Gang Rape

Sexy babe gets brutally raped in all her holes by group of guys.

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Girl +148 points2042 days ago

Every girl has a little rape fetish ;) Reply Report

lilith10 +12 points288 days ago

I've had fantasies about being raped for years, but I felt so guilty about them that I repressed them. I've only recently come to terms with the fact that I have a desire to be raped... but not really. I don't ACTUALLY want to get raped. That would be terrible. But there is some sort of strange desire within me that wishes to just be totally dominated and forced to do things against my will. So I want it but don't at the same time. It's difficult to reconcile in my mind. And I understand the woman who was outraged... I used to feel that way too. But I can't' help the way that I do. But she is right on one thing: these videos should never be used as encouragement for guys to commit rape. No woman actually desires to fulfill that fantasy. Rape, in reality, is a terrible, dehumanizing thing that should only remain in the context of fantasy or some sort of staged rape in which the "victim" has a safe word and can trust her "raper" to stop at any time if she should utter it. Real rape though, no guys, it's an awful thing. Reply Report
Meangreane88 gmale

Meangreane88 gmale   0 points101 days ago


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You\'re Not A Girl, Stop Lying

You\'re Not A Girl, Stop Lying +1 points321 days ago

No, every girl doesn't have a rape fetish. And you're not a girl, what do you think we're idiots. You're a degenerate psycho that gets off watching people get raped. In otherwords you're a loser. Shit like you encourages people to rape girls and post video for scum like you to jerk off to because you're such a loser you can't get a girl in real life. Loser asshole. I hope you burn in hell. Reply Report

lilith10 +2 points288 days ago

I agree with you partially, but I do, indeed, have a rape fantasy. Would I ever wish it to actually happen? Hell no! But the strange desire to be utterly dominated against my will remains. I share your concern that these videos can desensitize some men into believing that rape is okay to do, so I have mixed feelings about them. But for me, I enjoy watching them, as I can put myself in the "victim's" place and fantasize vicariously through her. I understand your anger, though. I once chewed out a guy on another website and made his life a living hell after he posted a rape video... I even drove him off the site lol. But I realize now that these videos are only fantasy and I thing, or at least I hope, that most guys have sense enough to realize that just because there are tons of rape videos on the net doesn't mean it is something to be condoned in real life. Reply Report
I will rape you

I will rape you -1 points301 days ago

Then why are you watching rape porn you fucking bitcn. I hope you get raped in your ignorant pussy. In fact, I'll do it for you. Don't expect me to go easy,cunt. Reply Report

Female +3 points476 days ago

Yep it's true Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +9 points620 days ago

Let's be honest, we all deserve it :)
I'm a rape victim and I'm happy about it
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Rapelover6969 +3 points838 days ago

Damn straight we do. Reply Report

Justalithick +3 points843 days ago

Yes I do Reply Report

alexandria76 +33 points1732 days ago

rape is an artform Reply Report

# +24 points1964 days ago

i have a rape fantasy...anyone else? Reply Report

BamaGirl +2 points803 days ago

I really do and wish I could make it come true with at least 20 guys cock minimum Reply Report

Julia +23 points1652 days ago

Oh my goodness, I would LOVE for so many men to do this to me!!
I've had a rape-fetish for as long as I can remember, and right now at 15 is almost a breaking-point!!!! Since I have no memory of my previous rape(around three years old), I still feel like a virgin! Making me want to find out!!
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makuwet3x +8 points687 days ago

I would love to force rape your hott young teen pussy
and tight asshole sexy baby girl.
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sassy_savannah   0 points728 days ago

just by curiosity, do you remember your previous rape?? What memories do you keep from this? Reply Report

somegirl +7 points1639 days ago

ur fucking stupid Reply Report

lala +18 points2089 days ago

Hahah Im a girl and I have a rapefetish..
Reply Report

HANDSOME STUD +13 points1595 days ago


hornypusdy +5 points1587 days ago

Have always wanted to be treated like this multiple cocks raping all my holes its hot as hell Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +13 points664 days ago

mmm I wish I was her... Reply Report
Tucker force fucker

Tucker force fucker +12 points1857 days ago

Hot chick! My fantasy- to join those guys and make her suck MY 9.5 inch weiner! Then violate her unwanting pussy - no would NOT be an option! Wahaha! Reply Report
Want it

