Trailer Park Trash Raped By Intruder

Tattooed girl is in big trouble when this big guy intrudes her trailer to brutally rape her.

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Gretchen +43 points1930 days ago

She wants Tha dick Reply Report

batman +11 points1811 days ago

why is bane raping this chick Reply Report

Lolly +7 points1892 days ago

if this is rape then i want to get raped everyday Reply Report

Zein +1 points1309 days ago

Wanna fuck Reply Report

bob +6 points1739 days ago

lol he couldnt even rip the dress Reply Report
i'm sexy and i know it

i'm sexy and i know it +5 points1794 days ago

if this was real rape tell him to pick me up at 6 lol
Reply Report

fatfuckfrank +5 points1348 days ago

Its always the rape videos that have the most comments. Reply Report

Sup +4 points1931 days ago

Shes so white. Love it. Reply Report

bdb +4 points1761 days ago

If you were being raped wouldn't bite his dick if he stuck it in your face
Reply Report
Non-Member Dumb

Non-Member Dumb +3 points1929 days ago

This more looks like sex then rape. Reply Report
Non member

Non member +2 points1931 days ago

Guy had a limp dick, she's hot as fuck and I wouldnt have had that problem, she would have had a stiff one in her for the fuck of the century, Reply Report

ladyface +2 points1925 days ago

I love her creamy white skin, tattoos and her hair. She's beautiful. Loved her body. Reply Report

Slave4Cock +1 points1933 days ago

I love the tattoos Reply Report

Tattooedslut   0 points1620 days ago

U would love me then x Reply Report

zipper4real +1 points1924 days ago

wish that was mine
Reply Report

Hog +1 points1926 days ago

Next time make it look real
Reply Report

sylar2013 +1 points1670 days ago

would have liked to have seen her be treated as trailer trash and then facialed to finish off the clip nicely Reply Report

hook\'em +1 points279 days ago


Fake   0 points1930 days ago

At least act like you don't want it, instead of waiting for it in the beginning, scooting towards the rapist, and/or opening your mouth voluntarily without any other demand from the male. Fail! Reply Report

Kana   0 points255 days ago

I had the same complaint, like...bitch who just opens thier mouth for rape dick? He didn't even have to pull her hair or hit her first to give her some motivation. If I got taped like this I'd be dissapointed. Reply Report

/   0 points1923 days ago

want it to be longer Reply Report

ahh   0 points1922 days ago

i aggree with / only thing is i only watch videos with him in i want to see his face Reply Report

/   0 points1889 days ago

@non member non member.u'know she's not that hot + tattoos makes her not hot and he didn't enjoy it as much as the other videos Reply Report
hairy lover

hairy lover   0 points1820 days ago

Where are the pubes? Reply Report

jorge   0 points1724 days ago

love da ta 2's Reply Report
you guys

you guys   0 points1680 days ago

talk a big game, but everyone one of your girlfriends is a sobbing, shuddering mess after I'm done with them. Reply Report

Creeper   0 points1638 days ago

Her name is Scarlett Storm, or sometimes she goes by Scarlett Reed. She's a friend of mine and a total cumslut! Look her up. She's a burlesque dancer, pornstar, fashion model, etc... Reply Report

mmmm   0 points1590 days ago

I want to be raped, used by him sooo bad Reply Report

anonymous   0 points1552 days ago

Ill fuk u better babi garunteed Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh   0 points1426 days ago

Nice vid...thanks for taking the time to upload it. Reply Report
big dick

big dick   0 points528 days ago

he should have butt fucked her Reply Report
a lady

a lady   0 points743 days ago

I think this was a situation where a girl was like "hey I want to be raped. I live in this trailer, come in with a mask" and maybe she didn't think dude would b so rough or so big. Reply Report

Moron   0 points734 days ago

The title isn't even acurate. Reply Report

toledoguy   0 points407 days ago

not bad but if i was going to rape id fuck all 3 of her holes! Reply Report

Kana   0 points255 days ago

When I watch a rape video I don't particularly want to hear the victim loudly moaning in pleasure. Just saying. Reply Report
sluts like you are made to fuck......

sluts like you are made to fuck......   0 points204 days ago

perfect still in your night dress not for much longer soon have you striped naked girl stop reresting you will do anything wrong I will do every thing I like to you now you are as I want you naked . ready to rape. Ever had a cock this size in your hand, mouth or up your tight small vagina No you will scream as I stretch your vagina to take ten inchs anything Reply Report
fuck lovers are fucking sexy

fuck lovers are fucking sexy -1 points1931 days ago

This was so hot i got so horny Reply Report

Dude -1 points1930 days ago

she oughta be glad someone fucked that hepatitis infected butterface. Reply Report

Hot -1 points1776 days ago

I know this chick. She's a burlesque dancer named Scarlett Storm. In porn she sometimes goes by Scarlett Reed. One wild little cumslut for sure! Reply Report

LOL -2 points1930 days ago

She looks like bleached canvas that got tattooed and thrown over a skeleton Reply Report

fef -2 points1213 days ago

big man, small dick = fail. Reply Report
Whos idea was this?

Whos idea was this? -5 points1930 days ago

She has a nice body.... bad face.... Reply Report