Domestic Violence Turns Into Rape

While beating up his wife he decides he might as well just rape her.

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This is the right stuff

This is the right stuff +310 points2247 days ago

Fake? Yes. Good? My load thinks so. If this was real, I'd be horrified. I watch these because theyre fake. Reply Report

SuperSadist -95 points1197 days ago

Then you're weak! They aren't called bitches for no reason. They don't deserve compassion. Reply Report

Hguh +52 points766 days ago

But what makes her a bitch? I would personally assume the man in this situation would be the bitch. Reply Report

shawna127 +13 points626 days ago

Well said! Reply Report

headlessrainbow +21 points982 days ago

Well you can watch shitty-as-hell real rape videos and get off because it's rape, or you can watch well-acted rape videos and get off because you can actually see what's going on. Reply Report

Temporao   0 points236 days ago

@headlessrainbow one I agree two are you from fimfiction Reply Report

TwistedSatyr -2 points223 days ago

@Temporao Give me the real rape any day, even if it is shitty quality. Reply Report
Rape lover

Rape lover -1 points121 days ago

@TwistedSatyr same Reply Report

weirdo_one82 -4 points1221 days ago

So do I! :D Reply Report

zane +139 points1826 days ago

so, I enjoy these I will admit the fantasy is great however I wish guys in these would skip the blowjob crap if you were to rape a girl... you wouldn't stick your dick in an orifice full of sharp fucking teeth... Reply Report
Mom i

Mom i +8 points336 days ago

@zane yes men do go for the mouth. Its humiliating. The whole experience is humiliating Reply Report
Bugs for prez

Bugs for prez +4 points385 days ago

@zane I was thinking about the same but if it's some serious role-play I would like my better half to punish me in some way if I don't follow, like agreeing if you bite I'll twist your nipples mercilessly. For someone like me it's really important to get to the real thing as close as possible to get turned on! Reply Report

Unknown +23 points1772 days ago

YES THANK YOU Reply Report

idiotphyschos +108 points2157 days ago

NO SHIT all the 'rape' videos are "fake" you fucking sick retards. It's fantasy. If you want to see someone's mom or sister or daughter really get raped, go shoot yourself in the head you disgusting fucks. Reply Report

Mikesmoke -3 points81 days ago

@idiotphyschos You looked it up Dumb fuck Reply Report

yonope +4 points473 days ago

@idiotphyschos well said dude, they are crazy like wtf there's in their head, shit? Reply Report

Jd735   0 points145 days ago

True say
Reply Report

Niggerman +24 points1082 days ago

Or someone's dad,brother or son Reply Report
guy in video

guy in video +97 points2029 days ago


AMUSED +21 points2018 days ago

i was laughin cos of this too much
Reply Report

mmhmm +45 points1901 days ago

I keep waiting for the women to bite the dicks of their "rapist". I mean, if somebody was forcing their dick down MY throat....well, I'm not sure modern medicine would be able to save them. Reply Report

Idubbbztv +2 points690 days ago

You wouldn't be able to chew it off. Even if you tried you wouldn't get halfway done before the rapist would punch you in the face and probably kill you Reply Report

WTF +43 points2231 days ago

tell me this why do people always point out that it's fake like they want it to be real sick fucks
Reply Report
hate this

hate this +38 points2160 days ago

this is sick !! should be banned...also i watched it through twice and came 3 times but still... Reply Report

GTC +9 points1973 days ago

Lmfao Reply Report

HMAN +36 points2301 days ago

Hooker shooz

Hooker shooz +9 points935 days ago

The hooker shoes ALWAYS stay on bro. Reply Report
busty babe

busty babe +32 points2138 days ago

Fuck I wish someone would do that to me. Reply Report

andybird198928gmailcom +9 points1029 days ago

I'll rape you like that Reply Report

luckybasterd -12 points1200 days ago

you are stupid look your comment. just for that if i see you im gonna dp your pussy whit some bro. you gonna please to stop Reply Report

sluttyrose16 +19 points1782 days ago

I want to be dominated and raped like that. Reply Report
Mr. Polite

Mr. Polite +4 points1674 days ago

That sure can be arranged Reply Report

fantasyman -13 points1737 days ago

Of course you do all women what this Reply Report
girl happy to be a prostitute

girl happy to be a prostitute +9 points1529 days ago

Yes, and I dream to have that done to me at least 12 times every day, by lots of strong and brutal guys. That's why I spend hours, almost naked, hanging around in the dark corners of subway stations. Reply Report
Willing to rape

