Blind Date Rape And Murder

Dude snaps when blind date didn't go as planned. Once she asks him to leave he beats her up, rips off her clothes, violently rapes her, strangles her and masturbates to her dead body.

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why +117 points2217 days ago

Why do all rape porno's always have bad actors? they need to make them seem more realistic like tv rape scenes ;) Reply Report

MrWave +3 points1913 days ago

I think it's for the different budget... =/ Reply Report

hhd +28 points2234 days ago

why do i think, this is hot? I'm a strange girl :( Reply Report
someone female

someone female +8 points1827 days ago

don't worry as am I :) embrace it Reply Report

graves +24 points2236 days ago

She has the acting skills of a mouldy Carrot. Reply Report
Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson +17 points2222 days ago

I will admit I have masturbated to this video 46 times.
Reply Report

jeff +15 points2125 days ago

bitch takes to long to die Reply Report

Loki +13 points2226 days ago

Who hasn't had dreams of this? Reply Report
some tips

some tips +13 points2197 days ago

things to do to make this more realstic. stop changing Camera angles, actual hitting, more struggling. more yelling Reply Report
rape girl

rape girl +13 points2136 days ago

snuff fantasy vids make me so horny but i'm scared to have sex with guys into it incase they actually want to kill me argh -__- Reply Report

fantasyman   0 points1650 days ago

Love the knee high stocking be great if she was a virgin and bled too omg hard on durning the video
Reply Report
non member

non member +12 points2234 days ago

wow i like how her face never changes colors as shes being strangled and it takes her like 10 min to suffocate XD Reply Report
you all

you all +12 points2231 days ago

i think we need to dance Reply Report

bigdick +9 points2233 days ago

mmm fuck yes, i would fuck you hard as i choked her to death and just as i watch the life drain from her eyes and her blue face i would shoot my hot cum inside her ;) Reply Report

bananahammock -1 points556 days ago

and then rip her body to shreds Reply Report

SickMyDuck -1 points610 days ago

OhmyGOD <3 Reply Report

princessmolestia +9 points2014 days ago

i never knew that going to someones place to work on a work project was a blind date ._. Reply Report

Guilty +9 points1827 days ago

This shit always makes me so horny, but I ALWAYS feel guilty after orgasming. :/ Reply Report

Met +8 points2233 days ago

Awsome! I d rape her while she s dying. Reply Report

fuckyea +6 points2233 days ago

I would fuck her dead body after Reply Report
This girl rappist!

This girl rappist! +4 points2230 days ago

OOO that was gooooddd!!!! Reply Report

antoniomamie +4 points2002 days ago

the concept great ! video can't be authentic, if so the dude would've never shown his face. not leave a load on her ! perhaps fucking and cum deep inside her cunt, she couldn't stop him now ! actually the dude hot, nice cock too ! assuming the videos real what a great idea, bring hot women home fuck the living shit out of her killing her disgard start fresh no nagging as women do once you fuck them, feel they are above you getting mouthy Reply Report
aWTF moment

aWTF moment +3 points2236 days ago

Wtf she died Reply Report +3 points2217 days ago

yes i have dark fantasy's that i want to be reality Reply Report

FreakyFetish +3 points2137 days ago

If I had her in my house I'd strangle her until she dropped, then cut her head off and hold it against my pussy and cummed right in her open mouth. Reply Report

bananahammock -1 points556 days ago

breathtakingly hot. we should get together and do some of this as a team Reply Report

Dolfan +3 points2069 days ago

Nice to see a mock strangling where the girl's 'dying' with her legs spread wide open and displaying that gorgeous cunt. Hugely satisfying. Reply Report

sylar2013 +3 points1973 days ago

he should have cum on her face to add salt to the wounds Reply Report

funbarbie3 +3 points1895 days ago

when Stacy rapes me, i am in satin and pantie hose for him........ Reply Report

well +3 points1793 days ago

if they were any good actor they wont be doing any type of porn Reply Report

OffKilter +2 points2236 days ago

this reminds me alot of my first date in high school.......ahhhhh.....memories :) Reply Report
So Long and Goodbye

So Long and Goodbye +2 points2235 days ago

Well got word she is officially dead. R.I.P. Amber

Reply Report

alexandria76 +2 points2232 days ago

I hate whores. Got what she DESERVED. And a little extra. Reply Report

okkkkkkk +2 points2116 days ago

she would have at least passed out longgggggg before that Reply Report

Fucker188 +2 points2101 days ago

Wtf this so sexy
good ass
Reply Report

unknown +2 points2085 days ago

They drop and convulse way faster than this, but it would look boring. Reply Report
someone female

someone female -1 points1827 days ago

I agree the whole time I watched I was thinking the same thing only took someone about 1min with a belt to make me black out and hit the floor from strangulation Reply Report

gamma261 +2 points2047 days ago

who is she? Reply Report

beedee241 +2 points2016 days ago

Gorgeous girl...awesome body! Reply Report
Chud Cheadle

Chud Cheadle +2 points2000 days ago

Guys, guys! Guys it's okay! You can breathe easy. I can see her breathing (so I guess she can breathe easy also). She's not dead, she's just unconcious from lack of oxygen.

