Small penis contest

Wow, some guys absolutely had nothing!

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wtf +7 points2402 days ago

Haha! Howard Stern strikes again. This is up there with the show where a father shaved his daughter's asshole live in the studio. I've played a lot of sport but I've never seen dicks anywhere near that miniscule. But all the guys who appeared sure have got balls. It's just a shame that we can't see them! Reply Report
Iced Ink

Iced Ink +3 points1585 days ago

i dont think i could go on living, or i'd become a woman. drastic measures. no pun intended.. Reply Report
My-Upside-&-My-Downside-IS IDIOT

My-Upside-&-My-Downside-IS IDIOT   0 points2399 days ago

wtf they happy??? Reply Report

ingomat   0 points1094 days ago

At least the gays got balls to take part Reply Report

snowio   0 points459 days ago

my penus grow to in so that its more serious!! Reply Report
Worthless as a man

Worthless as a man   0 points447 days ago

My cock is two inches long when erect and have been humiliated and rejected by many women do I crossdressing and masturbate for sex and I love to get drunk Reply Report

lynxie   0 points442 days ago

@Worthless as a man You're pathetic and disgusting. Reply Report

imbatman -2 points2348 days ago

So if a women hits him in the groin, no harm done. i don't feel it anyways hunny :) Reply Report