Willing to rape +1 points567 days ago

Give us your number then. Reply Report

andybird198928gmailcom +1 points1029 days ago

Hoe often do you get raped n tell me where you are n I'll rape you Reply Report

funbarbie3 +18 points2110 days ago

we do a lot of rape role playing. i always wear a skirt, or dress made of satin, and he loves to feel me in satin. also i wear pantie hose because they are easy to rip. Reply Report

Jesus +17 points1468 days ago

What kind of rapist is stupid enough to shove his dick in someone's mouth? Reply Report
this Bitch

this Bitch   0 points27 days ago

@Jesus A lot, most women, like women are to afraid to bite, because half of the time, after the thought to bite comes to mind, it's immediately followed by, "but will he kill me?" So a lot of rapists get blow jobs too. Reply Report

psl +12 points1445 days ago

Plenty, actually.
I'd bite the cock clean off though if anyone tried pulling that shit on me.
Reply Report
Some People Man

Some People Man   0 points88 days ago

@psl So you mean you'd try to bite and then die. Great plan. Reply Report

HornyEmo +14 points1748 days ago

This made me break my vibrator from how hard I was going Reply Report
Lousy actor

Lousy actor +13 points2324 days ago

The girl is a much better actress than the guy. But he made up for it by jacking her like a rabbit. She has a hardcore body. Her thighs are so fuckable! Reply Report
posting to clear my conscience

posting to clear my conscience +11 points1369 days ago

i can jack off to this and sleep at night because i know its roleplay between consentual adults! Reply Report

abw +10 points2166 days ago

If she didn't like it, she would have bitten his cock off!!! Reply Report

juicy&tight13 +10 points1940 days ago

I wanna be raped! Reply Report
I\'ll call you daddy

I\'ll call you daddy +6 points1101 days ago

I wanna be raped to
You can pull my hair
Slap my ass
Fuck me till I pass out
I want 10x above brutal
Reply Report

andybird198928gmailcom +7 points1029 days ago

I'll rape you n make you my little sex toy Reply Report

gagu -4 points1837 days ago

Soundshot where do you live what to do with the hard horse lol no pain no stupid stuff though I hate that but just so you know I take you you're struggling a little bit I am pure hands down your mind Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +10 points1935 days ago

Where do you live slut I will rape you Reply Report

whymustwhitewomanwant2Braped +5 points1555 days ago

maybe Slutsville Reply Report

rapeshouldbelegal -5 points1915 days ago

I live in north Idaho, you can come rape me if you like bbw's. Reply Report

boonie +10 points1925 days ago


Doonie +1 points1555 days ago

no. I'm Just "Saiyan" Reply Report

mack +8 points1961 days ago

I was I could find s girl they wants to reinact a rapping
Reply Report

Noneya +3 points1285 days ago

I would love for a guy to do me like that Reply Report

nerdk +3 points1883 days ago

I enjoy rap Reply Report

OhREALLY? +21 points1867 days ago

I also enjoy rap music but i think he's asking to fuck you Reply Report
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious +1 points1852 days ago

Agreed. Reply Report

pauluzzz +7 points2326 days ago

no shit sherlock Reply Report

Asshole +7 points2236 days ago

He's charging up his KAMEKAMEHAAAA at the end lol Reply Report

Etna +7 points2008 days ago

I think they could have edited down the end a bit since he was jacking it for so long, and the cuts + his sounds made it kind of comical... still really hot! Reply Report
If it was real

If it was real +6 points2099 days ago

his dick would have been bitten off. Reply Report

Jayice -1 points695 days ago

No it wouldn't have trust me I have done it Reply Report

headlessrainbow +6 points982 days ago

Remember kids: Wearing sexy high heels around the house might SEEM like a good idea, but they make it difficult to run away when someone suddenly decides to film you getting raped. Reply Report

freerapeslut +6 points1098 days ago

God I wish my bf would do thus to me Reply Report
the ahh ahh guy

the ahh ahh guy +5 points1451 days ago

AHHhh AHHHH ohhhh AHHHH Ah Ah AH AHHHH AHHH Reply Report

NeedingItInMyAssRN +5 points1289 days ago

For fuck sake someone rape me! Like a group of guys just come by and do it to me. Thought me up idgaf Reply Report

