Girl Tripping On Drugs Dances Naked On Bar

The drugs made her totally forget she wasn't wearing any clothes. Damn she had a hangover the next day!

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wtf +2 points2095 days ago

Can't believe how small the audience was! The dude at the front turns away from the stage and is only interested in his bottle. None of the handful of guys behind her were looking at her - one was totally wrapped up in his cell phone. Those East Europeans must get to see a lot of this stuff to be so casual. Over here there'd have been a stampede to cop a feel! Reply Report
premature ejaculator

premature ejaculator +2 points1850 days ago

give her all the drugs she wants if it makes her do that!! i ccould stand in front of her wanking all day!! Reply Report

freak +1 points2090 days ago

party in Kazantip ! Reply Report

Dunkhead +1 points2075 days ago

Yes, that is Kazantip Reply Report

tone   0 points1537 days ago

mum? Reply Report
Rabbi Levi Shuckel

Rabbi Levi Shuckel   0 points392 days ago

Ummm, from looking at her tan lines, or lack of, this is definitely NOT her first rodeo! She is a nudist and would dance naked all the time.
And to the faggot who mentioned karma... fuck you faggot, no such thing you weak cock sucking bitch!
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i like this drug

i like this drug -1 points2074 days ago

just wonder what drug she is using Reply Report

mit -1 points1569 days ago

When she wakes up her first words will be,I did what? Reply Report

5pawsakademy -2 points1939 days ago

Once the Spring/ Summer break is over and this ends up all over the internet, I guess Daddy's princess will have lot of explaining to do to Daddy himself, andf why she should get her posh college fees continued..One thing is sure there, Karma always win.. Reply Report