Young Girl Playing With Her Shit

Her parents are gonna be so pissed off when they come home and find all that shit on the floor.

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david51 +21 points1900 days ago

The world needs more girls like this talented young shit slut. Reply Report

Diknasty +14 points1939 days ago

Real or not that crazy bitch is awesome. I'm in love! Reply Report

CHARLIE +8 points2047 days ago

Id pay a lot of money to eat that Reply Report

giala +8 points1918 days ago

woooww!! Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +7 points1885 days ago

I would gladly pay a 1000$ to take a shit in her beautiful mouth to have her eat it then lick my ass clean. Reply Report

david51 +5 points1771 days ago

She might be scat psychotic but thats a good thing. Reply Report

Leslie +3 points1998 days ago

I'd make the camera man pick up my shit after I was done Reply Report

dirtyharry92 +3 points1880 days ago

Good video but why use toilet paper when the shit is gonna be on you anyway? Gotta get your hands dirty. Reply Report

WTF +2 points2211 days ago

WTFFFFF!!!!! is this FKING crap,,,,, I just keep syaing WTFFFWTFWTFWTFFFF, theres nothign else to say....
THis girl is pcyshotic!!!!! WTFman
Reply Report

Noob +2 points1840 days ago

Nice vid real or not Reply Report

jaat +2 points1410 days ago

Oh my, don't know where to start. But here it goes. First, I waana French kiss your butthole. Then would you PLEASE take a huge shit like that in my mouth? I will do my best to take it all in.Then suck face with me while your face and mouth are full of shit. Then let me lick you clean from all the shit. TOO HOT !!! Reply Report

tjlickass +2 points1184 days ago

I hate to admit how sexy I find her and would happily lick her clean Reply Report

alexandria76 +1 points2212 days ago

love when a girls asshole opens like a flower, then the brown gravy slithers out and the snap crackle pop sounds as its slides out. The the final smack on the floor is where I cum Reply Report
Blaire Elbert

Blaire Elbert +1 points2165 days ago

That's a lot of shit! Reply Report

scatter +1 points1567 days ago

She´s like a little child, which is happy about there own shit... This is so adorabel... Reply Report

Seriousguy +1 points1415 days ago

I wanna marry her Reply Report

h3nn3p +1 points388 days ago

I wanna play with her mmm Reply Report

WTF   0 points2217 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with you girl? Reply Report

wtf   0 points2211 days ago

There must have been a week's shit in there! Either that or they pumped her ass full of chocolate-flavored fake shit. Reply Report

animaniac69   0 points2003 days ago

I think she is adorable real shit or not and I agree that she is probably acting nuts because she thinks its fucking funny that because she is a beautiful girl all us guys will pay huge bucks to see her shitting and to be so intimate with her that we can smell and eat her shit. Part of the reason we like a girls shit (for me she must be pretty, preferably blonde and blue eyed) and especially she must sniff it act sensual and laugh at us crazy males that fucking love girls so much we will even eat their shit. I would love to see more of this stunning girl even if we are in the same looney bin maybe our beds will be close! Hehe! Reply Report

ktaralj   0 points534 days ago

I would love to eat her shit!!! Reply Report

smally   0 points677 days ago

i love her Reply Report

Remco   0 points912 days ago

what a girl that is what i need and like to share here shit and eat it daily for here Reply Report

ktaralj   0 points531 days ago

I love that crazy shit-eating bitch!!! Reply Report
Sexy scatty boy 123

Sexy scatty boy 123   0 points567 days ago

That's just turned me on Reply Report

gurly   0 points530 days ago

I want a girl like this honey for our group dinner poop party. Reply Report
Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody   0 points10 days ago

She should bathe in her poop. Reply Report
A Person

A Person   0 points259 days ago

am i the only that sees how much she resembles Harley Quinn? Reply Report

Superchicken -1 points2212 days ago

There is nothing wrong with her. She has just learned that you can make money just by pooping with her video camera. It's something she would have to do anyway, so why not get paid for it. Well, maybe there is something wrong with her. Reply Report

me -1 points2189 days ago

this is bull shit :)))) Reply Report

.-. -1 points1969 days ago

You can tell she's crazy by the laugh girl you crazy! Reply Report

lol -1 points1482 days ago

why is there moaning when the chick isn't moaning? Reply Report
Mario Bataly

Mario Bataly -1 points603 days ago

This Bitch is Crazy Reply Report

Pahom -3 points2121 days ago

Bratishki, ya vam pokushat' prines :) Reply Report
kill your leader

kill your leader -3 points1192 days ago

i wanna arm this crazy bitch strap her up with kevlar n turn her loose in the financial district Reply Report

buttoman -4 points2200 days ago

Superb video - and such a beautiful girl. Reply Report

YT -4 points1814 days ago

poverty - duh Reply Report

john -5 points2171 days ago

Superb till you find that it is fake shit. Consistency is peculiarly homogenous. Shit has always color changes. Besides, when the trend is to dimish the section it never starts growing steadily again as here, First I thought film was done in 2 different moments, keeping the first shit in the fridge for a while. But afterwards I realized her introductory smiling face was due to this cheating with her false shit upon all of us. Reply Report

Awesome -6 points2021 days ago

I'm a guy and I don't shit that much
Reply Report
Psyche Doctor

Psyche Doctor -7 points2128 days ago

We find that many deeply disturbed mental patients are infatuated with faeces.

Sadly, many are people who were abused as children. A high number of pedophiles
also seem to participate in this behaviour which of course is most abhorrent.
Reply Report

Prøst -8 points2217 days ago

wish was there to lick all off!!! Reply Report
your name here

your name here -9 points1985 days ago

the poo is fake~~~ Reply Report

Pooexpert -10 points2122 days ago

I love poop I know my poop and trust me that is not the real deal all thou to the untrained eye the poo may seem legit but it is actually a cut up scene of a replacement chocolate poo after the real poo she takes stays concealed at the bottom of the fake poo I love scat but is so hard to find legit poo eaters alike,but if that was real my nuts would have exploded in a heart beat Reply Report
shit lover

shit lover +5 points1520 days ago

Im a legit poo eater, and shed be crazy not to use real poo Reply Report

nashasslicker -29 points2209 days ago

She's beautiful. If that was her real shit, I would happily eat every damn bit of it. I have a feeling that all or most was a a chocolate enema or the such. Reply Report