SerielKiller +4 points2308 days ago

kinda fake... but awesome :) Reply Report
sexy beach

sexy beach +4 points1981 days ago

I love the video Reply Report
Little girl

Little girl +4 points701 days ago

Is it bad I want someone to rape me Reply Report

Dan +3 points2321 days ago

Most women keep the sexy shoes on while fighting to get away WHORE FAKE CRAP Reply Report
Cunting Karl

Cunting Karl +3 points2257 days ago

Obviously she's a better actress. Being an actress relies on being a woman. Reply Report

JS AM A GIRL +3 points2249 days ago

omfg this made me come 5 times throughout am so horny xx
Reply Report

hardcoreslut +3 points2137 days ago

I came lots Reply Report

tomanex +3 points2130 days ago

hi Reply Report

fuck +1 points2000 days ago

Hi Reply Report

ashleygreene +3 points1018 days ago

This is fake but sometimes I wish it was real lol Reply Report

Wantitineveryhole +3 points1034 days ago

Well this rape film was bad... If I was to star in a rape porn Id want to be nearly suffocated to death on huge black dicks and have every hole filled maybe with more than one dick at a time and pounded til I cry and still be used and abused way past that. But that's jus me.... Reply Report

Thickems +7 points987 days ago

I'm the same way punish me with no mercy no matter how much I scream, cry, or fight Reply Report
Love being force fucked in everyway

Love being force fucked in everyway +4 points981 days ago

Im also the same way I would love real big muscles strong white guys force fucking me in everyway possible everyday maybe for days mmmm. I wish my dream fantasy comes true one of these days real very soon actually!!! Reply Report

TruthTeller +3 points856 days ago

Wow this guy needs to shut the fuck up! Reply Report

guest9999 +3 points594 days ago

i'm a chick and this gets me hot. there must be something wrong with me, lol. Reply Report

alexandria76 +2 points2325 days ago

wipe it on watson Reply Report

Sharkboy +2 points2237 days ago

Dude cant nut Reply Report

stupidmen +2 points2025 days ago

If that was real I would have bitten his dick off!!!!!! Reply Report

gtc +2 points1973 days ago

This didn't look real... The girl looked like she wanted it... And the heels, that's definitely something women wear everyday.... Reply Report
Dark Night

Dark Night +2 points1575 days ago

Great except I chain her to the bed Reply Report

Sluttyangel +2 points1293 days ago

I wanna be raped like this if you wanna rape me call me 502 294 9793 Reply Report

pandorapestulence +2 points781 days ago

I LOVE a good, old fashioned beating leading to rape... Makes me soooooo fucking wet! <3 Reply Report

Chm +2 points345 days ago

This was terrible. If your gonna go rape fantasy, can we NOT dress up the victim like she just came back from the hoe awards? She's wearing clear heels for fucks sake. No one but hookiers and pork actresses dress like that. Can a bitch please wear jeans and a t shirt like a person? Reply Report
fudge dis video

fudge dis video +1 points2306 days ago

whens he gon stick it in Reply Report

ass +1 points2013 days ago

I really wanted him to stick her in the butt... Reply Report

AngryApple +1 points2005 days ago

He was trying but didn't bust his nuts all in that pussy Reply Report

rapeshouldbelegal +10 points1915 days ago

I agree! If you're gonna fuck bareback (which you should), then fill the pussy! Reply Report

Tight14yearoldpussy +1 points1910 days ago

I live in Alabama come punish me Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 -7 points1857 days ago

MMMMM I will Reply Report

pimperator +1 points1771 days ago

Sean Penn did this to Madonna. Reply Report
harris lin

harris lin +1 points1077 days ago

does anyone know her name? Reply Report

2lolo +1 points1146 days ago

HELL >!!! I'll Be RAPING Her Ass.!!!! Reply Report

Meh +1 points1123 days ago

I feel bad for the actess. Lying there trying to be afraid while this dude is standing above her aggressivly jerking it for ten minutes while working on his bear calls. Not an impressive ending Reply Report

Kittenx +1 points1083 days ago

Daym, wished someone would do this to me! Reply Report

Joe3df   0 points1064 days ago

Where you from Reply Report
Faggot from hell

Faggot from hell +1 points1045 days ago

Holocaust is better fap to Reply Report
Boom Boom

Boom Boom +1 points803 days ago

Because we all have handcuffs on our kitchen chairs...

