School Girl Rape

School girl becomes victim of pervert sitting next to her in the bus on the way home from school. She got so frightened when suddenly he gropes her pussy and tits. All the people in the bus acted like they didn't anything. Poor girl just had to sit it out...

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J.t +129 points2001 days ago

Why didn't she just get her dumb ass up and sit somewhere else
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Titwank +17 points2000 days ago

Its really quite retarded how ppl leave comments like: "this is fake".... If sum1 actually committed rape, they wld hav 2 b the dumbest guy in the world 2 film it and put it on the internet, expecting to get away with rape...? Almost as dumb as the guy who expects to see the video on an actual rape on the internet, and almost as mentally fucked up as well. Reply Report

houdini -3 points208 days ago

@Titwank you yourself are, or is so right, i mean like i totally agree with you like say, or how you say like one-hundred percent as this could not ever happen in real life unless of course that being of the guy, fella, or dude being of whom could possibly attempt this here if it were real much rather than just staged is either incredibly stupid, or incredibly smart, but then either way that is still putting one's head in the lion's den to attempt to try something like that in real life, or as they say only in the movies, ... Reply Report
bitch nigger

bitch nigger +1 points565 days ago

happens all the tim tho Reply Report

z +14 points1814 days ago

I'd rape her Reply Report
the one

the one +12 points2001 days ago

She's doing so.much with her arms but not once did she actually use her hands to remove his. This is a stupid video. Reply Report
Fucken retrd

Fucken retrd +1 points216 days ago


bangyoung +10 points1916 days ago

nice shes hot to, i wish i could sit next to her.. ide just bang her and she wouldent move XD Reply Report

safdfa +9 points1996 days ago

she smiled at 2:35 Reply Report
monkey jesus

monkey jesus +8 points2001 days ago

the bad acting is apperint when its english Reply Report

Mr +6 points1990 days ago

Tessa Taylor Reply Report

ZippedyZoop +5 points2001 days ago

Isn't that Lexi Belle? Man, she's been doing a lot of these "lol I'm in Japan getting fucked by japanese" videos. Pity that her acting is terrible. Reply Report

Hey +5 points2000 days ago

It's not Lexi Belle, Her name is Tess or Tessa and this is really old because she has changed a lot now Reply Report

Sean +4 points2001 days ago

Lol. The molester looks like a young asian Arnold schwarzenegger Reply Report

Freddie   0 points394 days ago

Why the fuck do you always want to have escape goat in the asians and the muslim world for all the fucking ills in your country. Retards. Reply Report

Brian +3 points2001 days ago

This is so fake why isn't anyone saying anything I know that they see what's happening Reply Report

Duduhduhduh +5 points848 days ago

Seriously? Of course it's staged, real rape is fucking illegal! Get off here kid. Reply Report

fdsfd +3 points1774 days ago

its all fake , i seen her get fucked in a bus so its totally faked Reply Report
not telling

not telling +3 points1255 days ago

what is wrong with her i would just sceam out AHH HE'S TRYING TO RAPE ME! HELP! Reply Report
Mr X

Mr X +2 points1879 days ago

yeah she does kinda look/sound like Tessa Taylor Reply Report

Rawad +2 points1356 days ago

Hahahahah what a fake why didnt she left the seat or told someone else is she sick Reply Report
If you lick it you can stick it

If you lick it you can stick it +2 points421 days ago

I want to be touched like this. Full bus getting fucked by complete stranger like his little sex toy to be used Reply Report
I wish

I wish   0 points175 days ago

@If you lick it you can stick it
I would too. I would wear a short skirt with no panties and just let people fuck me and touch me
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Chicken +1 points1206 days ago

I would move or at least push him on the floor. This is some retarded fake shit that is asking for views Reply Report
Chicken is a retard

Chicken is a retard   0 points216 days ago

@Chicken no shit ur fucking retarded for calling this out Reply Report

TBH +1 points1184 days ago

She is dumb af bc if he is doing that to you get your ass up and sit somewhere else or not his ass out like really Reply Report
America\'s going down the shit whole.

America\'s going down the shit whole. +1 points811 days ago

Fake!!... come on guy's if this was real she would try to hit the guy or anything. Reply Report

Danniella +1 points674 days ago

Come on, it's not real or anything!!