Reply Report

MrWave   0 points1913 days ago

are u stupid or what? xD Reply Report

Guest +2 points1890 days ago

That bitch is so fucking hot whats her name!! Reply Report

dahmer -1 points1872 days ago

Her name is Raven Alexis. Reply Report

giber +2 points1508 days ago

That's more like it. This guy treated the whore the way she deserved to be treated. Good stuff. Reply Report
giels rape

giels rape +1 points1757 days ago

bello il video della ragazza con il suo collo che viene strangolato Reply Report

Winy +1 points2235 days ago

Wtf shaved pussy to hairy lmao Reply Report

daniel +1 points2214 days ago

i think this is from pkf studios and if it is a lovet even if is not from pkf studios Reply Report

movingon +1 points1389 days ago

the bad acting made me lose my craving to nut. thanks for the turn off Reply Report
John the guy

John the guy +1 points802 days ago

God I hate women. Wish so bad I could legally do this Reply Report

jen89sapphire +1 points647 days ago

okay but this woman has the most perfect tits i have ever seen Reply Report

WTF T.V.   0 points2226 days ago

I thought this video was good but I love a good rape vid even beter when the victim is killed ;) Reply Report

k   0 points2211 days ago

u all are sick :) Reply Report

geo   0 points2163 days ago

she is blinking at 15,24" Reply Report

res64   0 points2009 days ago

great video, nice girl her name is raven Reply Report

killemall   0 points2005 days ago

It would be hotter if my wife was the actress and she was really dead Reply Report

theripper   0 points1644 days ago

Nice tight strangling... Reply Report

jmkool   0 points1438 days ago

are they really killing them Reply Report

Anonymous7839482   0 points1038 days ago

Really though... she wore that shirt to work? Lmao Reply Report

linkusdinkus   0 points410 days ago

Should have removed the garrote from her very lovely milky white neck so we could appreciate it all the more. her tongue sticking out was so very sexy - love to cut it out and eat it for a snack. Her nude body is a gorgeous sight to behold, but we must remember that she was still a dumb bitch and ever so worthy of the death sentence she was given. Reply Report

chocofiend   0 points410 days ago

Girls like her are the quintessentially perfect young victims. Oh, so pure and lovely. Such sweet, soft tender flesh. What a joy to fondle and caress her beautiful sexy body both during and after the sensational kill. Love to lick her translucent skin and squeeze those
ample boobs like fresh grapefruit and bite those tits!!! Her soft, white delicate neck was the high point of the experience - masterfully choking the little bitch as hard as possible so she feels her pain and suffering to the max till she she wheezes her final frail, shallow, gasp and then - DEATH!!! Her exquisite death stare worth
waiting for, her beautiful brown eyes frozen wide open in shock and horror at her well-deserved fate. Her mouth likewise is a memorable
sight agape in disbelief as if asking WHY ME!!! Answer - because you were a miserable bitch, a worthless whore, a slut who needed
to be dispatched from this earth pronto!!! And you death brings a bonus in that your exquisite body, your still silent corpse is a true
masterpiece, a work of art splayed on the bed, your plentiful head of
hair cascading behind your hair. How sweet your ginger hair and tender flesh smell - and the blood red choke mark on your beautiful neck - the hallmarks of a stupendous kill. Burn in the flames hell where you belong, you worthless trash. Burn, baby, burn!!!! Ginger girls are such singular, sexy victims.
Reply Report
HayleyStonez is my kik name

HayleyStonez is my kik name   0 points370 days ago

I love the idea of being raped and im a girl>.< idk whats wrong with me Reply Report

boung   0 points46 days ago

Fuckin' HOT!! Reply Report
JeffN Witt

JeffN Witt   0 points307 days ago

Wear dov you get the girls to do this!
Reply Report

pornowat?   0 points96 days ago

how long does it take to suffacate
god dam
Reply Report
non-member ;)

non-member ;) -1 points2234 days ago

O.e Reply Report
Girl on period

Girl on period -1 points2226 days ago

It was hot until he strangled her Reply Report
Your mOm

Your mOm -3 points2233 days ago

Hot ass I dO anal to her Reply Report

guy -3 points2125 days ago

nothing wrong of takeing a girls pussy from her sucks alittle killing her shood of gave all his buddys a turn Reply Report

Someone +8 points1803 days ago

There is also nothing wrong with "Big Bubba" taking your virgin asshole in prison ..... Reply Report

Tom -3 points2109 days ago

Krank....... Reply Report

lol -3 points2006 days ago

Rule No.1 of Rape/Murder, don't strangle a woman, because apparently she never dies Reply Report

Loli-Chan -4 points2229 days ago

Badly staged death was badly staged... My observances ruin everything. Reply Report

lnebuffako66@gmail -4 points2217 days ago

I would love to have a girl rape me and really leave me dead. But I also want her to do kinky things with me first. Reply Report

mark -4 points2203 days ago

hormy until he kills her what a waste of cunt Reply Report

non-member -4 points2034 days ago

is this really real? i mean do they really die in real life or just performed good enough to not kill the person? be honests Reply Report

Damnit -6 points2058 days ago

Fake Reply Report

rapeface;) -7 points2234 days ago

if she was strong she would probobly end up rapeing him instead of him raping her+or unless she was a giant slut Reply Report

burazer -7 points2232 days ago

Got what she DESERVED Reply Report

Wtf -13 points2236 days ago

If you beat to this ulyou need help Reply Report

HUMEnity -35 points2226 days ago

bladdy fucker, asss holes remove this video Reply Report