Reply Report
the goat

the goat +1 points205 days ago

Lol I would have faped to this if it wasn't fake
Reply Report
Daddy\'s girl

Daddy\'s girl +1 points213 days ago

I love rape. It gets me so wet. I just turned 19 and this is all I watch lol Reply Report

Meh... +1 points195 days ago

I must be a lucky girl....when my husband rapes me his dick stays so fucking hard he could beat me with it. Either that or I suck better dick...never had one fold in half in my mouth. Where’s the really violent stuff?? Reply Report
alberto dinucci

alberto dinucci +1 points119 days ago

i penso che lo stupro sia bello Reply Report

Snuff +1 points73 days ago

I’ll let you rape me. Anything you want. You can beat me, shit and piss on me. You can make me bleed. Txt me at 832 629 1902 to set up time and date Reply Report

lalala   0 points2231 days ago

wish Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member   0 points1065 days ago

This happened Reply Report
busty babe

busty babe   0 points2094 days ago

@ Busty babe .... i fuck ya ......... Reply Report

Nineu   0 points839 days ago

Ona Reply Report
its just a hot fucking role play guys chill

its just a hot fucking role play guys chill   0 points1578 days ago

read the title Reply Report

Derp>Porn   0 points1679 days ago


A: 10 (loved the moaning)
V: 7 (Camera guy was in couple good spots)
Q: 8 (Overal quality of vid was ok except all the pixels fucking up)
Reply Report

evabroughtanaxthistime   0 points1789 days ago

Example why, in 5 years time, the fake woman takes the fake car, fake house, fake children, fake bank-account and buggers off. Reply Report

evabroughtanaxthistime   0 points1789 days ago

I sometimes even vacuum in heels. Reply Report

nice   0 points1750 days ago

Nice little ass Reply Report

Sherlock   0 points1508 days ago

At 0:09 she was in prime penis kneeing position! Missing such a chance is futile. Reply Report

Babygirllikesgetinfucked   0 points97 days ago

I want to get raped like this Reply Report
Very angry man

Very angry man   0 points1245 days ago

He over did his fucking part at the end. I like it better if you couldn't hear him but only hear and what's up with the replays just a different camera position. Nobody want to see the same thing over again Reply Report

devilickyouguy   0 points10 days ago

Love watching women get raped. My cock gets so hard. Wish I had a woman who plays these games. Maybe she could help me rape other women. So hot. Reply Report
A slave for you

A slave for you   0 points1035 days ago

I would love to do this kinda Roleplay Reply Report
anime dick

anime dick   0 points976 days ago

Hi Reply Report

tvtvt   0 points965 days ago

Tvtvtvbyyvtv Reply Report

Harleen   0 points130 days ago

This is shit. My friend's dad did a better rape than this pathetic shit. Reply Report
nigga  this shit is lit

nigga this shit is lit   0 points716 days ago

now choke her Reply Report

Slutty106   0 points322 days ago

Someone rape me please im begging of you do anything you want with me...
Reply Report
Too much

Too much   0 points433 days ago

Looked to real to be enjoyable Reply Report

BBCHeavy   0 points424 days ago

Well if you control her jaw then there is no biting.. Reply Report

OmlFeckinChillOut   0 points392 days ago

I like how everyone comments something along the line of, "I like this because it's fake! Reply Report

Mmmmmm   0 points363 days ago

I wish I could be hert Reply Report

Jewelrrrrr   0 points312 days ago

Mmm yes
Reply Report
You love rape

You love rape   0 points295 days ago

Who are you why do that to her you need to learn how to slow down first then easy then soft and then tell you need sex Reply Report

MoneybagsJack   0 points110 days ago

Your a fucking piece of shit supersadist. You’re probably a lowlife fucking socialist living on food stamps because that’s the type of behavior you expect out of the lower class. You literally should let me deposit $50,000 in your kids accounts to kill yourself. Then I’ll raise your kids, they will be far better off with someone of the upper class then typical filthy disrespectful trash like yourself. Stop breeding welfare babies and just kill yourself. Reply Report

Christal   0 points194 days ago

I would love for someone to force there fat cock inside me. The though of being beaten and dominated like that makes my pussy so wet . Does some one want to volunteer in taking turns with me and using me like a nasty slut?? Reply Report
This man need to stfu

