Unconscious Girl Gets A Beating

Violent teen kicking and beating an unconscious girl. Now that's lame!

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Shame.. +69 points2015 days ago

Was that a guy that been beating the poor girl?.. Whatever she did ... She don`t deserve that.. And i want to catch that muchafka in person just to show him how it is being on her place i`ll stick that pipe he got there so deep into his cornhole he gon fakin enjoy it ! Reply Report
Onani Master

Onani Master +1 points1153 days ago

That was a girl beating an unconcious girl, believe it or not. They're Viets, The one filming it was saying "She's faking it" over and over again so the other girl just continued hitting. Faking death is a common tactic, and there are no mercy here in this country, even between students Reply Report

Cunt +19 points2012 days ago

Thanks the gods those people helped that girl.

Would love to flying lariat and rape that cuntbag that was beating the defenceless chick though.
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LOL +9 points2012 days ago

if she would have kept her ass in the kitchen she wouldn't have gotten her ass beat Reply Report

Superchicken +7 points2012 days ago

At least they didn't hit her in the head so I don't think the other girl was trying to kill her. To speak in the vernacular of the peasantry! Poor little kid. I hope she gets home all right. Reply Report

fuckyea +6 points2011 days ago

that was easy to masterbate to Reply Report

Jasper +4 points2015 days ago

No, it wasn't a man. They both have blue coats; but the man was trying to help after that cunt decided to take it to maximum level. Reply Report

basil72 +4 points1290 days ago

They should have stripped her down and fucked every hole.... wasted opportunity if you ask me. Reply Report

Devilance +3 points1871 days ago

Wow, they couldn't have jumped in a little sooner.... Reply Report

fuckassasian +2 points1943 days ago

i thought f'n asians were smart Reply Report

Chloe +2 points1821 days ago

Soon hot I hope the girl was really hurt Reply Report

mike +2 points939 days ago

whats with the guy he waits until there through beating her then he removes her Reply Report

St +1 points1998 days ago

Take her jeans of and gangfuck her cunt Reply Report
The Office of the President

The Office of the President +1 points1918 days ago

let's all vacation in chincville Reply Report

toad +1 points1874 days ago

What the fuck...... They had a chance to strip her off and fuck her. Would love to have seen that. she looked pretty cute. Would have woken up with sore cunt and torn ass Reply Report
Luke Wright

Luke Wright   0 points1558 days ago

I'd pop her ass!!!!! Reply Report

psykill +1 points1571 days ago

shame, couldn't you tell that that was a girl kicking and punching? Reply Report
Clarifying a few things here

Clarifying a few things here +1 points864 days ago

I'm Vietnamese and I can tell you that the woman who is speaking says "She's faking it!" I felt my blood boiling Reply Report
lol monster

lol monster   0 points2007 days ago

No doubt these third world countries are so fucked up Reply Report

mike   0 points1445 days ago

hit her when down and out that's bad, I would of knocked the bitch head off who hit her when she is out Reply Report
lipstick lez

lipstick lez   0 points1216 days ago

Hey, I want to see you fuck her not beat her. wtf? how pathetic of a man are you to beat not only a woman, but an unconscious woman? you are lower than scum. Reply Report
Smelly lunge

Smelly lunge   0 points133 days ago

The guy trying to lift her up at the end was so weak! My little sister is stronger than him Reply Report

Penbreak   0 points197 days ago

How weak are they? That's alot if struggling for what I assume is under 150 lbs Reply Report

tobeimpaled   0 points222 days ago

Throw my dead body away after you played it
Reply Report

venlaflax   0 points343 days ago

wieso wird die nicht gefickt ?? Reply Report

DO U LIKE MEMES   0 points262 days ago

stickmy nose in

stickmy nose in -1 points2011 days ago

would love to smell and lick their moist young assholes.. Reply Report

john -1 points1758 days ago

just cum all over here after she is naked Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -1 points1452 days ago

I wonder if she uses kotex pad or tampon? Reply Report

HateWomen -1 points170 days ago

Cunt probably deserved it. Reply Report

syssyboy -2 points1871 days ago

toad, You are disgusting!!! Shame on you!!! Reply Report
slave monique

slave monique -2 points1452 days ago

I want to suck your cock Reply Report

carpatian -2 points1536 days ago

maybe she stolen his bike? Reply Report

Dirk -2 points1533 days ago

Stupid bitch playing dead ..they should of rammed something up her ass to wake the cunt up Reply Report
Jiggaboo Joe

Jiggaboo Joe -2 points951 days ago

Reply Report

other -2 points380 days ago

The gay society... Reply Report

craig -3 points1562 days ago

she looks hot liked her tummy i would have killed her so sexy Reply Report

alexandria76 -5 points2012 days ago

sweet jerk material Reply Report
Adam and Eve, Not Steve)

Adam and Eve, Not Steve) -2 points911 days ago

U will feel right at home when u r burning in hell u fucking faggot.... If u were supposed to be a chick God would have made u one......Its funny that u r racist when u r something to be racist towards fucking scum Reply Report

phahase -5 points1697 days ago

They are vietnamese ! They from my school and all i know that the girl was beat up it need to be that ! She really bitch , she say all the bad thing about people in school , i really hates that bitch ! I wish i could be these to take her close.
Ps sorry about my english
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b +5 points1136 days ago

then you are scum Reply Report
white people are pussies

white people are pussies -7 points1425 days ago

Figures white crackers can only win a fight if its against unconscious women and use weapons. Reply Report

Niggerbeater   0 points197 days ago

@white people are pussies they are Asian not white... I'm assuming you're a shitskinn nigger? Reply Report

rofl -8 points2012 days ago

lol Reply Report