Want it +1 points442 days ago

Sounds nice ;) Reply Report

Tight +5 points746 days ago

I want this. So bad Reply Report

JustAGirlThatLovesPorn +12 points1761 days ago

This is pretty hot...I really love to see the rest of this. Specifically how she came about to be in this predicament. What leads up to the rape and the ripping of the clothes is one the best parts for me. Reply Report

beastman +9 points1549 days ago

I would like to see how they left this good looking bitch (she put up quite a fight:)
Totally worn out and drenched in cum, thats how I pictcher her..
Reply Report

angelique21 +9 points952 days ago

I love to be fucked like this Reply Report

Brilovescock +8 points1640 days ago

I'm a girl and I understand all you girls out there I would lobe to be raped its pretty fun to have your clothes ripped my bf thinks I'm weird so we just broke up I mean DAMN! There's nothing wrong with wanting to be raped.:-) Reply Report

kk -1 points1624 days ago

do you want me to rape you Reply Report

reddemon +7 points1020 days ago

Sandra Romain is so hot. Reply Report
baby girl

baby girl +7 points1286 days ago

mmm I want to be force fucked balls deep from both sides until i'm all filled up and choking Reply Report

usemeproperly +7 points655 days ago

Want!! Reply Report

Meow +6 points2084 days ago

Oh come on! I'm a woman and I don't watch as much porn as guys but I recognized the girl and two guys there.. so yes, it's fake.. but really HOT!! Reply Report

BiDollFace +6 points1795 days ago

Oh my, what I wouldn't give to be her! Minus the foot to the face. Reply Report

hornyslut +6 points1503 days ago

Rape me please! I'll fight like hell if you want me to, I've been raped and loved it way too much! It's all I want now! Reply Report
14 yrs old

14 yrs old +6 points1296 days ago

i wanna be raped like this Reply Report

ANTIHUMAN +6 points1045 days ago

Women were made for the pleasure of men and nothing else. They need no other job in life. This was not rape. It was men taking what belongs to them. Nothing more. If a woman doesn't want to be raped she needs to learn to behave and do her job. Reply Report
You are a rape apoligist

You are a rape apoligist -5 points762 days ago

You are basically a moron. There is no excuses for rape. Of course, seeing these vids makes girls want to experience it, because there's beautiful and strong male actors. These do not do real rape. Rape isn't a joke. Rape is a real crime. And none of real rape victims have ever said they liked it. Onision would be so angry, if he read this comment. Reply Report

lilith10   0 points288 days ago

Agreed. Reply Report

FTM +5 points1969 days ago

It was good enough to make me cum, I don't care that it's fake, it still works. Reply Report

Non-member +5 points1848 days ago

I want to befucked and raped I love rape and I'm horny that's too all u guys out there
Reply Report

kk +2 points1624 days ago

i will role play rape anyone out there Reply Report

vlt968100 +5 points1848 days ago

I want to be raped please Reply Report

RapeMyPussy +5 points1686 days ago

God I want to be raped like this, getting fucked so hard my tits bounce and hit me in the face Reply Report

somegirl -7 points1639 days ago

ur stupid Reply Report

joe +6 points1654 days ago

i'll rape you baby Reply Report

nomyss +5 points1655 days ago

I would let them fuck me as much as they wanted they are fucking hot Reply Report

Needassraped +5 points763 days ago

I want to be raped many men any hole been raped and love it anyone want to rape me bring your friends love my ass fucked Reply Report
Little Slut

Little Slut +5 points658 days ago

I want to be raped one can go in my ass one can go in my pussy and I can deep throat 2 at a time while they rub my tits. RAPE ME PLEASE!!!
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man +4 points2090 days ago

rape bro. Reply Report

anon +4 points1927 days ago

if youve watched this companies videos before they basically tell the girls 'yeah, we'll do a bit of rough play, nothing too serious..' (oh and if you quit halfway though you won't get paid) thats why after every video they have the girls all cleaned up after saying 'yeah, it wasn't bad' to stop the company from getting in legal trouble for what is basically rape. if you have seen the full hour long version of this, theres times where they gag her so she cant say her 'safe' word to stop it.. I hope she got paid well! Reply Report