This man need to stfu   0 points193 days ago

Aaaaahhhhh Reply Report

MOODAZRUINED123   0 points188 days ago

his noises are killing my whole mood..... Reply Report

RapeAWhore   0 points175 days ago

I wish I could be raped like this. No way to escape all tied up and handcuffed and beat Reply Report
I fuck who I want, when I want, where I want, how

I fuck who I want, when I want, where I want, how   0 points154 days ago

For better, for worse, bitch. If trying to have sex with your wife is rape then you might as well kick the cunt to the curb and get you a new one. Fuck that liberal bullshit. Reply Report

Horny_e_4u   0 points145 days ago

She has 3 holes to fuck he didn't even rip her ass apart, then standing and jerking off in her he should have covered her face with all his cum this was tame Reply Report
i have a weird fetish

i have a weird fetish   0 points4 days ago

this would be way better if that guy just taped and shut his mouth Reply Report

raes   0 points23 hours ago

beatiful Reply Report

Melissa -1 points2066 days ago

You want a fucking sticker for keep saying its fake?? He got one last good fuck in before they ended it. At least he didn't kill her Reply Report

evabroughtanaxthistime -1 points1789 days ago

Dude can fuck, oh yes...ATROCIOUSLY useless at b.j.! Would have to gag him... Reply Report
Little girl

Little girl -1 points95 days ago

Anyone wanna rape me like that I’m a 14 year old girl I have always wanted to be brutally raped you can shove your cock hard down my throat I promise I won’t bite it and if I accidentally do you should slap me hard and piss all over my face. Any takers? Reply Report
OxLong Big Heart

OxLong Big Heart -1 points484 days ago

@so you do it on purpode? So you want to creat pain and suffering for you? We dont it to please us, ee do it because your effed up mond told us to. No. You kiss your woman, you live your woman. By hityi g you, I font love you. You cant love and slap at the same time. Im sorry. Said by all men. Tbats why men dont slap their wives. Because they love them.6 Reply Report
You love rape

You love rape -1 points295 days ago

Bye fake sex bye stuipd you don't know how sex correctly hahahhaha Reply Report

mikkie.magda -1 points91 days ago

This is my biggest fantasy Reply Report
Guy dangerous

Guy dangerous -2 points2281 days ago

Andddd or xvideos or red tube I can also name alot more Reply Report

eglezz -2 points2199 days ago

all right Reply Report
Mex jurez

Mex jurez -2 points2105 days ago

Why white people likes this stuff ?...jajaja Reply Report

Thecrazymonk -2 points1145 days ago

Fat Reply Report
Better now than ever

Better now than ever -2 points1015 days ago

I used to drag my ex around house by her hair slamming her head into furniture. She finally divorced me after I broke her jaw. Don't feel sorry for her she was a high school slut. Reply Report

StoryOfO -2 points946 days ago

A) you can't 'rape' your wife. A woman's job is to obey. She belongs to him.
B) I wish I belonged to a rapist
Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas -2 points895 days ago

The amount of loser manginas in here is astonishing. So fucking what if he's raping her. Women deserve it. You guys are such pussy whipped simps. Always have to defend these cunts. Reply Report

JMan -3 points2312 days ago

Well its obviously not gay... ^ Reply Report
Guy dangerous

Guy dangerous -3 points2281 days ago

Here is some fine fucking never seen it like that before and for the people whom
Don't know this is fake.
Reply Report

GAY -3 points2277 days ago

nice fake vid LOL Reply Report

.... -3 points2261 days ago

This is fake gay sexy xD fucked up and stupider as fuck...
Reply Report

AngryApple -4 points2325 days ago

She's not being raped, she is enjoying it Reply Report
thisvid sucks

thisvid sucks -4 points2177 days ago

The worst part about being beat then painfully raped is him ending it with forcing you to moan and cum as psychological warfare, fuck men. Reply Report
See a doctor

See a doctor +5 points1852 days ago

Wait...what? Reply Report

HANDSOMESTUD -6 points1841 days ago


Kourtkourt +2 points341 days ago

@HANDSOMESTUD I wish someone would rape me like that!!! Reply Report

Nikki +5 points1837 days ago

wow you must be in a very happy marriage Reply Report

fag -33 points2326 days ago

fake and gay Reply Report