman at that too. Lucky I wasn't there. I would have murdered them Reply Report
sure you wouldve

sure you wouldve +3 points1534 days ago

sure Reply Report

aviatorgaming   0 points2074 days ago

holy shit i hope they get tortured when their slaves in hell Reply Report

Sickboy   0 points2074 days ago

Boyfriend? Maybe, but there are 2 guys in the video and another person filming... so there is probably more to the story than just a fucked up boyfriend with a bad temper. Seems more like they planned this. The goirl must have a terrible life. I'd like to fuck her. Reply Report

Joe   0 points2054 days ago

Looks like some Dyke hitting her.Should trace the video back to who posted it. Reply Report
Fart Lick

Fart Lick   0 points2024 days ago

I bet she was cheating on him! Yeah she got what she was looking for! Reply Report

dirk   0 points1956 days ago

bitch had it coming to her i bet !..jus sayin Reply Report
well damn....

well damn....   0 points1871 days ago

-_ - so THATS y my ex was so paronoid..................... fuckin sick cunts, shove a gun up thier ass & pull the trigger... problem solved Reply Report

ak47red   0 points1783 days ago

jkidd i like you you are rell i got your back Reply Report

LoveToSlap   0 points1795 days ago

They shud have called me, for a good ass and pussy rape of this slag. Reply Report
Black Tolerance

Black Tolerance   0 points1304 days ago

This is how blacks live. You should be more tolerant of their way of life. Reply Report
who fucking cares

who fucking cares   0 points886 days ago

just shoot the little ratshit not even a man be my daughter i would of shot ya at least twice before i asked ya why then id just bleed ya real slow Reply Report
John Mathews

John Mathews   0 points682 days ago

Names John, and my sister deserves a beating like this more than anyone for destroying a family through fear, intimation and being provoking as well as provocation, and who is still doing it at the age of 40. So I wish this would happen to her more than anything, and hope it kills her in the end. She is by fare the worst human being on this planet. Reply Report

PimpHand   0 points933 days ago

Equal rights AND Equal lefts Reply Report
31 yr. old slut

31 yr. old slut   0 points843 days ago

LOL Reply Report

meee   0 points847 days ago

this kind of violence is not just "out of the blue" she had to allow a lot of violence before this, so, i'm not taking anyone's side on this, both are quite sick and both need a lot of psiquiatric help, so, there it is.
Reply Report
Evening star

Evening star   0 points843 days ago

It looks like a girl beating her unless it's a guy with some type of bow in his hair Reply Report
You people are fucking blind

You people are fucking blind   0 points763 days ago

you people realize these are all woman no men in this video, girl beaten by girl all watched by and most likely record by girl. Reply Report
As you see mee

As you see mee   0 points103 days ago

Im a muslim brother i m feel shame where livig hell thiz isnt right i well pray 2 allah hope that 2 guy's go to hell in burn 2 death i hope that girl burn those 2 guy beating her Reply Report

darlena411   0 points651 days ago

should have cut her throat and let her bleed out in the bath Reply Report

blackman2   0 points459 days ago

Hells yes now that how you handle a hoe beat that bitch ass an fuck these white knighting punk pink ass faggot crackas snatch that bitch throat out Reply Report

Beater4588   0 points22 days ago

Lol she'll say she fell and still love him Reply Report

slutcandy   0 points172 days ago

sick, why is that video here? nothing erotic of a bully beating the fuck out of a tiny girl. Reply Report
Ike Devampire

Ike Devampire -1 points2074 days ago

I'll take care of him in hell. Reply Report

sf -1 points2077 days ago


Woooot?! -1 points2073 days ago

I`ll rape that bitch ass nigga homie. Hitin a girl?! Is that all you can do you son of a bitch?! I`ll cut ur ballz off you fucking homo can`t even hit like a fuckin men Reply Report
Don't worry

Don't worry -1 points2042 days ago

There truly is a special place for evil people. :) Reply Report
just wtf

just wtf -1 points2035 days ago

...meanwhile in Russia? Reply Report

FALSE !!! -1 points1931 days ago

this video was on the English news and is of a group of girls beating up a guys involved only fucked up girls victimising a girl for no reason.....SICK CUNTS Reply Report

truth -1 points1777 days ago

all all because she eat the last twinkie Reply Report

Nametodisplay -1 points942 days ago

Only humans can do such things Reply Report

angryforthatfilm -1 points486 days ago

it is horrible I dont wish it to anyone:( Reply Report
non member

non member -2 points1995 days ago

Send both ass f..... Send them to Singapore and receive same amount cane whipping on their bottom, as same amount of f..given to the teen. I cannot believe his friend instead trying to stop the beating/call for help he gets involved. Who he'll filming the beating of the girl, also or she needs....(1)ass f.. cane whipping (2)anchor both feet throw them into shark infested ocean,they like the smell of blood (3)amputate both legs&arms and dump stumps out dessert naked ,defend them shelves,(4)throw then into Hippocrates,ALLIGATORS,poisonous snakes/fish……ROT IN A 2x2 concrete cell with no Windows and no food,water,toilet accessories allowed!!!! Reply Report

Badass -2 points1796 days ago

Jkidd come at me bitch. usually u can find me in your mama bedroom. Reply Report
who fucking cares

who fucking cares -2 points886 days ago

kill the bastards they aint even men Reply Report
Take this video down

Take this video down -2 points737 days ago

This is sickening- this made me throw up not cum. Reply Report

jon -3 points2076 days ago

i hope they find them and imprison them and beat them Reply Report

idontcare -3 points1997 days ago

this is boring... Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael -3 points1928 days ago

sick and bastard! Reply Report
2 legit 2 quit

2 legit 2 quit -3 points1873 days ago

I hope they get Prison Raped Reply Report
Crazy Phil I\'m crazy and I will fuck you up

Crazy Phil I\'m crazy and I will fuck you up -3 points686 days ago

If your friend you don't do shit come to the u.s. I'll beat you until your senseless that's a girl how about you fucking fuck with this dude I'm sure I will show you a serious US ass beating you and your friend by the end of it you better hope that I show Mercy or I will have your broken body and a grave Reply Report
damn humans

damn humans -4 points2070 days ago

These bastards belong in jail Reply Report
I'll kill you all

I'll kill you all -4 points2038 days ago

Fuck that. Come to my house. I have something for those fuckers. Reply Report

PULL THIS -4 points2023 days ago


neax -4 points1467 days ago

wtf... Reply Report

&Jkidd -5 points1809 days ago

Who the fuck are you the Internet badass that wears a cape and tracks people down throu there ip address, only then to actually meet the violent stranger you offer up your fist-a-cuffs. You must be a fucking idiot, and through your passionate comment has made you look like an incredibly monumental douche. Reply Report