Kittycat +4 points1912 days ago

I have a rape fetish but I do know how to ask the bf without him feeling weird about it.
Ps I am a girl
Reply Report

ygbmkh +2 points356 days ago

tell him he has permission to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and to ignore you when you say no, that you're only saying no because it's a natural reaction to surprise and he would know if he was really hurting you. and say that he has permission to use you, you're going to start waking him up with bjs Reply Report

Youngin   0 points870 days ago

Just say role play Reply Report

eatyouup +4 points1786 days ago

awesome Reply Report

JamieGirl +4 points1656 days ago


rapeme12345 +4 points1654 days ago

i wish this would happen to me Reply Report

FuckMeHardBaby +4 points1591 days ago

This is really hot!! Got me soo wet and now, I want so badly want someone to fuck me like that Reply Report
you slut

you slut +4 points1392 days ago

i want to be raped by 2 guy Mmmm (; Reply Report

mantis +2 points1241 days ago

Does your cunt stink? Reply Report

mmmmm +3 points2092 days ago

Nice Reply Report

evolution +3 points987 days ago

love it Reply Report

Gurl +3 points822 days ago

Damn it's James Deen he can fuck me any day Reply Report

Samantha +2 points1899 days ago

Clearly this is fake. It has James dean in it. (Pornstar) but its still ducking hit. I'd let him rape me. Reply Report
Rape my gf

Rape my gf +2 points130 days ago

I wish a group of guys would rape my gf like this.. but englands full of pussies. Reply Report

Tucker +1 points1917 days ago

All the rapists have blue jeans and a black shirt! The smae outfit I often wear! Is this the rapist uniform! LOL Wish I porked her like they did also! Reply Report
Nawty safe wife 31

Nawty safe wife 31 +1 points565 days ago

I would love a group of men fucking the hell out of my holes, pissing all over me, stretching me till I scream! My husband works 12 hour shifts if I leave the door open can I have my fuck holes used & full of cum Reply Report

dawid +1 points408 days ago

i woud love to see my mom with this guys
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hornyslut   0 points2063 days ago

this makes me SOOOOOO HORNY. Reply Report

jhonny11   0 points811 days ago

just look up "Sandra romain raped" those exact words. its 54 minutes Reply Report

nastylezsub   0 points585 days ago

sexy ;) Reply Report

NYC   0 points546 days ago

The only way to survive this shit Is ignoring these disgusting fucked up comments Reply Report

Ghost30   0 points372 days ago

Would love my knickers ripped off and many cocks forced into all my fuck holes as I scream Reply Report

ingles   0 points343 days ago

I would love to have this hapoen Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points242 days ago

se emy movies Reply Report
william r

william r   0 points158 days ago

Mom loves it when me and my friends do this with her. Reply Report

Kim2018   0 points134 days ago

"Girl" Is right, even if "she" (or he doesn't know it). We do have fantasies about being take by a group of guys. But (at least in mine), I never fear for my safety... no matter how violent. Reply Report
this is fake

this is fake -4 points2088 days ago

obviously fake. she opens her mouth as soon as dick approaches Reply Report

laddeda -4 points1961 days ago

lol pretty fake... she would have screamed when the guy shoved up her ass... unless she was a porn actress who takes a lot of coks in her ass ;-) Reply Report

Suzann +6 points1780 days ago

I don't scream when my ass gets stretched. I moan cuz I love it.
Reply Report

Jessica +3 points1719 days ago

because you are loose, bc i sure would. Reply Report

lol -5 points2039 days ago

and i fucked up in the first comment i know Reply Report

Lol -5 points1332 days ago

It's not really a rape, they're actors all of them.
The guy holding her down is James deen.
Reply Report

lol -7 points2039 days ago

why people trip that it's fake it would knot be online if it was real plus for people who like to see awoman suffer are sick minded Reply Report

fuck.u. -7 points1465 days ago

u don't feel his dick inside ur hole??
yeah right
Reply Report

Somegirl -8 points1335 days ago

Disgusting small minded motherfuckers Reply Report

ojj -9 points2069 days ago

Reply Report

niggatone -9 points1456 days ago

niggas dont know how to rape a bitch proper, niggatone's crew show yall fagits how dis shit go down,no mercy fo bitches fuck u bitch Reply Report

female -10 points2088 days ago

mhm.. fake. pity.. Reply Report

graves -14 points2090 days ago

I Hope this is real. I wish i could of been there Reply Report