Anal Pain Top 5

Great compilation of best painful sex clips out there. All credits go to EFUKT for making this video. Check out their site at EFUKT DOT COM

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lol +83 points1997 days ago

laughed my ass off at #5 Reply Report
no member

no member +9 points1845 days ago

anyone know vid 1 Reply Report
toads sister

toads sister +7 points1728 days ago

Toad is a dirty bastard. But I love anal. The pain is worth it . Girls just try it. Pleasure your man. Reply Report
another girl

another girl +5 points1959 days ago

I've done it well over 60x but it still hurts like 3&4 for me. Chick below me must have a gaping ass. That's cool, though because some ppl are into gape. I like the pain ;) Reply Report
why the fuck?

why the fuck? +5 points1888 days ago

The music ruins the feel for me
Reply Report

Lol +5 points1568 days ago

That's why rapist go for the anal rape to hear their victims cry in pain.. Reply Report

CPP +2 points645 days ago

Agreed. Nothing like the sound of a helpless girlie screaming from a cock ripping into her butthole Reply Report

>:D +4 points1999 days ago

Cats have barbed penises that rake the walls of the uterus when they pull out to clear out enemy cats' jizz.
Reply Report

non-member +3 points2009 days ago

the guy on video 3 looks like jean claude van damme Reply Report
Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme +1 points482 days ago

I'm gonna kung-fu you with my cock, while doing the splits. Reply Report

beastman +3 points1455 days ago

Rocco Siffredi, he is one of the best male pornstars I've seen Reply Report

hardguy +3 points1796 days ago

number 4 cracked me up sliding edward nortons face in there
Reply Report
treyvon martin

treyvon martin +2 points1800 days ago

#5 is the only good one Reply Report

Irishmaiden   0 points240 days ago

Saw your comment before #5 and then literally lol'ed. You were right. Reply Report

HorseBanger +2 points1606 days ago

Lol #2 busted all over the house on that ine Reply Report

j +1 points1799 days ago

i love #5 laughed my fucking ass off Reply Report

moriarty +1 points990 days ago

in third video,whats the girl name? Reply Report

alexandria76   0 points2004 days ago

The pussy has spoken Reply Report

asdasdasd   0 points2004 days ago

The dialogue on video with the white girl with black hair looks like a comedy porn, lol. Reply Report

Laura   0 points1649 days ago

#4 made me laugh Reply Report

bthomasx   0 points1097 days ago

OMG number 5 is the best Reply Report

x3daniking   0 points506 days ago

wdf man i was trying to jack off but then i lmfao at #5. Reply Report

john2324242256546565965650 -1 points809 days ago

what is number 2's name?
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wtf -3 points2010 days ago

stooooooopid! Reply Report

Girl -24 points1969 days ago

Fake! i'm a girl and anal doesnt hurt 1st time or anytime... i've done it. Reply Report

Laura +2 points1649 days ago

But other girls are different. Reply Report