He's an actor. She's an actress. All other "passengers" are statists.

Had it been real, wouldn't she have SOMEHOW referred to the camera? Or is it just natural, for a camera guy to hover all in front of her during a bus-travel AND throughout the rape?

It's faked, period!! :-))
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Fucken retrd

Fucken retrd   0 points216 days ago

Hasta los huevo de imbeciles

Hasta los huevo de imbeciles +1 points567 days ago

People saying "she is stupid" or "this is fake" trying to look smart in the comments section of a porn video when the stupid ones are them, kids, please, go away... Reply Report
Kik: benlongsly

Kik: benlongsly +1 points560 days ago

Tessa Taylor Nakadashi Chikan Special, your welcome Reply Report

jou   0 points2001 days ago

i've decided this rape is real Reply Report

nashasslicker   0 points2001 days ago

lame bunch of fake ass acting bullshit...............nothing real about it Reply Report

Helloitsme   0 points586 days ago

The guy behind then was really trying to ignore them Reply Report

8r04dsw0rd   0 points531 days ago

She's Lexi Belle, does these kindo vids. search for "Lexi Belle Bus". Reply Report

Sexgod4471   0 points382 days ago

Sexy baby Reply Report
normal citizen

normal citizen   0 points363 days ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh my whole life is a lie. Reply Report

slutfae   0 points223 days ago

This...this is pretty bad. He didn't even fuck her. It cut off! Reply Report
bastard 23

bastard 23   0 points59 days ago

may be a fake but it is fun, shame some of the others on the buss did not join in and finish her off Reply Report

athleticgirl026   0 points30 days ago

Hmmmm me next Reply Report
Big gorilla

Big gorilla   0 points29 days ago

Should have just knocked him the fuck out Reply Report
Horny 14 yr old

Horny 14 yr old   0 points3 days ago

I wish that would happen to me on the way to school. Reply Report
Cherry Blossom Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl -1 points1979 days ago

Yes she could have left that seat, but that's a whole different thing. Some people don't get how gratifying it is with just the thought of being groped in public in mind Reply Report
creampie rapist

creampie rapist -1 points1849 days ago

i just barely raped this bitch on a train, i actually got down to a creampie because we were alone. i LOVE train rapes Reply Report

iheartrape +1 points520 days ago

a man after my owen heart Reply Report

fuckme -1 points1341 days ago

I want this so bad. Reply Report

Alpha -1 points1170 days ago

Why do Asians grope women like it's their prom night? So fucking hyper. Reply Report

fukker -3 points2001 days ago

boringgggggg - fake Reply Report

mikey -3 points1732 days ago

Why didnt she move or hit him Reply Report

jannybh -3 points1688 days ago

" All the people in the bus acted like they didn't anything." Of course not. CanĀ“t you see that she is whte? Reply Report

henry -3 points1473 days ago

Reply Report
Henry is retarded af

Henry is retarded af   0 points216 days ago

@henry what no omg it's so real it totally is honesty it is not joking it's real as hell it really is real Reply Report

Boomer -3 points1383 days ago

Rape is rape, that chink needs his ass whooped! Reply Report

iheartrape +1 points520 days ago

rape is love rape is life btw fake rape is not rape ist reg porn Reply Report

stupid7 -4 points2001 days ago

dumb as hell Reply Report

piet -5 points2001 days ago

wheh I was that girl would I hit him so hard in his face with my elbow when he was hit my legg like that Reply Report
Ping Pong

Ping Pong -5 points1916 days ago

Why would she sit beside one of those chineses? Reply Report
Use your noodle

Use your noodle   0 points614 days ago

Maybe he sat next to her Reply Report

Homer -8 points1999 days ago

I give this video an F Reply Report

Kerrice -9 points1526 days ago

Who ever posted this post in the first place you are a very sick man and you need help how dare you rape that poor woman I hope I don't pump into you japan guy cos I will do a restrain meant move on you Reply Report
cardboard jesus

cardboard jesus -21 points2001 days ago

a young white girl would have to be crazy to go anywhere alone in a country of savages like japan Reply Report