Violent Rape

2 Girls get beaten up badly and forced into having sex.

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interneter +72 points2094 days ago

as soon as i heard the japanese voices, i knew this was fake. lol Reply Report

Sickboy +8 points2052 days ago

What is it with the japanese and their rape-fetish Reply Report

unknown +6 points2087 days ago

oooh yes. violett make up^^ .......................faaaaake. Reply Report

Porn +6 points2004 days ago

All japanese people have such small dicks? thats said... I think thats the reason they have those fetishs Reply Report
Da faq

Da faq +4 points2075 days ago

i know this is fake but who gets off to it
Reply Report

lol +3 points1904 days ago

I couldn't stop laughing the entire time - This is some quality comedy. Reply Report

noname +3 points1620 days ago

We need real rapping motherfuckers!! Reply Report

sirenicangel +2 points2084 days ago

so lame Reply Report

jeff +2 points2046 days ago

stupid guy & fuck you guy Reply Report

Boneree +1 points1986 days ago

The acting is incredible. Years of professional training and practice establishes a realism which moves the viewer into an alternate reality, vicariously experiencing all the sensations and mindset of the performers. It was as though I was right there doing all the yanking, pulling, punching, yelling, smacking around. The girls completely internalized the roles of an utterly debased, fully abused fuck doll. Not that they had any choice once the papers were signed and the cameras were rolling . . . Reply Report

diablo +1 points1923 days ago

Too much bulshit, poor filming, and not enuf fucking Reply Report
Random Anon

Random Anon +1 points1647 days ago

Only one reason this wouldn't be fake... Notice how the genitals weren't blurred out? xD Reply Report

Uhhhmmm   0 points1613 days ago

Those push-ups though
Reply Report

6393   0 points1238 days ago

r u guys rly need real rape videos? Reply Report

violentguylover. -2 points1081 days ago

I want to find a guy to punch my head in while in girls clothes. I'm a cross dressing sissy girl. Love to hear from guys who will deck me.... Reply Report

Lol -3 points1918 days ago

Asians do have small penis but thats there genes. Their average size is like 5-6 inch, which in terms of average white they would be 7-8 or black 8-9. So i guess if they had 7-8 they would be 10-11 if they were black so technically it is "big" lol Reply Report

Dumbass -3 points1772 days ago

Average penis size for white is 6.5-7, black is 6.75-7.5, asian is 5.25-6
Reply Report