9 Months pregnant and still fighting

Great video of two pregnant women beating the crap out of everyone. I bet they will be great moms, if they baby isn't dead before birth already.

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jannybh +18 points1881 days ago

Exactly the reason why all us whte grls should rproduce blck only and getting no more whte babees. Look how beautiful the blck Ladies are with their natural temperament. Stomping a prgnant woman into the cnt, it made me flow out. Reply Report

David10593   0 points975 days ago

She's not pregnant, she's just fat...a fat repulsive monkey, that's what I see in this video. I'm sure you're a monkey as well. Reply Report
not all are like that

not all are like that -11 points1737 days ago

Ok bitch speak english… You mean black people who "act white" should reproduce only? Dumb Cunt. Reply Report
non member

non member +16 points1979 days ago

Nothing better than watching a pregnant porch monkey get punched by a guy... just how life should be... shoulda held her down and used her babby bump as a punching bag.. Reply Report

ronnn +10 points2128 days ago

NIGGERS Reply Report

FCA1975 +1 points1904 days ago

But, it appears in this instance you are partially correct. There are some real ignorant ass BLACK people in this video. Mainly the clown filming and talking. All the piss poor broken English. And this dirty, thug clown in gray hitting a woman. Reply Report

PROUDWHITEMAN!! +1 points1749 days ago

THANK GOD I AM WHITE!!! Reply Report
Spearchucker Slim

Spearchucker Slim   0 points2066 days ago

Fucking niggers. Eugenics - bring it back! Reply Report

kk   0 points1904 days ago

just goes to show... niggers haven't evolved more than monkeys.. chattering and spitting shit about nothing... Reply Report

Hi   0 points1353 days ago

People like those girls make me ashamed to be black. Why are they so rachet? Reply Report
Hurr Durr

Hurr Durr -1 points1949 days ago

This is just pathetic these people YES THESE PEOPLE. Reply Report

FCA1975 -3 points1904 days ago

No surprise this video brings out hoards of internet hiding racist white trash. Reply Report

jay -4 points1974 days ago

Bitches these days...damn Reply Report

Ilicknazis -6 points1783 days ago

I am black and this pisses me off, damn monkeys. Reply Report