Teen Chicken Fucker

The best way to quit chicken fucking is to go cold turkey lol.

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Punisher +28 points1856 days ago

Lol...he definitely fuck his mother... :) Reply Report

j-do +15 points1859 days ago

his mom is hot Reply Report

wat +11 points1856 days ago

chicken fucker, donkey fucker, dog fucker wat the fuck this world has came too Reply Report

howdydew +2 points1279 days ago

Don't forget mother fuckers. Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +6 points1851 days ago

"calm down. i will let you go later " lmao...every rapists famous words...his mom is afraid he may get an infection lllooolll i think hes got bigger problems than an infection love..well. at least he can tell everyone he always has a new bird on his arm. Reply Report
what the

what the +6 points1675 days ago

did he fuck the chicken on camera?! Reply Report

wtf +5 points1855 days ago

just, fuck your mom dam she is fine= Reply Report

WTF +4 points1859 days ago

What the fuck this guys ? Reply Report

;3 +4 points1526 days ago

if theres no girls around i guess the chickens will have to do carry on :D Reply Report

Member +3 points1855 days ago

Worlds best mom. I wonder what he gets for Christmas Reply Report

non-member +3 points1849 days ago

the things they are saying are differrant than subtitles Reply Report

Kate +3 points1655 days ago

Boy and his chicken... Bestiliaty ^^ Reply Report
no name

no name +2 points1855 days ago

I'd suck his cock (and I don't mean male chicken) all day and all night. Reply Report
non member

non member +2 points1673 days ago

I would fuck him just for the fun of it
Reply Report

Y -4 points1133 days ago

You cannot inpregnate another species
Reply Report

Riz   0 points1854 days ago

I think fuck Reply Report

CyberSickness   0 points1832 days ago

dafuq Reply Report
hey joe

hey joe   0 points1820 days ago

im call ing bull shit because the mom still has the chickens. Reply Report

elibarb78   0 points1603 days ago

Dude...if his mom lets him fuck chickens, then he is better off just fucking his mom. I can see the freak in her...she would be down. Reply Report

Non-Member -1 points1671 days ago

From all the shit that I've seen this is the most fucked up, I mean that kid has got to get some HUMAN FEMALE PUSSY!!! Reply Report
Rick James

Rick James -1 points526 days ago

The kid and the parents should be taken out back and beheaded for this shit. Hell the parents are probably brother and sister considering how fucking retarded they are, and for having such a dipshit for a kid. Reply Report

ingomat -2 points586 days ago

A politician in my country once said; Every man should have his own chicken - whatever that was ment Reply Report

antix -6 points1856 days ago

its not real, its a joke! they are making shit up to make them some money the poor sods Reply Report